Sunday 24 February 2013

Sunday Sundries: BLEUUUURGH

This is truly going to be a really short Sunday Sundries post, for I have neither the motivation nor the bodily healthiness to write anything longer. Basically, from what I can remember, the first part of the week was fine (this may or may not be true, there's no way to tell) and then on Thursday evening I developed a gross need to throw up every half an hour or so. All evening. And then also some on Friday. And Saturday.
You'll never know how long I've been waiting to use this gif...

And it has not been at all fun (obviously) and I've kind of lost two days and thought it was Saturday all day Friday, but thought it was Friday all day Saturday, except really it was like one big massive day that wasn't a day at all but my own personal hell? But I sure did get to watch a lot of Daria, so that's always a plus. 

I have nothing else to say, really. Except, just wish me good health and stuff, kay? Hope you're all way weller than me!


  1. Oh I'm sorry!
    Throwing up and time confusion aren't fun :/
    Get well soon and I'm wishing you good health and anything else you want!

  2. Okay, you need to go lie down and sip tea and eat toast very slowly and do other sicky things to make you feel better. Poor Laura, I hope you feel a ton and a half better soon! xxx

  3. Oh dear, I thought you'd gone a bit quiet on Twitter lately. Just go back to bed and enjoy some quality time with Netflix until you feel human again. Get well soon! xxx

  4. Lemonade. Sip it. And sleep lots. I also recomnend Friends and/or Gilmore Girls. Hugs xx

  5. Oh now, hope you feel better soon!
    And I second the recommendation of lemonade, it's the best for nausea...

    1. And YES, I'm excited to see that someone else enjoys the genius of Australian Masterchef - so good!

  6. :( I'm sorry you don't feel well/didn't fell well. FEEL BETTER!!

  7. oh, no. that's just dreadful! a little seltzer water with a few drops of bitters in it can do wonders for settling de belly. it's a time-honored folk remedy from the caribbean and it works every time for me.

    hope you're feeling better soon!

  8. Oh my goodness you poor thing. I'm a little late here, but I hope you're feeling better!!! *hugs*