Wednesday 8 October 2014

Wednesday, Wednesday

Oh you gorgeous people.
I have about 20 minutes before I have to leave the house and go and talk about King Lear (glory, glory) so what better way to use the time than to update you all on my exceedingly busy, yet weirdly uninteresting to others, life.

Here's how it goes: Work, read, sleep, work, read, sleep, read, uni, sleep, read, uni, sleep, work, read, sleep. Weekends, I die, or, rather, I read some more and try to be at least vaguely sociable? Or something. This last weekend was actually really excellent- it had been my first week as a postgrad, so I was obviously KNACKERED but also stressed (new things aren't good for my sense of well-being! They're just not. No matter how much I love them eventually, everything that's new is a little bit of a struggle for me) and on Saturday morning I just wanted to sleep all day.

Instead, though, I did yoga, I read about half of A Midsummer Night's Dream (it is A Midsummer Night's Dream week. I am happy. Except about the 1935 film version I watched last night, which was so incredibly awful) I went to the library, and then had my friend Justine over for talking and eating and drinking and movies and it was so nice and I was like 'oh yeah! Relaxing! I remember now' and it's not like doing that left me with tons of work to do and now I'm panicking because that's really not the case.

Sunday though- after walking Justine to the station and making my way to my Grandad's house, I got the awesome surprise of my dad being there- he's not home from hospital for good, but he was out on day release, which was just excellent in itself and made me really happy, but was also excellent because it meant I didn't have to sit in a hospital all afternoon and got home at a way more reasonable time than 8pm (which is late for a school night, alright?) I think basically what I have to report is, last week was a little bit rough (which is exactly what I was expecting) but things are already looking up, and I feel like I'm getting into the swing of things- at least I do this week!

Obviously, blogwise, things are slightly less organised and in the swing of things, but I think about you all often, and have some reviews in draft form that may get written at some point, or may get forgotten because, you know, life. I am trying to keep up with all of your writings, but I am usually too tired, or too reading-it-on-my-phone to comment, but rest assured that I am totally still keeping up with your lives/reading/whatever, and if you have any commenting system other than Bloggers', I'm probably still trying to comment, too. Because of my complete devotion to you all (and how easy it is to read blogs when I'm really tired...)
Now, tell me all about your lives and leave nothing out. I'm waiting...


  1. Laura!

    I totally get how busy all of that can be and it's amazing your even interneting at all. I'm proud of you, lady! And that's awesome that your dad got to be home for a day.

    My days are as uninteresting as ever. I did some clothes shopping online today while at work and I'm expecting all of the clothes to come and none of them to fit correctly. I hate buying clothes online, but... time. And laziness.

    1. Weeeeeell, I'm not really internetting all that successfully, am I?! Hehehe, but thanks all the same.

      New cloooothes! I hope they came and were actually awesome. Or I hope they come and are awesome, I guess.

  2. Ooooh how exciting! Seeing you talk about Shakespeare is reminding me how few Shakespeare plays I've seen/read (Romeo and Juliet, twelfth night, macbeth (although I may not have read all of it, we did it in school and I can't remember whether it was extracts or the whole thing), Richard II (did it for AS level)... and that's it!)... I should really try reading some now, I think doing Richard II (which I hated so much that I have apparently completely forgotten everything that happened in it) really put me off Shakespeare... I feel like I should at least watch film versions of the major ones I haven't seen/read (at least Hamlet, King Lear and a Midsummer Night's Dream)!

    I didn't realise your dad was still in hospital, I hope he is okay! :(

    1. Agh, I have to do Richard II in a couple of weeks, don't scare me! You should definitely read all of the Shakespeare, and that's really my human opinion rather than my scholarly one (lol like I have a scholarly opinion). SO MUCH GOOD. BIG GOOD. MUCH WORDS.

      And yeah, I guess I haven't mentioned him for a few weeks! He's mostly ok, they're just fully investigating him and stuff and on the one hand it's like yeah, sort him out, but on the other hand it's just like LET HIM GOOOOO!

  3. Hehe, knackered. Sorry, the word itself just makes me laugh.

    I'm sorry your dad's still in the hospital. I hope he's OK!!

    I am meh on King Lear but mostly cos Dammit Cordelia, your dad is old and senile-y, you can't just humor him for 15 minutes? No? Pain the ass. But Midsummer though. Love love love looooooooooove it.

    1. Knackered is a funny word?! It's really pretty English, I guess!

      See above, RE: my dad. He's not so bad, really.

      I WAS meh on King Lear, but two weeks of thinking/talking about it is making me go 'OH MY GOD, it's the greatest!' I'm easily persuaded, is what I'm saying, I guess, OR intense study makes Shakespeare better? Yes, that. I can't get over how much I love Midsummer though- Like, extraly this time, I think because it was the first one I was reading that I'd read before so it was like getting a lovely Shakespearey hug. Ah, Shakespeare.