Sunday 28 July 2013


Finalement: The Next Day
I definitely missed out on the last hour of reading because maaaan I needed sleep, but I did get started on Seven Little Australians and so far I am CHARMED by it. But fun was had, and I think I really needed some uninterrupted (other than by munching on things) reading time so YAY EVERYTHING!

And THANK YOU TIKA for hosting, you were awesome as always!

Pages Read: 150 PLUS 28% of Tiny Beautiful Things, so what, maybe another... 75? Ish. I don't know things.
Snacks: I have checked and I only had 4 mini-muffins, which I think shows an incredible amount of restraint. The mini oreos and mini m&ms? Not so much.
Books read from: 3
Books Finished: 2! I'm pretty pleased, I've been reading TBT for MONTHS, it seems.
Enjoyment level: about 50 million unicorns.

Halfway Through-ish: 8.51pm
Heyyyyyy, I've read some stuff! I finished Bag of Bones and got to the edge of crying, and then read some of Tiny Beautiful Things and got even closer to crying. I WILL NOT CRY, DAMMIT (I probably will. But I'm going to read Seven Little Australians soon, it looks really cheery!)

This is a really good time to have a halfway point for me, because it is time for Les Revenants (The Returned) which is like the only TV programme I watch with my mum and it's awesome and creepy AND counts for the readathon because it's in french so hellooooo subtitles! So I won't be around for an hour, basically, except maybe on twitter in the ad breaks. But then I will be back and everything will be good again!

ALSO pretty much all I wanted from the mini-readathon was to finish Bag of Bones, and since I've done that I feel pretty chuffed with myself *struts around a little* Also, I'm high on mini-muffins. Mmmmm...

Pages Read: 134 PLUS 9% of my Kindle book (do I know how to look at page numbers? ... Not really. I don't FULLY understand my Kindle yet...)
Snacks: 3 or 4 mini muffins and allll the mini m&ms. Which was not enough mini m&ms at all.
Actual food: Leftover pizza and hummus and cucumber. It was nice!
Naps: Not quite, but I did nearly fall asleep towards the end of Bag of Bones. Sugar makes me sleepy, ok?

Starting Point: 5.13pm
Ok, I'm totally a tiny bit late BUT I was visiting my grandad in the hospital so I know I'm forgiven (he's not too bad, he just has pneumonia IN THE SUMMER like a crazy medical anomaly person, so yeah. But it's cool.) ANYWAY, the important thing is that I am READY TO READ NOW and I might have already eaten some mini-m&ms (quick story- I used to have them in my christmas stocking when I was little and so every mouthful is like Christmas morning- it's AWESOME!)

Quick addition to the snack pile- I bought some mini-muffins and am using a tiiiiny mug to drink water out of (that I'm filling with a 2 litre bottle. Unnecessary effort? Maybe, but it's all for you guys.) LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS!
So it's really no hardship. BUT ANYWAY. Time to finish Bag of Bones, I'd say. See ya in a bit!

My title might be... overstating things a bit, since I basically have to wait for everyone to wake up before we can start, and start time is in, oooh, 6 hours? But nonetheless, I am getting things ready both online and in reality so that I can just read my little heart out when the time finally comes for me to do so (or, like, go on twitter a lot and stuff. I'm not fussy.)

Aw, a mini-stack for a mini-readathon! As has become tradition I will now justify why they are mini:

  • Bag of Bones by Stephen King- A lot of the story revolves around various children (AND I only have about 100 pages to go and I wanna reeeeead it).
  • Seven Little Australians by Ethel Turner- Seven LITTLE Australians, see? 
  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green- Teenagers. They're like small people.
AND THEN I had this sudden burst of inspiration last night, and I ALSO might read some of:
TINY Beautiful Things! Smart, am I right? (Also I only have 28% of it left to read and YAY for finishing books.)

And, most importantly, I have a few mini snacks:
Mini-Oreos and Mini-M&Ms because apparently I'm fully American today! But seriously- I bought the mini m&ms before I was even sure the mini-readathon was happening again, and have saved them ALL THIS TIME (I don't actually know how long that is. But preeeeetty long.) So anyway, BASICALLY I'm very excited to eat them. These are all I have at the moment, BUT Rayna has been talking about mini-muffins on twitter and DAMMIT NOW I WANT SOME so that might have to happen. 

But basically: I'm excited and ready for it to be 6 hours in the future now!
p.s. It hasn't started yet so you can totally still sign up to mini-read with us! 8 hours of pure reading goodness, how can you resist?! Sign up at Tika's blog.


  1. Excellent minibook and minisnack choices! I didn't think at all about the reasons my book choices are mini... Most of them are short, though, so that counts... Yeah.

    See you in 2.5 hours for ALL THE READING!

    1. I think you did fine justifications! Hey, it alllll works. Who can care when I have this much sugar in my system? (I do. I have a lot of sugar.)

      READATHONNN! I will start reading soon, I'm sure!

    2. Your mini-muffins look delish. Is choccy a real word in the UK? Because it should be one in the US, too.

    3. It's sort of a word. I would probably use it conversation (to, like, a child) so I'm going to say yeah, it's a word we have. It's pretty cute :)

  2. I totally wish I was joining you guys, but I am so, so tired right now. I will probably be napping while ya'll are reading :( But have FUN!!!!

    1. I am not sure that I won't be napping in a few minutes... But I will be TRYING not to! FUN IS MY AIM!

  3. Good luck with your readathon!
    I should have been doing this all day rather than tidying....

    1. Thank youuuuu!
      You totally should have been doing this! This is the best! You still can!

  4. Yay, Bag of Bones! MAN I loved that book. So much that I went out and got more King for the minithon. You've created a monster, Laura. I hope you're happy.

    I'm so glad it's finally mini M&M time! Your willpower and restraint is an inspiration to us all.

    1. I AM SO HAPPY! (Wait, I made you read Bag of Bones right? I AM SO GLAD YOU LOVED IT! *happy dance all over the place*)

      Isn't it though? *sighs and feels self-satisfied*

    2. You totally made me read Bag of Bones. It was one of the only Kings in the library at the time, and I remembered you said somewhere that it was one of your favourites (I rely on you entirely for King guidance, you see). The beginning made me want to cry more than then end. Well, now I'm second guessing that, actually. So sad, and so scary, that book.

      Happy TV break!

    3. I think Bag of Bones is my second favourite King book ever. Which is a BIG achievement for it (I might also especially like it because no one seems to have read it, ever...) but yeah. The beginning is totally sad but there's just one thing at the end that SLAYS me AND I had completely forgotten about it, so there's that. Just, no. Still so good though.

      My TV break was good!! And totally counts as an hour of reading, obvs.

  5. MINI THIIIINGS! Maybe by the time the next one comes around I won't be slaving away under the heel of grumpy grannies every Sunday and will be able to take part. Mini M&Ms sound awesome, though I'm FAIRLY sure I'd buy them in a giant quantity which might cancel out the whole 'mini' thing. Oh well. :)

    1. Yessssssss, hopefully! Or at least AT SOME POINT you won't be. That would be good. Mini M&Ms are really hard to find but really worth it- anywhere that sells US sweets is a good place to look. Obviously...

  6. Ok, you guys almost had me tempted to read Bag of Bones the other day on twitter but I'm putting together the title "Bag of Bones" with "various children" and I just don't think I can!! I like mini M&Ms but give me the almond kind any day!


    I'm sorry I missed EVERYONE'S posts since I was being stupid and climbing things, but this is awesome and start stocking up on mini snacks now because I declare we have another one before October. (right, Tika? right.)