Sunday 13 March 2016

Sunday Sundries: Booooooooooks!

I know, I know. It's shocking that I would be writing a post about books on my book blog. What even the what? But this is not the way of Sundays, and I feel like this is wrong, but I have two stacks of books to show off so what can I say? This is happening.

First though, some other things of this week:

  • I downloaded a new yoga app on Wednesday (because why not?) and have, since then, gone slightly crazy on the yoga, in that I have done some instead of none. The app I have (Yoga Studio, £2.99 on the app store if anyone wants in on it) is great because you can schedule sessions that link with the calendar on your phone so it tells you that you need to yoga RIGHT NOW and I am powerless to resist such orders! I've been doing relaxation yoga every night and it's been great, and I really feel like I could get into a proper routine with this so yesssssss!
  • I usually avoid superhero movies because something something too many men something something, but having decided that Deadpool sounded like my kind of thing, I finally watched it on Friday night (don't ask me about legality, I have no time for you) and OMG. It's ENTIRELY my kind of thing, by which I mean it takes the piss out of superhero movies whilst also being one and Deadpool himself is irreverent and hilarious and I think he might be my soulmate? I'm into it, is what I'm saying. May the superhero watching continue (genuinely going to watch Daredevil after I've finished this)
  • Work has become so much less stressful because we finally have enough staff and maybe also a bit because of the yoga thing. So into feeling pretty chill most of the time, and so into not working Sundays because OMG that was killing me.
And now for something completely the same... Books! 

Yesterday I went to Richmond to meet Katie (no mean feat considering there was rugby at Twickenham and oh my goddddd rugby fans are obnoxious), which is relevant to books because hellooooo, we both have book blogs, and is relevant to my life because Katie is great and I had a really excellent time. We had cake and book shopping and no nandos because it was closed for renovations (SOB) and a seriously much needed talk about life and whatnot. And also did I mention there were books? JUST LOOK AT THEM:
Ok, so. I know I'm not supposed to buy books, but... It's ok. It's all fine. Special occasions and all that. So. This is a fairly low quality photo so allow me to narrate, from the top down. I got A Confederacy of Dunces for reasons sort of unknown to me except that I assume someone read it and I have generally heard it is good. Was it you? If so, I hope you weren't lying. The teeny book down from that is Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell, a little story she has written for (I believe) World Book Day and it cost £1 and frankly how could I not buy it? The next one down I shouldn't have really taken a photo of because I'm going to pass it on to my mum to give me for my birthday, but it's If This Is A Woman- Inside Ravensbruck: Hitler's Concentration Camp For Women which I read about in BUST and sounds totally harrowing but also sort of amazing. I finally, finally found the last Game of Thrones book I needed, A Dance With Dragons, Part I, which was very exciting but now I actually have to read the buggers which is a bit upsetting to face! I bought The Martian because I KNOW that everyone's been going on about how excellent it is, and I'm into that, and FINALLY we found the Moomins Cookbook in a charity shop and Katie offered to buy it for me as an early birthday present and I was of course totally into that! It's especially exciting because I've seen it for years and years but didn't necessarily want to pay full price for it, but charity shops are magic (plus in the end I didn't pay anything for it!) 

Anyway. I know, naughty naughty naughty, but it has to be done every now and then, and now I don't have to go into any charity shops for ages because I've finally bought all the Game of Thrones books that can be bought!

I bet you thought I was done with this post, but wait! There's more! You lucky buggers. SO. Bex is hosting a re-readathon at the end of the month and I'm pretty excited. Her last one was kindofsortof arranged just for meeeeee because I had finished my Masters and was finally allowed to read what I wanted again, but it turned out that I sort of didn't want to read anything because can you say burnout? Yes, that. Anyway, I am determined to do it properly this time, and have arranged a modest but quietly sure stack of books to contemplate:
TA DA! I will frankly be ok with just reading Eleanor and Park and To Kill A Mockingbird (even if it means finally accepting that Harper Lee is actually dead which I just cannot) but I have reasons for the other three books, namely:
  • I read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time in literally an afternoon, and have memories of it being excellent but I can never really remember why? So I definitely feel like it needs revisiting
  • I remember being really excited by The Unbearable Lightness of Being but I now can't remember anything about it (damn you, pre-blog reading life) so I feel like I need to revisit it, especially since I bought another Milan Kundera book on the bookshop crawl and I feel like I need to be made more excited about it
  • I just really want to re-read Brokeback Mountain. I just do, ok?
As I've been writing this, I had a sudden longing urge to also re-read A Tree Grows In Brooklyn so I think I'm going to add that to the pile and see if the urge remains. And please, join us! What do you want to re-read more than anything else in the worrrrrld?


  1. Yay for work not being so damn stressful (and for the yoga also maybe helping with that!)

    I have NOT yet read Confederacy yet, despite a friend lending it to me 100 years ago. I am intimidated by it, but I can't remember why.

    1. Yay in general for less life stress, definitely!

      And I can't remember why I wanted to read it! Why is this book so mysterious and elusive to ussssss?!

    2. NOW I'm intimidated by this book, cos it apparently makes us think things about it and then forget why.

      I would readalong this book. Just sayin'

  2. There is a Moomins cookbook?! I hope you will be sharing some creations from this! Kindred Spirits is really cute. I've been struggling concentrating on reading lately and it was the perfect antidote.

    1. Ugh, you mean I actually have to cook?! Haha no I definitely will do, perhaps I will have a moomin cooking week or something at some point. I actually read Kindred Spirits this morning because I couldn't resist and it IS so cute! I can't even cope with the cuteness.

  3. Okay, where do I start?! LET US NUMERICALLY POINT AS ALWAYS.

    1) I really should get back into home yoga again too. I felt so much better when I was literally doing about ten minutes each day on my living room floor. It was just... relaxing. IN TEN MINUTES. Very much my kind of exercise.

    2) I haven't been proper-book-shopping in SO LONG, ugh. I just bought the Rowelly goodness though (even though I'm reading Fangirl this minute so RAINBOW IS ALREADY HAPPENING), and Bex bought me A Confederacy of Dunces so that's on Mount TBR, so is The Martian, and I WANT IF THIS IS A WOMAN IT IS ON MY WISHLIST AND EVERYTHING. This is a most excellent pile, is what I'm saying.

    3) Yay for another rereadathonner! I don't really know quiiiite what to read yet (I suspect it will partially depend on what I've just read when it starts - like, if I want a heavy book or a light book or whaaaaatever), but I have a little mental vision of S.E. Hinton and Oscar Wilde and Frances Hodgson Burnett and also some more recent reads maybe if I'm in the mood?! I'll make a TBR next week and we'll go from there. Ooooh, isn't this exciting?!

    1. Haha, I do love numerical comments :)

      1) Yes Ellie! I have honestly felt SO GOOD this past few days and I put it all down to yoga, it's magical! So incredibly relaxing and calming and corpse pose is like the best thing ever hahaha.

      2) Come to meeeeee I shall take you all the placesssss! (Or I guess, I come to you?! The North though. *Shudders* hahahaha) YES RAINBOW and omg, is Bex my secret Confederacy source?! I'm thinking it may well be her! Oooooh. Haha I really am very proud of the book pile, I did well and don't even regret any of my choices in the cold harsh light of... ok it's like 8.30pm but let's say day haha.

      3) Yasssssss! It is very exciting although I am stressed about saying goodbye to Harper Leeeeee :'( But still. Books! Yay!

  4. I love the books! I think A Tree Grows in Brooklyn's a great one to reread because there's always something new to discover there.

  5. hoorah for books, yoga, and meetups with friends! Glad that you've been having a bookishly fun time!