Sunday 13 January 2019

Sunday Sundries: Apparently I'm Still Here?!

Happy Sunday everyone! I can never really tell if I'm happy or sad that it's Sunday, but I guess a switch comes somewhere in the middle of the day when I realise that I actually do have to go to work tomorrow, but it's about 4.30pm now and I'm still feeling pretty ok so that is fine with me!
I feel as though I stopped doing Sunday Sundries posts, actually mainly because I got out of the routine of blogging, but also because, *whispers* my life isn't really interesting enough to talk about. I say that, although one of my favourite things to read on the internet at the moment are money diaries, which is where people log all of their spending for the week (duh) but also jut generally talk about their lives and what's going on with those and I am always here for it! So maybe not so boring, but still... But still...

My most notable thing of this week is that I had a hospital appointment on Thursday, which in itself was not notable but it did mean that I worked from home for the rest of the day, and also the next day. I. Love. Working. From. Home. I can't overstate how much I enjoy avoiding the morning commute (and mine is quite nice!), or being able to have like a freshly cooked hot meal for lunch, or being, like, right at home when work is finished. It's just so good, and it's such a new privilege for me (I have only been able to do it since November) that it still feels like a treat AND I still feel kind of bad about it. Like, I told the doctor at the hospital that I was going to work from home after our appointment and she looked so sad and I tried to be comforting but maybe just ended up as smug (I should have told her not to worry, she earns WAY more than me anyway).

Anyway, they couldn't even do the thing they were going to do, so I'll have to go back, and then I'll have to work from home again, so... silver linings, you know?

This weekend has been a bit of a quiet one - I went up to London with my boyfriend quite literally just to go to this vegan diner (Temple of Seitan, look into it) and also to procure vegan doughnuts from Doughnut Time, so you can't say I'm not living my best life. The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent watching Futurama and then Luther (about which I have thoughts), and then today I have mainly been cleaning and reading and going for a walk and reading and I am about to make a yummy dinner and also there will probably be more reading. I have finished 3 books in the last 3 days you guys and I am on a roll - I have a goal to read 100 books between birthdays (the first time I have had a goal like this because it normally makes me want to never read again) and I now need to read 30 books in 85 days which at this pace seems do-able? We shall see!

This post mainly tells me I need to lead a more interesting life so I will work on that for y'all. I have a week off next week (which could explain why I don't feel so bereft this Sunday, so whilst this week coming will be business as usual, the week after might involve something a bit more interesting. But, then again, it might not because this is me we're talking about. ANYWAY - I hope you all have amazing weeks, and let me know about your boring boring lives too, please! 


  1. Yay, blogging! Alice's #glynalong has me blogging weekly at the very least, so I just need to keep signing up for readalong after readalong to keep myself accountable ;)

    Re: working from home. I also love doing that when I can! I'm actually way more productive. A hot meal for lunch is so amazing and underrated, I can take a tea break whenever I want, and I don't have to fight traffic on the way home!

    Basically, I need to lead a more interesting life as well, LOL

  2. I've started weekly updates on my blog this year and I lead an even more boring life than you! It's mostly books I read and where I walked the dog. It will probably be more interesting when spring comes around... but hardly a glamorous lifestyle!

  3. Hi Laura, your mentioning the vegan diner and doughnuts reminded me that I'm overdue in offering some Veganuary encouragement and a word of thanks. I've been vegan for approaching three years now, after only a short time being vegetarian and, during the time when I was conscious of the domino effect of information that was leading to me to making the vegan decision once and for all, I distinctly remember reading (or perhaps going back and re-reading) a blog post of yours where you talked about stopping eating meat. So, thank you for being one of the straws that broke the camel's back, so to speak, and perhaps I can return the favour in wishing you the best for staying vegan beyond January.