Sunday 6 January 2013

Sunday Sundries: I Have Been...

My brain is too fried from ALL. THE. READING yesterday to actually think of a way to structure sentences and things. So, instead, here's a meme thingy (I stole it from Allie, but I've seen it a few places) that I've been meaning to do for ages but never have, that also puts a structure into things automatically. Enjoy!

I Have Been:

Not very much. Just blog posts really. I've been trying to muster up all my courage to look at my NaNoWriMo again, but that hasn't happened yet... Maybe this week. Maybe.

ALL THE BOOKS. I had a mini-mini slump at the start of the... year, just because I've been pissing around and doing other things, but I think the mini-readathon yesterday has really cracked things. Which was a lot of its point. Plus, I'm reading Harry Potter now, so... Yeah, reading GALORE!

Frances alerted me to the existence of this song yesterday:
And now I kind of can't stop listening to it. It doesn't hurt that it's called Laura, obviously, but ALSO I think it's kind of an awesome song. Especially because it's about me, obviously.

I have this problem that should probably be categorised as an actual disease- Netflix paralysis. In that there's SO much choice, and so many things that I want to watch on Netflix that when you put me in front of it I just FREEZE, and then end up watching Modern Family. Which isn't a bad thing, but you know, THERE ARE MANY OTHER THINGS I WISH TO WATCH.
Also, I think I'm going to start watching The Wire this week. I think it's time.

longingly at my new sewing machine and wishing I wasn't so scared of it! But one day I'll be brave enough to try it out. One day.

How to enjoy exercise. And by exercise I mean walking to work. And by walking to work I mean EVERY DAY, and NO EXCUSES. It's going quite well, actually.

Physically- achy from all the walking! I'm really not used to it. Which is really sad. And the main reason I must continue!
Mentally- I'm not sure I've settled into the year yet. By which, I guess, I really just mean that I miss Christmas. I'm hoping that since this week is a 'back to normal' one, I'll get into the groove again. Hopefully.

Going to see Les Mis in a week and a bit! I'm excited. And then also going to the theatre that same week. It's going to be good!
Blogwise, I'm totally anticipating more Harry Potter chatter. It's going to be AMAZING (and it already is. So, more so).

I lived somewhere else and was a woman of independent financial means. But I'm not, yet, so I'm just going to suck it up and make the best of things. Which should also help make that 'feeling' thing a whole lot better.

My internet buddies and real life ones too. And Harry Potter, obviously.


  1. I was watching all the mini-readathon joy happening with envy while I was at work. If that happens again, I will probably abandon work. It looked like fun!

    Yayyyy for your walking! I'm glad it's going good. And sure there's being achy, but in a weird way that feels good too, right? Like when my arms ached the other day from lifting weights, sure it sucked a bit but part of me was all like "Yeaaaah :) "

    I am considering giving up my Netflix. I mean it's so cheap, like $9 a month, but I hardly ever use it. I enjoy watching things on DVD more, because then I can bring them to work with me.

    Okay I'm done rambling now. Happy Sunday! And Harry Potterrrr!!! I'm so excited! Okay really, I'm done now. :)

    1. You should have abandoned work!! It was so so fun :)

      Oh yeah, it's definitely the good kind of aching. Like, achievement aching. Like, muscles waking up aching. This always happens to me at the beginning of things, but I've had points where I've been walking for basically an hour or so every day and I feel fine. Great, even! So yeah. Yay!

      I have a system where I like write down what I've watched on Netflix each month to see if it's worth keeping it, but I would watch SO MUCH MORE if I didn't have this stupid Netflix paralysis. I think it's like... What if I watch the wrong thing and it's rubbish and I could have been watching something else?! Basically, I'm a crazy person.


  2. Netflix paralysis definitely is a thing, take it from a fellow sufferer! I spend longer looking at all the things I could be watching than I do actually watching! My mum comes over for dinner on Tuesday nights and we spend forever on there; "let's choose 16 down and twelve across", says my mum, just so we can watch something - anything. Then that turns out to be an obscure documentary about the Nazis so we start again "3 down and nine across". It's horrible!

    But then I sometimes think I spend longer reading about books on the Internet than I do actually reading the books, so perhaps it's just another aspect of the same thing.

  3. Oooh, interesting strategy! I have a not-at-all-conclusive list of the things I want to watch on there, so maybe I should have a picking one out of a hat system... Hmm. It really is horrible though! At least I always have Modern Family to fall back on :)

    Hahaha, this is sooooo true. Although that feels less, like, panicky that Netflix paralysis! That's just sharing info about books :) hehe

  4. So I love the wire. I know it's only been like 2 days since I last mentioned it but damn, it. Is. Good. The first couple of eps are a little slow but it's so freaking well crafted and the actors are the business and I'm going to have to be really careful and pace this out.

    It's no BB (duh!) but I think it'll help fill the hole well and truly. And if you don't fall in love with Bubbles then we can't be friends anymore.

    1. "I think it'll help fill the hole well and truly"- THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! *dies laughing at self*

      Anyway. I'm definitely going to start it. I hope this week. I would totally be more enthusiastic about this, but I've been STRUCK down with a headache and so I can't think about things/even consider watching crime-y things right now. I shouldn't even be on a computer, really!

  5. Why are you scared of your sewing machine? Does it bite? Come on, you could totally take it.

    You should watch Happy Endings if it's on Netflix because that show is great even though I don't know anyone who watches it other than me but I LOVE IT and other people need to join in on this love.

    Hooray on the working outness. I wish I was still walking distance from the work.

    1. I *love* Happy Endings! I'm not sure if there's a funnier tv show out right now.

    2. HOORAY! I am so glad to find someone else who understands how hilarious that show is. Especially Brad and Jane.

    3. It's ah-mah-zing. I just hope they don't cancel the show like people are suggesting.

    4. IT IS NOT ON NETFLIX LEAVE ME ALONE (Or... I'll watch it when it is?)

    5. Ps Kayleigh- "I *love* Happy Endings!" THAT'S WHAT HE SAID *dies laughing*