Sunday 28 January 2018

Sunday Sundries

Am I... Becoming a lifestyle blogger? Or am I just too lazy to write things about books now? Either one could be true, but it's Sunday, I'm here, let's talk about my week!

Let's see. Tuesday was, as mentioned last week, was my boyfriend's birthday, and I managed to see him for a couple of hours, within which TWO KINDS of cake (pan and red velvet) were consumed and cards were opened, and then I sadly went to work and basically saw him again on Thursday night because yeah this is our life. In the meantime, though, I made yet another cake so basically I've been very healthy this week...

And then yesterday we had a wander round London- our initial goal was to get free doughnuts from our most favourite doughnut place (they were opening in a new location) but we left late and the queue was psychotic, so instead we went to get burgers and wander round Camden and generally enjoy the crowds and cold weather and drizzle and haha I hate going anywhere in the winter, and London on weekends so what even were we doing?

Oh, that's right. Doughnuts.

Paid for, but worth it.

Apart from eating all the food... I went to a couple of films after work this week because I'm really trying to make the most of my limitless membership while there are actual good films out (Oscar season, ya dig?). I'm thinking I'm going to do a monthly round up of films at some point here (which I've said before, but I am properly keeping track now and it's going to be good!) but let's just say that Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was really moving but not as good as I wanted it to be, and The Post was honestly one of the dullest movies I've seen, and if Meryl Streep wasn't there, it would be hugely missable, to be honest. Fortunately, Meryl makes everything better, but STILL.

Work is still slooooowly coming to its inevitable conclusion (I can't wait until next week when I can tell you it's all over!) but this week wasn't so bad- Thursday the system we use was down so I couldn't do anything (wink) and Friday I was off anyway, so just had the first half of the week to struggle through. I also went to my new department's weekly meeting on Wednesday (they invited me... I didn't just creepily show up...) and many many things were said which went over my head, which gave me about a 10 minute crisis of confidence (I don't know anything! But I know things in my current job! Change is scary!) until I realised that it still seems like it's going to be better than my current job because, well, everything is. So I think I'm going to be ok. We shall see, I guess.

And that is about everything that's happened to me all week. Pretty average, I know, except for that damn doughnut. This week is all about getting through and doing as much as I can to tie up loose ends from current job, and possibly another cinema trip because, you know, fun stuff! I hope you all have excellent weeks, and tell me the things you're doing! I care!

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