Sunday 11 March 2012

Sunday Sundries

 This Week I:

Took many many pictures of blossom... Caught up with some old magazines (the Rob Lowe Vanity Fair is from May 2011)... Went to this hospital many, MANY times... Passed notes in the hospital waiting room with my mum and auntie like we were all school girls.

So, yes. Not the most exciting of weeks, but I haven't had too many of those lately anyway! Let's see, I'll get the medical stuff out of the way first, shall I? Dad went into hospital on Tuesday to have his procedure done, it didn't go spectacularly and he got an infection but he does seem to be on the mend now, and hopefully he'll be home early this week (no one's said he will be, but I've decided it will be so in my brain). So, I've been to the hospital every day this week apart from Monday (I miss Monday!) and on Friday I got to go twice! To different hospitals! The excitement was palpable, I have to say. So, my mum had a consultation with a consultant, wherein she got her chemo start date (30th March) and we were told there were 'grey areas' on her CT scan, which sound kind of worrying, but which also we don't know enough about to go jumping to any conclusions. The doctor we saw was really nice and reassuring anyway, so it wasn't too horrible an appointment. 

In other news, I've been inordinately excited by all the blossom that's been happening, especially because last week I was worried that all the horrible rain and wind had blown it away! I went on two fairly long walks yesterday and today, and on both of them I took waaay too many pictures of blossom. What can I say- I really really like spring! Probably mainly because hey, my birthday's soon (4 weeks tomorrow, oh LORD the excitement) but also because it's warm but not too warm, and oh! The pretty plants and the baby animals! So obviously, needless to say, I've mostly just been sitting inside, reading old magazines (I'm up to October in last years New Yorkers, and let's just ignore the super old Vanity Fair and pretend I didn't buy this month's even though I HAVE NO MONEY and STILL HAVEN'T READ THE ONE FROM MAY) and watching Twin Peaks, which is the BEST/most eighties thing ever, and will probably be the subject of about 20 blog posts when I'm finally done with it. So anyway, yeah- definitely making the most of the season...

So, blah blah blah, boring life, did some shopping, saw my nan a few times, saw my mum all the time, neglected my household duties so that tomorrow I need to do washing and hoovering, and I need to change my bed and make a costume for my sister's dancing shows, which start on Saturday... All the exciting things, all the time, basically! The really exciting stuff was all on here though- I posted like three book reviews and a movie review this week! And joined the Classics Club, because it is AWESOME and I have many many classics on my shelves that I haven't read yet. But anyway, much blogging was done, and it made me happy. On Thursday afternoon/evening, I actually sat down and wrote like 5 posts one after the other, which was like the most productive I've ever been, and means that I've already got a book and movie review to post this week, which is so exciting for all of you, I'm sure! (Don't lie, you know it is.)

Other than that, the week's looking like this: more hospital visits until they release papa, a shopping trip to procure mothers day presents and my birthday presents from Lush (SO exciting...), and I've got three eggs that go out of date on Thursday, so I'm thinking that something must be baked. As for reading: I really really really want to read Julius Caesar before Thursday so I can post a review on Thursday (look it up if you don't know why) and I'm also reading three books for which I have very specific reasons- A Stephen King for hospital visits because it's hard to focus on other things, Little Women for most of the rest of the time, and then Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, which is basically just my bath book at the moment- I can't read Little Women in the bath because it's a Penguin Clothbound so I don't want to get it even the teeniest bit wet! I realise this is way too many books, so I'm thinking I might have a little Stephen King rest after dad comes home and then I'll only be reading two books at once! Yay?

So, that was the week. I hope you had a more interesting one than me! Any exciting things to tell the girl with the boring life?


  1. I wonder if the hospitals have any frequent guest things. Like get your card stamped X amount of times and get a free slushie. I hope those grey areas go towards the white (assuming that's the better way) and that you're right and your dad comes home soon.

    You should make an angel food cake with those eggs! I saw a recipe for angel food cupcakes recently and I want but I'm also lazy. So I'm looking to bake them vicariously through you.

    1. I *wish* they had some kind of loyalty system thing! But since all the caregiving is free and all, I guess I can't really ask for much more! I'm not sure if white is the right way or not, but lets say it is, and also thank you :)

      I would make angel food cake BUT I'm fairly sure that you need extra egg whites to make it/it only uses egg whites? But I will make something lovely and show it to you all. Also, bake some damn cupcakes woman! Hehe

  2. Firstly, you are a superb daughter. I marvel continually at the superbness of your daughtering.

    Secondly, I've been meaning to watch Twin Peaks. I don't know what's stopping me...except maybe that David Lynch frightens me. There's a Twin Peaks episode of Psych that I enjoyed quite a lot even though I didn't get any of the references.

    Thirdly, your life is NOT boring. You went for a walk and looked at flowers AND you're going to bake something AND you're reading three books AND you've been taking baths. This is a lot of activities. Believe me, I know.

    1. Well, you are a superb friend, so I guess we're just superb people :).

      Twin Peaks is sort of unnerving, BUT also really really good, and just a little bit freaky. Although I've only seen one episode of Season 2, and that was WEIRD (but in an awesome Twin Peaks way) so we shall see!

      And when you put my activities like that, well! I have the most activity filled life EVER! :)

  3. Your life doesn't sound boring at all - sounds way too hectic if you ask me! I hope your dad gets to come home soon and that when your mom's chemo starts that it's not too horrible and that she essentially kicks butt.

    I love all the pretty blossoms on trees! I can't wait until that starts here... it's supposed to be like 60 degrees all week so hopefully that'll jump start all the spring blooming.

    So, I hope this week turns out to be a good one for you!! I need to go sign up for this Classics Club thing... all the peer pressure cause everyone else is doing it :)

    1. Hmm, I guess it's like emotionally hectic, but in terms of actual like stuff that's fun and interesting- not so much of that!

      YAY BLOSSOM! It's so so pretty :) I hope yours arrives soon!

      And YAY CLASSICS CLUB! I am pretty excited because it means I'll actually read books that I own and stuff! Awesome!

  4. :( I'm sorry you have to be at the hospital so much. But I highly enjoy that your notes say 'headscarf thing' and not just 'headscarf.' For that is how I would refer to one.

    My older friends tried to get me into Twin Peaks, and in the first ep I was like "I DON'T LIKE THESE MONOLOGUES; WHAT'S GOING ON; WHY SHOULD I CARE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE" so they gave up. But it influenced X-Files, so I salute it.

    1. How else would one refer to one?! We are cool.

      DUDE, Twin Peaks is the greatest of all things! It's not a monologue, Agent Cooper has to talk into his dictaphone to his assistant or whatever because they didn't have phones in ye olden days! IT'S SO GOOD. I nearly said something mean about X Files then, but restrained myself. So watch Twin Peaks!