Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday Sundries: Looking After Myself

It's Sunday agaaaaaaain!
I would be more excited about this, but I have to go to work later (don't even get me started on why the office opens on a Sunday now. I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say it's VERY ANNOYING, and should probably be illegal) so it's basically just Monday. Which is STUPID. But anyway, at least here the clocks have gone back which means I get an extra hour, with which I am writing this, so be grateful that I'm talking to (writing to?) you all.

Or... Just tell me to shut up. Whatever.

So I was planning to do a room tour for this weeks Sunday Sundries at the request of Frances, but... I kind of sort of didn't get round to it? Or, more accurately, my room has been way too messy most of the week to take pictures of, and yesterday I moved a few things around anyway and built a chest of drawers all by myself thankyouverymuch, so yeah. That's not happening, obviously. But NEXT week... I will see it done.
NOT the Les Mis gif I wanted... But just in case you thought I was over that, NOPE.

And instead, this is going to be about... Not much. I don't know, guys, I don't do stuff, stuff is annoying and involves leaving the house and I have ALL of American Netflix to watch, so there's that... But, ok, yeah, I went to Twickenham on Thursday just for a mooch around, and I do declare that it is the weirdest laid out place I think I've ever been to. I don't know if there's a centre to it that I just completely missed, but it was all a bit like BLARGH here are some places and GAHH here are some more. But whatever, they had many many charity shops which obviously I didn't buy anything from because I'm being good.

(Ok, I bought two books. But two isn't that bad. Except when you're not reading much. Yeah, I suuuuuck!)

Other than that, the only other exciting thing I have to share (and I use exciting in the loosest possible sense) is that yesterday I had THE most domestic and making things and whatnot day possibly in the whole history of life. I got up- made bread- went and built a chest of drawers, pausing only to put the bread in a loaf tin and also to get a hammer- I baked the bread and while I was waiting for it to rise more did ALL the washing up (there was a lot. A LOT.)- I put some washing on- I rearranged things in my room- I filled my new chest of drawers, reorganised my cupboard, had to lay down for a bit because TIRED- I hung out my washing and made my own dinner. 

I know that was enthralling for you, but it's just... I haven't had the opportunity to do most of those things in a very very long time, and even though basically all of that is essentially chores, it was just like 'yep. This is me. I'm taking care of myself now,' and even though, you know, I wouldn't want to do all of those things every day (why would I ever have to?!) I'm just happy that I have my own room to organise and my own oven in which to bake bread and my own place to be all domestic and whatnot.
So all of that was really just padding to disguise the fact that I don't really have anything to say. So tell me things- what have you been doing with your extra hour? I hope it's sleeping because that's the besssssst.


  1. I... don't know if I used my extra hour, but I did get up at a decent time this morning and DID things. These things included:

    1) Letting the cat into the garage so that she could sing the song of her people at the walls, which is one of her favourite things. (Good acoustics.)
    2) Posting my review of The Shining. A double review, which you should read because STEPHEN KING.
    3) Read Hanna's review of Attachments.
    4) Looked sideways at my currently reading pile, then plucked Attachments down and started reading it anyway. (see #3)
    5) Ate a muffin.

    It was a good hour. And YES it sucks working on Sundays... but I work on Sundays so at least now I have a kind of working Sunday buddy to commiserate with about the crapness. CRAPNESS, LAURA.

    1. Look at all the things you did! That's pretty awesome. I have to tell you, I had turned my computer off and then I read your email on my phone and TURNED MY COMPUTER BACK ON to read your blog post (so I could comment on it. Can't do that on my phone for some reason.) If that doesn't make me a good blog wife/Stephen King obsessed person, then I don't know what does!

      Also, ATTACHMENTTTTTTTS!!! Aw, we are totally going to be like sisters in arms working on a Sunday! Of course, you'll be done at like 4/5, and I only start at 4 so I'll be like 'DAMN YOUUUUU' but whatever, it's fine. I'm not going to be working every Sunday because NOPE but some of them I will because MONEY. Damn rent.

    2. You are an excellent blog wife. Now I just need to return the excellence by actually responding to your comment (summary: "OH MY GOD ANOTHER FREAKY COINCIDENCE!"). When I'm not working at the shop all the time I might even get chance to unleash my inner domestic goddess again, a bit. This will include things like "actually mopping the bathroom floor instead of just whooshing a hoover nozzle over it" and "reconnecting with foods that aren't cooked in the microwave". Ironically, I did more things and ate much better at university than I do now, haha! GROWN-UP FAIL.

    3. I think that's the trap of living at home though. It's like 'oh, I don't need to do this, mum's here' (well, this is just me I'm talking about really hahaha) and then you end up not doing anything and feeling like a child again and aaaaargh it was not fun. Again, I'm clearly just talking about me...

      ANOTHER COINCIDENCE- I was totally responding to Alley's comment when you responded tooooo OMG.

  2. Aww yay for enjoying domestic things and even enjoying chores, cos that enjoyment ends real quick. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get some sheets out of the dryer and pretend I know how to fold a fitted sheet.

    1. I KNOW I KNOW. It's called the 'folding it like a normal sheet and pretending the weird corners aren't there' method. :D

    2. I don't know if it was enjoyment so much as, like, happiness that I will have clean jeans again. But I really really REALLY enjoy building things!

      NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO FOLD A FITTED SHEET. They're impossible. And I am a sheet EXPERT (sorta...)

    3. How fitted sheet folding goes for me

      ALSO, isn't it so satisfying to say "Yeah, I built that" even when it's just Ikea stuff. I have put together SO MUCH of the furniture we have. Most of my place can be disassembled with an allen wrench

  3. Your domestic day sounds awesome. I actually kind of like those days, when I'm in the mood to just DO THINGS and I get so much stuff around the apartment done. I have never made bread though (well except for like banana bread, which hardly counts), so you win.

    I NEVER do anything, which makes my Sunday posts really boring sometimes. You usually do lots of things, at least. Or have thoughts about stuff. But it's good to have a laid back week.

    1. I loooooove getting stuff done. But it's the kind of thing where I have to be in the mood AND I have to do it all at once or I just kind of run out of steam and will never do whatever it is. Bread is preeeeetty easy to make (mostly it's a lot of waiting around) so I'm sure you'd be able to do it, no problem!

      Hahaha, why thank you! I think I'm pretty good at making it SOUND like I've done stuff when I really haven't done much. But I definitely do have thoughts about things, yeah. Can't stop that thinking about stuff.