Sunday 4 August 2013

Sunday Sundries: No looking back, only looking forward

Guys! It's Sunday again, who can believe it?! Well, I can but whatever, this week has gone sort of blissfully quick.
This might not be a good thing if, say, you'd been on holiday for the whole week or something, but I was not and I AM THIS WEEK (Before you get too excited for me, I'm going to Didcot, which probably doesn't mean anything to you BUT basically all they have there is a power station and a train station, BUT the point is that FRANCES is there so it's basically the best place.) So yeah, just one more (half) day at work and then I'm GONE from this... county. Which is cool.

Since I missed Sunday Sundries last week because of the MINI-READATHON (it was pretty awesome, everyone should do the next one) I didn't get to update you on some familial medical things (I know you're disappointed) and that's fine because OF COURSE there are extra ones to report this week- so here goes: this Wednesday my grandad got released from a week long stay in the hospital for pneumonia (in the SUMMER. I don't know either), my nan's entire arm is a bruise because her blood was too thin or something (I'm a little bit sketchy on the details) and my auntie is going into hospital on Tuesday to have a big old operation because obviously all of these things have to happen at the same time because having room to breathe would be too much of a luxury!

In practical terms, none of these things really mean I have to do anything differently, but I mean, you guys have families so you know that, when things are going on with them you worry about them even when you know there's not really anything you can do. I like to think of it as a side effect of loving people- you get all the benefits of loving and feeling loved, but you also get the worry and troubledness if anything happens to them. On balance, it's better than just not caring about anyone ever because what would that even be like? Sort of like...
All the times? Only, like, less hot? (True story: I am not as hot as Skarsgard. Weirdly.)

Anyway, yeah, so a low-grade worry thing is going on. BUT I am trying not to do that because worrying is a useless activity and looking back is even worse (See, I remember what my title is! Eventually!) so I'm focusing on the excitement of the coming week rather than anything else. YAY DIDCOT!*

OK, basically I'm just blabbering now, so here are a few other things to round things off:

  • It's kind of a good thing I didn't do a Sunday Sundries post last week, because it basically would have just been a GIANT love blab about Orange is the New Black, which I watched in, like 4 days? AND I STILL LOVE IT BUT IT'S BEEN ENOUGH TIME TO CONTROL IT A BIT NOW. But anyway, if you've also been watching it, I have for you Larry's actual essay in the NYT, and this guide to the cast (I basically read it and went 'I love her!' 'I LOVE her!' 'I LOVE HER!!' because I have issues)
  • Speaking of OITNB, did we all know that it was actually a book first? From what I understand it's REALLY different from the TV show, but I still want to read it. Because it's a BOOK.
  • I'm linking you to this article about Stephen King's Family Business basically to try and make me actually read it, but it looks pretty awesome! And there's also this about the connections in Stephen King books, (totally stolen from Kayleigh) most of which I knew about but some... Not so much. Also I just finished re-reading Bag of Bones and I FREAKED OUT at a couple of the connections there. It was awesome. 
  • This Daria trailer with Aubrey Plaza as Daria is basically the best thing. SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THIS MOVIE.
  • There's no point even telling you how excited (and then also sad) I am that Breaking Bad is back next week for its last 8 episodes, but please just enjoy this Aaron Paul gifset and actually, well, just this whole tumblr, really.
That's it! Laura out! I'll be back next week with some tales of my summer holiday (there will be burgers) and, well, I guess I'll post some reviews in the week... I just really stupidly wrote two ON PAPER WITH MY HAND (and made it really hurt, by the way) and now I'm too lazy to type them. Such is life. 

*It's just occurred to me that I probably shouldn't be telling you where I'll be/even telling you I'm going away... BUT Didcot's a big enough place to hide in, and the rest of my family will be in my house so NO STEALING, STEALERS. Basically.


  1. I read Orange Is the New Black back when it was just a book. It's good - definitely worth reading! Now I'm going to have to be watching Orange is the New Black the TV show. Except first I have to finish binge-watching Breaking Bad - we're almost through season 3, and I am absurdly in love, so much so that it's kind of hard to go to work during the week because Breaking Bad is *waiting* for me!

    Anyhow, hope you have a nice holiday and all your family will get well soon so you won't have the creeping worries anymore!

    1. Oh maaaaaan, I know your Breaking Bad feelings! Luckily (well... SORT OF luckily) I watched it when I was unemployed so I could sort of just WATCH IT ALL and it was fine. Are you going to try and finish it before next week?! And yeah, Orange is the New Black should definitely be next- SO GOOD!

      I've been trying to get my family to all get well soon for YEARS now, but so far no luck! But thank you :) And I'm sure I will have a nice holiday!

