Sunday 25 November 2012

Sunday Sundries: Giving Thanks is Not Just For Americans

Hey, so remember this week when the internet went CRAZY with thankful people and I just sat at work ALL DAY Thursday with a sore throat and probably a temperature and NO ONE brought me pie? Well, to counteract my misery at not having had a four day weekend, here are some things I'm thankful for this week* and always:

  • Sleep: I have had some amazing sleeps this week. And one not so good one, but STILL. Amazing sleeps.
  • Having a job: Seriously, so so so thankful. Even if it is only part time AND I bitch when I have to work full days. STILL SO THANKFUL.
  • Mum not having no more treatments and stuff: Sometimes I'm sitting at work and I can't even believe how different my life is to just a few short months ago. And by different I mean better, and by better I mean 'good LORD, thank you for me not having to go to the hospital all the time.' ...Apart from this weekend.
  • Life throwing me lemons but them being lung infections rather than heart attacks: Oh yes, my nan's in hospital again because she thought she was maybe having another heart attack but actually it seems like it's just (or, 'just') a lung infection. This doesn't really pass as good news for most people, but for me and my family? Yeah, it's a good one.
  • Netflix: I re-signed up last week and now I don't know how I was ever without it. Two words: Modern. Family.
  • Crafting like a BOSS: It's basically all I did yesterday. It was amazing. I kind of haven't made anything all year, so it's been really fun! *runs away from writing this to sew some stuff*
  • Being able to bake stuff: I had the most uninspiring cupcake yesterday (it looked pretty but was kind of dry and 'meh'ish) but it at least made me pretty grateful that I can bake stuff that tastes awesome even if it doesn't always look so hot.
  • Breaking Bad: It's basically the best thing ever, and I'm thankful that it exists. 
  • Frances: She keeps me sane (ish...) via the internet, and ALSO sometimes I get to see her IN PERSON and that's just awesome. And she's awesome too.
  • Family: Mine is kind of the best ever. I hope yours is too.
  • LUSH: And I'm also thankful there's a whole big box of it in my living room right now. *sits and waits impatiently for Christmas*
  • Hats: I really like them. Plus they keep my head warm.
  • Blogging and you lot: Of course. Because y'all make it worth it, and in spite of all the places there are in the world, this remains one of my favourite places to come. So thank YOU most of all.

Aw, did you see how I got all sappy there? Every WORD of it is true. Have a lovely week kids, and keep on being thankful.

*note how I say 'this week'- this is so I don't have to tell you a boring story about shit that happened this week. Only I will. In list form. HA


  1. I too sat at work all day Thursday (well, actually, I drive around a lot, but you get the picture) and I did not have pie either. (Poor us!) Although a lady at work handed out those little chocolates full of liquor in them. I'm not sure that's really work appropriate or not, but I'm NOT JUDGING.

    I'm scared to invest in Netflix - when will I read?!

    I'm thankful you kept Sunday Sundries even if you say "for now..." :)

    1. Oooh, I love chocolate liqueurs! Well, some of them anyway. And yes, our lives suck because we aren't Americans :( But hey, at least we gets free healthcare! (I have just realised that you basically administer this free healthcare... So hey, NICE WORK! :) )

      Dude, I've only just re-signed up because I *wasn't* watching it enough, so I think that... You'll be ok, you know? I just basically use it to replace normal tv!

      Awww :) The posts will keep coming as long as I have random thoughts in my brain that I can't slot into reviews! So, always then...

  2. I totally would have brought you pie when you were sick at work on Thursday. I didn't know. And if it makes you feel better, as a retail bookselling person, I didn't have a 4-day weekend, either. See, I'm ALL about the caring.

    What is LUSH? Because I was nodding along to your whole list and then got to that and blanked. At first I thought you were giving thanks for being a lush, at which point I could also nod along to that. Because I frequently give thanks for being able to self-medicate with whine. But maybe lush in that sense is only US-speak. I dunno.

    Rambling, over and out....

