Well hello there, and thanks for wanting to know more about me, you're a peach!

Let's see- I'm Laura, 22 23 24 27, and I live in England but I'd much rather live in New York City (such a rare dream, I realise!)
I started this blog ostensibly to moan about how awful the fifth season of Brothers and Sisters was, since I knew nobody in real life who watched it. While I still haven't really discussed that with anyone (turns out that first posts don't get a lot of page views!) I have created something that I'm really proud of, and found something that I really enjoy doing. Yay blogging!

In spite of my TV ranting beginnings, I mainly write about books (mainly because I read a whole lot of them) but I also sometimes write about films, and much more rarely about TV and things I've baked (posts on those two subjects are so rare, they should probably be an endangered species!) But mostly, yes, what you'll find here is a whole load of book loving, and hopefully something to make you laugh (in a good way, obviously...)

I find it totally awkward talking about myself, so please accept this list of likes as a way of getting to know me:

I like: Moomins, Russian Dolls, Cupcakes, Cartoons, Thinking about getting tattoos, Conversations across the world on twitter, Watching Gone With The Wind with Frances every Christmas, 50s style diners, Burgers, The sixties, The early nineties, Instagram, Reading fiction, Reading non-fiction, Reading whatever I can get my hands on, Being in New York, Being in London, Feminism, Philosophy, Zooey Deschanel, Making things, Johnny Depp worship, Alexander Skarsgard worship, Wearing hats, Photography and Planning imaginary road trips across America.

I would tell you about the things I dislike, but I don't want to harbour that kind of negativity (another like: being a total hippy). Let's just say, as a general blanket hatred, that the Right Wing is the Wrong wing...

If you'd like to contact me, to tell me how awesome the things I like are, to offer me a wonderful job, copious amounts of money, or free books; or for any other reason, then please email me at:

devouringtexts [at] gmail [dot] com

Me in a 50s style Diner, with a burger in New York City, and therefore in absolute bliss!