    2. I'm for sure going to try, but I'm afraid this whole day job thing is going to prove problematic. The DVR might have to hold an episode or two for me until I can catch up, unless I start calling in sick...hmmmm. =P

    3. I'm pretty sure calling in sick is the only way to go! Hehehehe

  2. Ugh, your family really isn't having much luck at the moment! I hope your auntie's operation goes well on Tuesday.

    Enjoy your holiday, make sure you visit that power station :P

    1. Hahahaha, actually this has been a kind of good year for us up until now! Last week I was like 'is this our first hospitalisation of the year?!' and it actually was. In JULY! (I realise this doesn't sound good when I type it... But oh well lol). And thank you :)

      Oh yeah, I think touring the Power Station is the top activity on our list. OR we might just go to Oxford instead :)

  3. I am going to rob you! Muahahahaha! Ok, not really.

    Sorry to about your gran, gramps, and aunt. I hope all is well and that the surgery is safe and successful!

    Breaking Bad! I CAN'T WAIT, BITCH!*

    *I'm not calling YOU a bitch. Obvs.

    1. That would genuinely cost you more than you'd earn from robbing me lol!

      Thank youuuu. That really does mean a lot :).

      Thanks for pointing out that you weren't calling me a bitch there hahahaha! I am SO EXCITED but then, again, I don't want it to be over! Not EVER!

  4. Oh man, families and illnesses are like double the 'everything in 3's' curse, it's like "nope, worrying about one person isn't stressful and emotional enough, let's throw in the rest of your family too". Tom's going through the whole everyone in my family is not well at the moment as well, so I'm sending internet feel good vibes of support. I hope they're all running marathons by next week (or something healthy that'd be more fun).


    1. It totally is like that, and in a way I'm kiiiind of glad (glad is sooo not the right word here...) that the three of them have their things all around the same time, because we're done now, right? At least for a while... But anyway, thank you for the vibes, and I send corresponding ones to Tom *hugs everyone*

      Hahaha, I know right! I do so enjoy having many many links and then dumping them on people all at once! (Did you read the NYT Stephen King article? Cause his daughter in law was like this GIANT SK-nerd before she met his son, and for ages when they were together she couldn't even talk to SK! I was like 'THAT IS SO ME!')

    2. If I married into King's family I would be so happy, but I would totally be too scared to talk to him for like, years or something. And once I finally got the courage to speak I'd probably make a complete fool out of myself. But it'd be ok, cos I could call him dad.

  5. Man, family illness! I hope everyone gets better, and good job on trying not to worry too much, even though it's hard cause you know... that's what we do.

    I just totally saved a bunch of those Jesse GIFs... so awesome. Thanks for that :)

    Have fun in Didcot!! (At Didcot?... Not sure if in or at is right there... anyways, FUN YOU SHALL HAVE IT.)

    1. Thanks love! And yeah, I SAY that, but it's still kind of always there... *sigh*. But still. I shall persevere!

      JESSEEEEEEE! There's no occasion that saying 'bitch' isn't perfect for.

      And THANK YOU! (I would say in, I guess? Because you're in the place, but then I guess you're AT the place, too. Hmmm... Interesting!)

  6. I'm sorry about all of the family illness stuff you have to deal with. You'd think they could spread it out so it doesn't hit all at once. Really, some people can be so inconsiderate. I hope everyone is feeling better/starts to feel better real soon.

    I'm glad you've come around and realized how great OITNB is. I was worried at first when you were like "eh I watched a little of it and it's OK I guess". PHEW. ALSO I was going to tell you about that King Family Biz thing but of course you saw it already. I assume you find all things King.

    That Daria trailer!!! Except, they took out the (very few) minorities the cartoon had. Where's Jodie? Where's Mack? Where's Tiffany? (Have I mentioned how much I love owning the entire series on DVD. Cos it's a lot.)


    1. I know, my family are such assholes! But thank you for your well wishes, love, all of these really do mean a lot :). And I'm sure they'll all be fine. The assholes.

      I forgot that I told you that I was like 'eh' at the beginning! But for reals, I wasn't that into the first episode, but literally every other one KILLED IT. I could honestly die over how good it is. And yeahhh, I actually have a Stephen King Google Alert because I'm THAT dedicated to reading things about him (although I mostly just ignore the emails and get my news from twitter instead). But wasn't that article so good! I freaked out over his daughter in law being his number one fan and not even being able to speak to him when she met him lol!

      You're very right about the white washing of the Daria trailer BUT I would just say that the only recognisable characters in it were the main ones (i.e. Daria and family, Jane, Trent and Tom) so I don't want to hate it for being all racist! (SHUT UP ABOUT OWNING IT I WILL HURT YOU)

      THANKSSSSS! I'm pretty excited! :)

  7. I just finished OITNB last night and it was fantastic (so much funny and sad)- the cast is phenomenal and I'll definitely be reading both of your links about it.

    I had heard of the book before, but I never read it myself.