    1. Awwww Emily, that's so nice of you! I wish I had told you now so that you could have flown it/yourself over to me! BOOOO you not getting your full 4 day weekend though, that's just LAME.

      Ok, Lush is this cosmetics/bath/smelly soaps company that just makes the best smelling things ever, and makes me smell AWESOME/takes ALL my money. But I still love them. Although I do totally know about lush in the drunken sense, and I now realise that I should prooobably have linked to the Lush website in the post to avoid confusion! But I'm sooo too lazy to do things like that...

  3. awww I really loved this post! I am super thankful for Netflix too... and I had NO IDEA that Modern Family's there!! Really?!?! *runs away*

    1. I think it's just on British Netflix. We have to buy it. BUT amazon had it on sale this weekend.

    2. Darn it, we're 'murican and can't even get our own shows for free. land of the free, pshaw!
      here's to cyber monday...

    3. Yeah, well, you guys have LOADS of stuff on US Netflix that I get all excited about and then don't have to watch. Plus I'm not even sure if they show Modern Family on actual tv here, so... We NEEDS it more!

      Now if only they had the same theory with Parks and Recs...

  4. I have ONE piece of pumpkin pie left. I wish I could teleport it over to you.

    I was considering getting rid of Netflix because I feel like I hardly use it anymore, but instead I've decided that the honeyman and I need to start watching more nerdy shows, so we started Sliders tonight. (I should really start watching Modern Family though... looks hysterical.)

    And yay for your family just generally being healthier right now, even if your aunt is still sick. And well just yay to your whole list obvs, because being all warm and fuzzy and thankful for stuff is the best :)

    1. Aw, that is so sweet. Except that I don't like pumpkin pie. But still, SO SWEET :)

      Yaaaay watching random crap on Netflix. It is the BEST. Apparently (see above) Modern Family isn't on US Netflix, BUT it is so so so much funnier than I believed it would be, and you should definitely watch it somehow.

      I do likes being thankful for stuff, it's nice to make a list of the nice things sometimes :)

  5. Well. Now you know we feel on Guy Fawkes Day or whatever.

    YAY MODERN FAMILY. I spent the weekend marathoning s2. And now I kind of ship Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell BUT NOT REALLY because they're both married to other people and have kids.

    1. We don't get a day off for that though Alice! There's just fireworks and shit, so basically it's just the Fourth of July, only COLD.

      Modern Family is so good! And I thought it wouldn't be, maybe because it won all sorts of Emmys (twisted logic there) but it is SO funny! WHY DO YOU NEED TO SHIP PEOPLE JUST WATCH STUFF!

    2. That was a random and unnecessary outburst. I'm sorry.

  6. Aw, thankful for you, my first blogging friend! :)

    I always hated Thanksgiving in the UK. I remember the year I was working, I had to work all day even though I worked with mostly Americans for an American company (SHOULDN'T WE HAVE THE DAY OFF?!), so I was really angry by the time 5 pm rolled around. I went to the brand new (at the time) very expensive Whole Foods in South Kensington, and I bought a steak and a pint of Ben and Jerrys. It was a delicious, but very angry Thanksgiving. ;)

    1. Awwwww, loves you Mandy :)

      It's kind of insane that an American company wouldn't let its American staff (well, all its staff) have Thanksgiving off! At least the Thursday, no? That does sound like a great Thanksgiving meal though, to be fair. *makes a mental note to go to Whole Foods because I really really have been meaning to go sometime* *Not that you can't buy B&Js everywhere, but still*.

  7. I WOULD HAVE BROUGHT YOU PIE. But I'm all the way over here. And I only had pumpkin so

    I love this thankful list and I'm glad your family is doing better and you aren't practically living in the hospital anymore.

    I heart Modern Family so much. Does Netflix have Happy Endings on there too? Cos if so YOU SHOULD WATCH THAT cos it's the best and I think I'm one of the only people that watch it. But everyone should.

  8. I know what you mean about being in the hospital all the time. It seems like between Grampy and myself I spent most of November in hospitals.

    I'm glad that you have a lot of things to be thankful for. Including Netflix. I heart it and don't know if I could be without it.