Sunday 7 May 2017

Sunday Sundries

Oh heyyyy, haven't done this in a while! I wanted to get back to writing a Sunday post each week, mostly because yay habit forming and yay writing about things that aren't necessarily books but also might be about books idk.

This week we had a bank holiday on Monday, then I was off work sick for three days because ugh throat and SO TIRED and there was snot and you probably didn't want to know that much, so basically yes, I did work for a grand total of one day. It's the thought that counts, right? From work on Friday I went down to my boyfriend's for the weekend where we managed to tire ourselves out going to Southampton IKEA without even buying any of the things*, which I'm putting down to ill tireds rather than, you know, being unfit and stuff.

This writing about stuff is harder than I remember, so here's a form thingy to get back into the swing of things!

Lately I have been...

Writing: Literally just blog posts (and shopping lists), but I'm pretty happy to be doing that with some kind of regularity again- it feels gooooood. I have also been learning to write Japanese, by which I mean that I sort-of know about 30 Kanji now and also the two other alphabets and also this week I learnt some new verbs so that's great and also I definitely can't write much in Japanese yet so please don't ask me to!

Reading: I spent quite a bit of my ill time reading this week and I am reading If This Is A Woman which is about a Nazi Concentration Camp, Ravensbruck, which was only for women (and so of course no one has heard of it). It did not make me feel any better to say the least, but it is excellently written and seems important to be fully aware of considering the right wing turn that the entire planet seems to be taking at the moment. I'm going to be pretty relieved to be done with it, I think, but I'm kind of glad I'm reading it.

Oh and also, all the Stephen King. Just so much. I'm so into him right now, and can't believe it's nearly over!

Listening: I have been in a fight with my phone ever since it kept shuffling all my songs even when that was a REALLY ANNOYING thing to do, especially when listening to the Hamilton soundtrack because DAMMIT those songs are in order for a REASON. Anyway, the other week I was complaining to my housemate about this, and he suggested there was probably a really easy solution and a quick google search revealed that he was in fact correct and I am reasonably ashamed of myself but also super happy because I can listen to the Hamilton Soundtrack properly again, which I am doing to a pretty excessive extent. It's awesome.

Watching: Again, ill from work so I've watched a few things- I finally saw the movie version of Room, which again did not make me feel better, and I finished season 3 of Transparent, got pretty bored by the first of the new episodes of Better Call Saul (do I even like that programme or do I just watch it because Breaking Bad? I'm really not sure) and finally watched some Gilmore Girls to try and cheer myself up (it worked pretty well, if I'm honest). My boyfriend and I are also making our way through all of Futurama cause, you know, its the best. We're currently on Season 4 and I'm starting to think it might be my favourite season because IT IS SO GOOD. Quality entertainment, you guys.

Looking: forward to Angels in America which I am seeing IN A MERE 6 DAYS, I actually can't cope with the fact that this is happening and sort of won't believe it until I'm sitting in the theatre, I think. So many excites!

Learning: a lot about the Holocaust from my depressing ass book, and, as also previously mentioned, Japanese. Confession: I am terrible at learning Japanese because I have basically no free time to commit to actually learning the things I am taught in the lessons, so my pattern of life basically involves going to the lesson, hearing things, forgetting everything progressively over the next week and frantically doing my homework in the time I have between work and my lesson on Thursdays. I don't really have a solution for this, because I like doing all the things I do that aren't learning Japanese, it's just a general comment on how shitty a learner I am.

Feeling: Tired as helllllll but pretty happy with life in general. Also pretty grateful that I have never experienced anything like conditions in a concentration camp, so generally happy with life in that sense (seriously this book has gotten under my skin).

Anticipating: See above, re Angels in America. Also hopefully, and FINALLY maybe possibly meeting Alice from the internets who is in England this week!!!!!!

Wishing: That time could just speed up a little tiny bit. And also that I had just a little bit more monies to do the things I really want to do. And also for more time so I can learn that goddamn Japanese goddammit.

Loving: It's gross to say my boyfriend, isn't it? But, you know that, and also having a job which pays me for sick days which is genuinely such a privilege for me that I still don't quite believe it.

And that is me at the moment. How about you?

*ok we bought a few of the things. But basically none!


  1. Booooo to feeling sick. But hopefully you're feeling better now, yes?

    Futurama is THE BEST and I fully support you making your way through it. Even if the newer seasons (after it was dropped and then picked up) I'm sort of meh about compared to the earlier ones.

    1. Yeah, I'm alright now tyvm. Just a leetle bit snotty but I'll be fine haha.

      I LOVE FUTURAMA SO MUCH. I have only seen some of the later seasons and I agree about the meh-ness- although I can never tell if they're actually not as good, or if I've just seen the first 4 seasons SO much that new stuff is just like 'wtf is this, this is not Futurama'.

  2. I hadn't heard of that book but it sounds amazing, if immensely sad.

    YOU'RE LEARNING JAPANESE. That's so awesome. Are you taking classes or learning via Skype? TELL ME EVERYTHING.