Sunday 15 September 2013

Sunday Sundries: Please Let Me Send You A Book And Save Me From Myself

This is what it's like in my brain when I think about the fact that I'm going to have to move 600 books into an attic room.
It's not pretty, but it does got character.

Anyway. The point is, I've been both thinking about packing and sorting things out this week (sorting things out=looking through all my books, sighing, then putting most of them back. No actual packing has been involved.) and basically I've weeded out a fair few books that I probably don't need to desperately cling to. Of course, there's a certain amount of guilt attached to this process (I LOVE YOU BOOKS, I'M SO SORRY) and to make it better I want to give you some of my books.

I really do. Except they're only the thin ones because I don't want to pay a lot to post them, which I think is fair! Basically, the deal here as always is, if you want any of these books I'm about to list, just tell me and leave me your email and I'll get your address and yadayadayada we know how these things go.
You want a list? Here's the list:

Push (Precious)- Sapphire
Walden- Henry David Thoreau
The Newlyweds- Nell Freudenberger
Robinson Crusoe- Daniel Defoe
What Maisie Knew- Henry James
Wide Sargasso Sea- Jean Rhys
Into The Wild- Jon Krakauer
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee- Rebecca Miller
Election- Tom Perrotta
Treasure Island- Robert Louis Stevenson
The Europeans- Henry James
The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat- Oliver Sacks
The Turn of the Screw- Henry James
Lady Chatterley's Lover- DH Lawrence
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- Robert Louis Stevenson
The Road to Wigan Pier- George Orwell

So, yeah, if you fancy any of them then just let me know in the comments, my pretties, and we'll see what we can do.

What else have I done this week? Well, my friend Justine moved to Bristol (today, in fact) so I saw her on Wednesday for the last supper (last until, you know, I go and visit her in Bristol or whatever) which was a pretty good dinner but also, you know, I was all sad. Obviously.
Yesterday was cool though- I took a bus to my almost-home, which is something I'm going to have to do a LOT in the future (have I EVER mentioned that I don't drive? I totally don't drive!) and in spite of a series of unfortunate events (I missed the first bus and the one I was on made me transfer to a new one for no apparent reason...) I made it there in one piece without any unfortunate getting-lost issues or anything, so that was good! And then I laid on some dude's bed to decide if I wanted to buy it off him or not (I do!) and hung out with my friend Becci for the rest of the afternoon. It was nice.

Annnd... That's about all the excitement there was for this week! I worked some, read some (DUH), nearly DIED waiting to watch Breaking Bad on Monday because I had to work all day... you know, all of the usual things. The weather has been TRULY appalling this week, and has basically made me want to take to my bed at all times, but instead I did All The Walking to work, including getting completely (COMPLETELY) soaked on Friday. Always take an umbrella, is the only advice I can offer you, guys.
And that's pretty much it. Laura out! I'll go back to moving things around but not actually packing, and you have another look at that list and tell me if there's anything you fancy. I'm setting a cut off of, say, Wednesday lunchtime (UK time) and any books not selected by then will be off to a charity shop. I'm a cold evil bitch, really.


  1. UGH, PACKING! I have been packing ALL DAY and I swear that there is still so much stuff. Where did all of this stuff come from?! I've culled a load of stuff and there is still so much. It's freaking me out. But on the plus side, all of the books are now in boxes except for the 20(ish - the pile is upstairs and I am downstairs) that are going to the charity shop. I kind of thought of giving them away but then I thought,

    Your list is lucky that I am moving to or I would be all over it! As it is, I'm not permitted to acquire anything new until we are settled in the new house. Bleugh.

    Anyway, ENJOY PACKING moving buddy :)

    1. I am so lame - that comment has a half sentence in it! That is what packing does to my brain. What I then thought was that I am doing a lot of traipsing and sorting this weekend and I really don't want to have to do any more traipsing to the post office. Which isn't very selfless or good of me but is the sad truth.

    2. Awww, bless your poor packing addled brain! I think it's fair enough to not be giving books away on the internet- I'm pretty much only doing it because I'm trying to SORT before I actually PACK, and they need to leave the house, like, yesterday. And I feel sad to get rid of ANY so at least I know some will go to good homes!

      I am also not buying things until after I've moved out, EXCEPT when I go to ikea next weekend, but that doesn't count because that's like furniture and shit. Also, IKEA!!! (I love ikea. It's all very exciting.)

      You ENJOY PACKING TOOOOOO, moving buddyyyy! (if we lived near each other, we could totally combine forces and help each other. SIGH.)

  2. I kind of love packing... Also it is AWESOME that you're moving (I've just said the same thing on twitter :-p) and I know you're trying to give away books, but ninja swap with us yes? :-D
    I really want some of these books... I waaaaant... The Man who Mistook his Wife For a Hat, Election and The Newlyweds if I may please? And have I mentioned lately that I love you? :-D

    1. I do indeed have your email! (ACTUALLY, I still have your address, so that cuts out the middleman [or... the email bit] rather nicely!) And basically you want ALL THE BOOKS? Got it. :)

    2. Lol yeah I just ignored the bit where you said A book and went for three :-p Since I'm greedy I can totally paypal you the postage if you want? :-)

    3. Bex do you mind terribly if I let Alley have the hat book (i mean... The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat, obviously) and you have the other two? I FEEL MEAN BUT ALSO I WILL FEEL MEAN IF ALLEY HAS NO BOOK!

