Saturday 26 April 2014

A Half Hearted Readathon

Update 3: 11:22am

Omg, I had such a good sleep, you guys don't even KNOW. (Sorry). I read one short story from Everything's Eventual before sleeping last night (IT WAS HORRIBLE. But not supernaturally scary so I can deal) and then this morning I remembered that I was just over halfway through this GIANT graphic-novel-memoir (giant as in, I think it might be TOO long...) A Drifting Life, and I thought heyyyy... I can read that! And I will get through so many pages! This is how you win things, people. (Obviously I'm a winner here and not actually a loser...)

So. My sister is coming to pick me up in about 15 minutes (hopefully...) to go to Harry Potter Land, so this will be my last update for the readathon, although I'll probably do the wrap up questions thingy later tonight just for, you know, continuity. So HAVE FUN finishing the readathon, I think you're all amazing and keep going!

Books Finished: 2
Books Read From: 4
Pages Read: 174
Cumulative Pages Read: 620
Snacks: This morning, I just had breakfast. Am trying to eat like a sane person again.
Naps: Nah, just, you know, regular sleep.

Update 2: 10:30pm, 9 1/2 Hours Down

Guys! This readathon thing without doing any (or, at least not much) of the social stuff actually works really well! I'm bad at meeting new internet people, and most of my internet people aren't participating, so I've just been reading like a champ and have now finished 2 books. I KNOW. I'm kind of impressed with myself too. Since the last update, I've pretty much just read (natch) eaten a whole pizza (from Lidl, not, like, Dominos or whatever) and changed my bedsheets which badly needed to happen because I cut my ankle shaving like more than two weeks ago and there was blood allll over my sheet and did I change it? I did not.

So. This is my final update before sleepytime. My phone is already off, my ipad will shortly be going to sleep, and I will read for a little bit more before actually sleeping myself. I will probably return in the morning, although actually that'll only be if I read anything... But that sounds likely, right? Either way, I will be rooting for you in my dreams, so keep on going! You're all awesome.

Books Finished: 2
Books Read From: 2
Pages Read: 247
Cumulative Pages Read: 446 (again, I really should have read 4 more!)
Snacks: OMG, so many veggie percy pigs on top of a pizza and a creme egg. Feeling slightly sick, I can't lie.
Naps: Still not any. I don't know why I bother having this category because I don't even nap! Like, ever! Stupid.

But wait, there's more!
Because apparently I can't turn down a selfie, even if this one does kind of make it look like there's something wrong with my face... DAMN FRONT FACING CAMERAS!
Look! I'm with all my PEL books! And I look slightly deranged! Yaaaay!

Update 1: 5:15pm, 4 1/4 Hours Down

I'm still here! Still reading! I've taken a break because either my ipad is ever so slightly hurting my eyes or I just really need a sleep. Either way, I'm tired. POOR ME, FEEL MY PAIN etc.

How is everyone doing? I've had about a million fairly unnecessary snacks for someone who had a hearty lunch, so I'm not only tired, I'm pretty full, too. If you think that's a prime position to be in to have a nap, then you would be absolutely right. Am I about to attempt to nap? Well, that would be telling. Here's what I will tell you- some reading stats!

Books Finished: 0 (booo)
Books Read From: 2 (I started with Life After Life, had to take a break to charge my ipad and went for The Harm In Asking by Sara Barron which is HILARE. Seriously.)
Pages Read: 199 (woaaaah. Also I feel like I should have read ONE MORE PAGE)
Snacks: Numerous, and mostly unhealthy. There was an orange in there somewhere though!
Naps: Ask me in an hour.

The Beginning

Hi, kids! So today is readathon day, and I've been having the kind of issue where you sign up for something and are really excited about it at the time, and then it ends up being sandwiched between a migraine you had yesterday, and an outing you're going on tomorrow, when you really just wanted to dedicate a whole weekend to its excellence. But, nonetheless, I shall read some, go to bed at a sensible hour, and everything will be fine.

To be fair, I've already read a fair bit this morning, so I must be at least two hours in by now. But we'll call this the start, anyway. Updates will, as ever, be on this post, although I'm not sure how many of them there'll be. WE SHALL SEE.

Introductory Stuff

1. What fine part of the world are you reading from today? London, England. Ish. Let's call it London-lite. Or something. Ok, it's basically Twickenham.

2. Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?
OK, so I don't really have a stack PER SE (I know, something bad has happened to me- for my first readathon I had a stack of 18 books) but I do have 4 books near me so of them, I'm probably most looking forward to Life After Life, which I'm already halfway through. So THAT'S exciting!

