Sunday 24 July 2016

Sunday Sundries: Pokemon Go Has Taken Over My Whole Life and I Don't Even Mind

Happy Sunday, everyone!
I am taking it easy today for I have been hit with an infection and the antibiotics are wiping me out. Since this is basically what Sundays are for, I ain't mad. This whole week, however, has not been about resting AT ALL, but about Pokemon hunting, and maaaaaan. I am all about the Pokemon.

I mean, seriously. Monday, after work, I took a really really long route home so I could search for Pokemon in this park that's near my house. Tuesday, I finished work early because the office was hotter than the centre of hell (like seriously, dangerously hot) AND YET still went looking for Pokemon round my parents' area after dinner in the still scorching heat. Wednesday, I was going to go on a half an hour hunt for Pokemon, and returned home AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER, and only because I really needed to pee.

You get the idea. To say I am obsessed with Pokemon Go would be an understatement, but also kind of boring because I'm sure it's basically all you've read about on the internet lately. I get it, I do, but for me this is the absolute realisation of a childhood dream and it is everything. I feel like I didn't even know how much I wanted to be Ash Ketchum until I basically get to live my life like that every day, and daaaaamn, I wanted it badly. Five years of obsessive Pokemon watching and playing and reading (I still have my original 'Pokedex', a book basically just describing all 151 Pokemon [there are no others]) have culminated in this dream life I'm living now, or at least have been living for the past week and a bit.
Basically me all the time now.

Things that are bugging me- people being real downers about 'adults' playing Pokemon Go. I mean, this goes double for people in my age group, because I can't even begin to fathom how they aren't. Did they not watch Pokemon obsessively from the ages of 7-12, or are they just killjoys who hate fun, and also, let's face it, 20-somethings getting lots and lots of exercise? I'm surprised that anyone considers this a game for children, seeing as it was released for smartphones which children don't tend to have themselves, and also POKEMON IS MINE. IT'S MIIIIIINE. Kids can't have it, because it's mine.


Ahem. So obviously I basically just have one thing on my mind at the moment, and I'm pretty ok with that. I have done minimal reading, TV watching, and most other things this week, but I have caught more than 100 Pokemon* so everything is fabulous. Now tell me, tell me. Are you playing Pokemon Go? What have you caught? DO YOU HAVE A PIKACHU YET I WANT ONEEEEEE? Please let me know in the comments and have a fabulous Sunday.

*Not all of different types. I'm not a superhero.


  1. I do not understand the hate towards Pokemon Go. Especially if the complaint is "People are staring at their phones instead of watching where they're going" because LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE SMARTPHONE.

    I sort of only know the Pokemon stuff cos my brother was super into it when it came out (I am like juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust barely out of the age group for it, but he was prime target and I learned stuff via him.) but HEART IT. Can't get Tom to go for walks to look with me as he very much does not want to play. I did however catch a Pikachu. And I have a Psyduck which super excites me cos apparently I did have a fav Pokemon. I just didn't realize it till I got one.

    1. PREACH, GIRL! But I mean seriously, people stare at their phones every second they're living, but it's only bad if you're also having the most fun in your life ever... *EYEROLL*

      It has been so interesting talking to friends and colleagues and figuring out the prime ages for Pokemon (as well as finding out who didn't watch that much kids tv when they were little pfffft losers) cause I was exactly where they wanted me and I loooooved it. Pretty jealous of your pikachu and that is awesome, retrospectively discovering your favourite Pokemon! (Psyduck used to get on my tits so I can't agree with you, but STILL YAY for you!)

  2. Girl, I am so into Pokemon Go it's ridic. Tom and I have been having date nights where we trek out to different spots in Brisbane where certain types have been reported. Which is another reason I don't get the complaints. Even when we drive somewhere, we're discovering new sides of our town (and Tom has lived here his entire life!) and how can that be bad?

    I still don't have a pikachu :-| but I have caught 81 different types at this point (told you I was obsessed!).

    1. RIGHT?! RIIIIIIIGHT?!?!?!?!?! I keep discovering all these monuments and stuff that I've never even noticed before (and I've lived in pretty much this area my whole life) and theres this park that I used to just run through that I'm now like 'ooh, you're so much prettier than when I'm all breathless and sweaty running through you' haha.

      Duuuuuuuude. That is pretty impressive, I can't lie. I have a week off next week though, so I'm gonna catch dem pokemons, you just see if I don't!

  3. Yay for Pokemon! I was so happy to hear the first Brit to get them al was in Southampton because I feared I would have to travel hundreds of miles or something to get everything. Apparently I was over thinking it. But it makes me ridiculously happy when I get a new one. I'm not into the fighting bit though, because they're my Pokemon and I don't want their cute little faces hurt!