      Also don't be silly re: postage. I hath offered these books, and I shall pay to send them, dammit!

    4. OF COURSE I don't mind if Alley has the hat book! (This book shall forever be known as 'the hat book' now) As long as she promises to review it so I can know if it's any good or not :-p I feel like people have already told me it is but yes! You're already sending me two books and it would just be mean if I were to deny her the only book she's asked for! Plus, I have a stupid number of books already. Seriously, stupid. And I've totally failed my book buying ban :-/

      In conclusion, please give Alley the hat book :-) And thanks, about the postage :-)

    5. Ok, Imma let Alley have it and this is VERY NICE OF YOU! I will not forget it and its niceness :) (The hat book is fine- it's a little bit *too* sciency, if you know what I mean, but still an interesting read. Just my personal feels!) And you did SO WELL on your book buying ban that you're allowed a little, um, overindulgence now!

    6. Bex is SO NICE. Oh man, I hope this hat book is good...

  3. You are so responsible to get rid of books before moving. And so nice to give books away. Can I have the hat book?

    1. I... I want to give you the Hat book. But also Bex wants the hat book. But Bex also wants two other books and you only want the hat book... THIS HAS BECOME VERY STRESSFUL ALL OF A SUDDEN!

    2. Bex asked for it first. She can have the Hat book. And I should prob pay attention to other comments

    3. Have the Hat book! I'm just being greedy, I already have 900 books and Laura's already giving me two others! The hat book is yours :-)

    4. Awwww you are so nice. You TOTALLY CALLED IT so not greedy. I mean it'd be greedy if you said "I'll take the lot!" or something like that

  4. You poor, poor thing. But I so get what you're going through. This is why whenever I find out we're moving, I start packing like 2-3 months in advance. Because I take a LOT of time doing that looking at stuff, playing with it, putting it down and getting no packing done thing.

    Also, does this attic have regular walls or slanted walls? If it has regular walls, two 5-shelf bookcases would fit most of your books if you stack them on their sides (3 stacks of books per shelf, 4 stacks if you make one or two shelves mass market books only). And then you could get another small bookcase, or stack extra books on top of your dresser, etc. (I am a PRO at fitting massive amounts of books in small spaces.)

    Could I pretty pretty please have Walden? I've been itching for a copy ever since I read Rules of Civility. Do you still have my email?

    1. Dude, you are like the master of bookshelf suggestions! I think I'm going to get two tall bookshelves, and I have a shorter one already, and then I'll just see how it goes after that! I'm not worried so much about where I'm going to put the books, as HOW I'm going to get them up to an attic lol!

      You're sort of freaking me out with that 2-3 months thing. I'm just going to ignore that lol!

      You can of course have Walden, I have emailed you alreadyyyyy :)

    2. Strong boys. That's really my only secret to getting books up stairs, lol. I have 20+ boxes of books when we moved into our old apartment and we lived on the third floor, HAHAHAHAA. They weren't too happy.

      2-3 months packing is my own slow craziness. I pack a few boxes and then do nothing for a week or two, lol. And of course, lots of purging of books, clothes, etc. I try to get rid of a lot, and the bf is a bit of a pack rat who hates to get rid of anything ever. Oy.

  5. That first gif. MY GOD WOMAN. I'm going to have nightmares. Eeek.

    It's so smart to get rid of whatever books you can before you move them. They be heavy!

    1. Aw, poor Hatchet Face! She's lovely! (Sort of...)

      They are SO HEAVY. Also DVDs en masse are surprisingly heavy too. I packed a box of them yesterday and could hardly carry it downstairs! So... Someone else is going to be doing that when I actually move hahahaha.

  6. OOH OOH OOH if you still have them could I maybe have The Road to Wigan Pier and/or The Turn of the Screw? Not that I'm in a much better situation myself... *eyes giant boxes of books in the corner of her room*... but, y'know, whatever. D'ya want some postage money and shizzle? Also, do you have your new address yet? Y'know, just in case I need it... *looks around shiftily*

    You've got my email, dude, I shall await your missive. :)

    1. Ellie! You can of course have them both (especially because they're teeeeeeny and I'll send them second class and it'll cost like NOTHING, yessssssssss). And, again, don't be silly re- postage, this is like my last hurrah of sending out books before I have no money and can never do it again! (or... Something more optimistic.)

      Anyway. I shall email you and give you my new address (why would you need it, I wonder?! Hmmmmm...) and also get yours and then the sending of things can commence (I mean, I could just send them to the shop but nooooo I want to send them to your new houuuuse!)