Sunday 10 July 2016

Sunday Sundries: Right Now I Am...

Here's the deal with today- it's Sunday, I'm sleepy and I have to go out later which, you know, just ugh. I feel like I should be apologising for doing a kind of bullet point-y, update-y post, but a quick search through my blog (to find the categories to write about, obviously) suggests I haven't done one of these posts for TWO YEARS, so I don't really feel bad about phoning it in today!

So, here we go!

Right Now I Am...

Listening to: Hamilton. Non-stop. It's literally the only thing I want to listen to, and listening to it is practically all I want to do with my life at the moment. HOW IS IT SO GOOD, I LITERALLY DON'T UNDERSTAND.

Reading: As always, I am reading all the things. I had an uncomfortable couple of days at the end of this week where I didn't take a book with me to read on the train, mainly because I am only reading behemoths at the moment and can't deal with carrying heavy things an unnecessary distance. I just finished Cell by Stephen King which was fairly average, but I'm still reading the other books in my sidebar, with the exception of Middlemarch because apparently I just can't do classics at the moment, my brain has melted. But mostly I'm concerned with choosing a book that I can just carry in my damn bag!

Eating: I got some (more) red velvet oreos the other day so literally everything about my life is amazing. I'm trying not to eat them all (basically like 4 standard UK packets) in a week, but I'm promising NOTHING.

Watching: A constant problem in my life is that I'm not really watching anything at the moment. In many ways it's really good because it means I read more (and omfg I need to read more since I have all the books) but I do miss the giddy thrill of watching a series in like 3 days because that shit is the best.
So seriously, any recommendations?

Making: Again, kind of nothing (I know). I started this embroidery featuring Bukowski's A Lighthouse of Words in April (again, I know) but stalled for no particular reason and haven't got going again. I feel like summer is a time for gathering inspiration rather than creating anyway, and that is a sentiment I have entirely just made up, yes.

Planning: Ah, friends. I have some big life changes happening that I'm trying to prepare myself for at the moment, and I feel like I have to be coy about them even though I sort of don't but apparently I'm still not saying what this thing is? Again, I hate when people on the internet do this, but... Sorryyyyy!

Feeling: A little bit overwhelmed by life at the moment, but mostly in a good way. When I get a moment to breathe, I feel pretty good, so I think I'm doing ok.

Loving: Longer days, seeing friends, reading SO MUCH, HAMILTON THE MUSICAL FOREVER AND FOR LIFE.

Wanting: For certain things to hurry up, and for other things to slow down. I know that both things at once is basically literally impossible, but some things you want to be over, and some things you want to savour, you know?

Thinking: About the fun I had last weekend and the fun I'm bound to have next weekend and how it's all thanks to the internets. Thank you for everything, internets.

Looking forward to: The thing I can't talk about! But also a week off in August, sleep (always), and Shit Faced Shakespeare, which is the show I'm going to tonight which promises to be hilarious. INTO IT.

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  1. Hamilton!!!!! <3 Lin-Manuel Miranda is a freaking genius.

    So I don't know what the big life changes are but I hope they're going okay and not anything too scary!! :)