Tuesday 25 October 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Realistically, this could just be a list of my top Stephen King books, not only because, you know, I love him, but also because I don't really read scary things other than books written by him. Fortunately, I already made that list (it's right here) so I'd say go with any/all of them this hallowe'en. I've also picked out a top 5 books (some of which, ok, are Stephen King books) that you should probably read, as well as 5 books that I might actually read during Hallowe'en. Everyone clear? Ok, good, let's go!

Top 5 Books to read during Hallowe'en

1. It by Stephen King- Ok, so I'm doing badly already. But seriously, this is pretty much still the scariest book I've ever read, and yet I love it, and I think it would be very successful at scaring the crap out of you on Hallowe'en. Especially if you're scared of clowns, and if you're not, and you read this book- you will be.

2. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley- Definitely a gentler book for the easily scared, Frankenstein is actually a lot sadder than it is scary. Nonetheless, the creepy ambling about monstery thing is probably scary enough to give you a bit of a chill on Hallowe'en, so go crazy kids!

3. Any episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Because, seriously, have you ever seen it? That's some seriously scary stuff. Also, amazing, but scary: definitely. If you really want to pee your pants, may I recommend 'Hush', and if you need to take your mind off that afterwards, then watch 'Once More With Feeling'. You're welcome.

4. Dracula by Bram Stoker- So much scarier than I thought it would be, and all creepy and vampiric to boot, it's absolutely perfect for hallowe'en and will ensure you have a troubling fear of the dark... better get a nightlight...

5. The Shining by Stephen King- The quintessential King, you'll be scared witless if you read this anywhere around hallowe'en, say, in autumn. Or, for that matter, winter. Or maybe just not ever, unless you're really really brave.

And, 5 books I might actually read this hallowe'en:

1. Burton on Burton ed by Mark Salisbury- Tim Burton's not exactly scary scary, but his work is still creepy, and reading more about him on hallowe'en sounds like the perfect thing to do.

2. Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice- I've seen the film because, you know, Brad Pitt, but somehow haven't gotten around to reading the book yet- this could be the year! Possibly...

3. Pet Semetary by Stephen King- Because I haven't read anything by Stephen King in, I swear, a month, and it's sort of killing me. This is the next one up on my list, and I also hear that it's ultra-scary, so I'm excited/scared to read it.

4. Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist- My friend loves this book, and I've been sort of meaning to read it for ages, but it's never really happened. This hallowe'en might be its time, I just don't know!

5. The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein- I've started reading this, and it's seriously scary stuff- kind of scary economic measures that completely disregard what is best for people and instead are focused only on the most money for the rich few. Terrifying because it's actually happening/happened, and probably the scariest thing I can think of to read on hallowe'en.


  1. Pet Semetary is one of King's best and creepiest love it. Also found It to be extremely scary until the end which I hated, but the rest of the book had me reading with the lights on. One book I really want to read is Frankenstein. Need to get that one soon. Great list!

  2. Let the Right One In is so good and very creepy!

  3. I have been meaning to read Interview with a Vampire for years!

  4. I really liked Pet Semetary so (hopefully) you'll be in for a treat. It's very creepy and heartbreaking but please, avoid the movie version of it. It was painfully bad, especially when the actual story was so good.

  5. I read Let The Right One In - it's definitely creepy. And while I was reading it I didn't think it was that good, but I kept thinking about it even when I wasn't reading it, so it was better than I thought at the time, lol.

    Also, I haven't seen the American movie (Let Me In), but the Swedish movie was good and definitely creepy as hell.

  6. Hush was an excellent episode, wasn't it?

    Also the American "Let Me In" actually rather well lived up to the Swedish "Let the Right One In", in my opinion - which really surprised me.

    Great list! Happy reading!

  7. Hush was such a scary episode of Buffy. Those guys were creepy as hell. There's another episode where this guy is carving skin out of people, and that scared me too.

    Lindsey @ babiesbooksandsigns.com

  8. Frankenstein and Dracula are staple reads for me every few years at least...loved them both.
    Anne Rice's early stuff is good too...I think Interview with the Vampire is definitely the best of the Vampire Lestat series.
    It's been a long, long time since I read Pet Semetary, but I remember being totally creeped out...somehow in a good way though...as an animal lover, I guess I kinda liked the idea of dead pets coming back even if they weren't in the greatest shape...that sounds kinda gross, doesn't it? :)

  9. I'm half way through 'Pet Sematary', and actually only came online to blog about it! Enjoying it so far :)