Wednesday 31 August 2011


So, I just found out about the R.I.P. challenge running from the September 1st to October 31st from Breana's blog, and of course I immediately went over to sign up because, really, when am I not reading a scary book?! I'm going to go for Peril the First, which is:
Read four books, of any length, that you feel fit (my very broad definitions) of R.I.P. literature. It could be Stephen King or Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, Ian Fleming or Edgar Allen Poe... or anyone in between.
Hmm, Stephen King, you say? I accept your challenge, says I! There are definitely going to be Stephen Kings in the four (obviously) but I might mix it up a bit by also reading possibly Dracula, maybe re-reading Frankenstein, and I know I have something Poe-ish lying around somewhere. So this is going to be really fun!

Just one thing- I scare really easily, so no one sneak up on me while I'm reading any of these books, ok? Guys? ...Guys? Where has everyone gone..?


  1. well you are in the right mood for rip! lol..maybe you'd better read only in the daytime! But no matter when I hope you enjoy Rip!!

  2. OOOHH OOOOH OOOHH!!! I was wondering all day what the RIP Challenge was and now that I do (thanks to you!!!) I am so excited!!! Hence all the superfluous exclamation points. What's really awesome is that Sarah mentioned on her blog a book that was suited for Halloween time reading and I bought the same book awhile ago and haven't read it yet and thought that Sarah was onto something.

    Also, I love books that are creeptastic. I'm such a scardy cat when it comes to movies but reading creepy books is awesome!! My book club is reading Dracula this year! Yay!!!!

    Sorry for the novel. LOL.

  3. @deslily- thanks! I'm so excited! Also a bit scared :s

    @Jenn- WOW, you just got really excited! I love it! I'm so with you on being able to deal with scares better in books- I just can't watch scary movies! But yaaaay for halloween style books :)

  4. Yeah, the scary thing . . . I got really jumpy reading Dracula last year. I love this time of year!