3. Which snack are you most looking forward to?
I'm basically just going to be munching on birthday and easter chocolate. So ALL of that.

4. Tell us a little something about yourself!
Um... I'm a new convert to running and should probably be doing that right now, only my head's still a bit tender so reading it is!

5. If you participated in the last readathon, what's one thing you'll do different today?
LAST readathon I spent most of it talking to my new (at the time) housemates, so I'm going to do less of that today! But also, early night. Important.



  1. Have fun! I'm hitting the easter eggs, too :)

    1. Sooo many mini eggs are in my system right now. And more to come!

  2. Running! Very good. I'm doing a half marathon tomorrow (in like 8 hours), and my training has been 2 pasta meals today and a lot of water.

    Hope the migraine goes away.

    Happy reading!

    Jill from Team Butler

    1. Woooooah, I am IN AWE! I haven't even managed to run 5k yet, but I tell myself that it's fine because I've only been doing it for like 9 weeks. That logic works for me!

      And hey, thanks for stopping by, and good luck with the half marathon!

  3. I hope you at least get some reading done today (or tomorrow morning). I had a handover one readathon and read about half a book before giving up and going back to bed.

    1. Haha, I'm getting shit done, surprisingly! Apparently I needed multiple hours of reading in bed in my life!

  4. You still have Easter chocolate left? How is that possible? Enjoy it with your reading. Someone else from Team Butler will be along soon to keep your momentum going.

    1. Well... I don't have THAT much easter chocolate left lol. Especially now! And thank youuuu for your supportingness.

  5. Go you, go you, go you... My mum's reading/just finished reading (not sure which) Life After Life and heartily recommended it to me and my sister, and Charlotte's already read and loved it I think? All signs are pointing to a good read, is what I'm saying.

    Hope you don't feel too shitty today, migraine postdromes are almost as bad as the headache itself, ugh. Stupid things. GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY READING MUFFIN! :D

    1. I am 70% of the way through Life After Life (yaaaay kindle haha) and I like it a LOT. I don't know that I'm quite in love with it, but I like it plenty. I would happily court it.

      I'm not too bad right now, I just prefer to be laying down than not laying down. Headaches are SO STUPID.

  6. I enjoy it when I find someone who can set limits... each time I'm inspired! ps -I bought myself more Easter candy 'cause mine was all gone -so again- good job there!

    1. Ahahahahaha, nice plan there! I approve wholeheartedly! I probably only have easter chocolate left because I haven't been home all that much this week, so there's not so much honour in that...

  7. hooray for readathons! (and for stashes of chocolate!)

  8. Awww, I'm sorry your eyes are giving you fits. I've heard the cure for such things is more unhealthy yet tasty snacks :). You're doing great!

  9. That's a lot of pages for someone battling an ex-migraine! *GO LAURA, GO LAURA, GO LAURA* I'd forgotten how much leaping around the internet goes on during a 24-hour read-a-thon, it's a wonder anyone has time to fit in any reading! :D

  10. Happy napping! I hope you're able to find a book in print to help ease your eyestrain. :-)

  11. Go to bed early and be bright tomorrow as you just know your sister will be 'organising' you on your day out!!

  12. Ugh, migraines are the worst. Poor Laura! *gentle hugs*
    I really want to read Life after Life, it looks really different from Atkinson's usual work, and the hardback is so pretty. (Paperback is not too shabby either.)
    Have a nice nap.

  13. Fucking hell woman, you've read more than my entire 24-hour page goal! Seriously, WHEN DID I GET THIS SLOW?! I must have been faster than this at uni, I'd never have managed any of the reading every week if I wasn't. *ponders this, then realises she could be using the pondering time to up that page count* Possibly overthinking is my problem. Also YAY ALL THE PEL BOOKS!

    Have a good night's sleep and return with wonderful news of Pottery goodness tomorrow! Me and Hannah are hoping to rebook our tickets soon, now I'm not so miserable, so your trip might be just the boost I need to get cracking. :D

  14. I'm here to cheer! It looks like you're having a wonderful Read-a-thon -- cutting down on the hopping about on the internet has to help! Hope your bedtime and morning reading are lovely.

    Joy's Book Blog

  15. I love your shelfie, and it sounds like you're having an awesome Readathon. Rah rah sis book bah! ;)

  16. Are you awake yet on Sunday? And are you going to squeeze more reading in?