Sunday 21 December 2014

Sunday Sundries: Merry Christmas/I'm Not Dead!

Guyssssssssssssssss! Hello.

I know, I know, I've been gone for like a month. I SAID I KNOW. The thing is, December. It's an arsehole of a month when you already have the tiniest amount of free time in the world, because that free time needs to be spent doing things like finishing up Christmas shopping and writing cards that make you sound totally sane really late at night (tiredness is worse than drunkness for me, is what I'm saying) and wrapping presents and getting shitfaced on free wine at your work Christmas party and attending birthday parties for five year olds selfishly born in December...

I haven't stopped all month, is what I'm saying. Except to sleep, which is, as I'm sure we're all aware, amazing.

So, news. Um. Uni is finished for Christmas which is amazing except that I have to try and remember that I do have to write 10,000 words (minimum! Excluding Bibliography!) so actually I should be working harder than I did for the whole term... But having weekdays off (actually off! Nowhere I have to be!) is making me slightly giddy so I need to really knuckle down to that... After Christmas. Mwahahaha.

Hmmm, I can really tell I haven't written anything bloggish for ages, because I am struggling to remember how to do this when words used to fly out of my fingers. I probably should have restarted with a survey or something, those are always good! And yet, here I am. So I was watching Donnie Darko last night whilst making essay notes (Yes! Notes! Progress!) and I heard the best thing I've ever heard and assumed there must be a gif AND THERE IS:
I just want to use it all the time because I want to be reading all the time and arghhh, why can't I just do that? Shakespeare is why. The motherfucker. I've asked my mum to get me one of the books on my Christmas list (cause I get parental presents on Christmas morning) just so I can essentially spend all of Christmas reading a non-school book and luxuriating in it. Of course, I'm much more likely to be talking to my family, watching the children be adorable, and crying quite a bit (first Christmas without my nan is going to be ROUGH) but still some reading will be done and it will be glorious.

A quick note on that crying thing: really the only two things I want for Christmas are 1) to have my nan back for it, and 2) to have more time. BOTH OF THESE THINGS ARE IMPOSSIBLE, I realise, so it's sort of difficult to get excited about the most magical time of the year when you actually want things that are magic. It sort of takes away from it when you don't get those things so you know the magic actually isn't there. I'm doing ok though, and I just hope we can all keep it together on Christmas Day. I know we'll be trying, anyway.

SO. Sorry to be a downer in my first post of December (!!!) and, if I don't see you again before (totally likely) then have the best Christmas and a Happy New Year (I want to do an end of year survey thing so I want to be back before then, but who knows? This is me we're talking about). I love you all dearly and you are the greatest people. Hugs and kisses all round!


  1. Good luck with your writing. I really hope you get a break this Christmas!

  2. That's a marvelous gif that many of us could use as our anthem.

    Good luck getting through the holidays -- I hope you're able to slow down and reflect and give yourself time to mourn your Nan's not being there but also time to enjoy the good moments, too. Children! Books! Family! Time off!

  3. HELLOOOOO! *tackles Laura with a big hug* Nice to have you back. I too have been rubbish with the blogging because what is this free time of which you speak? I haven't been working ridiculous hours but somehow I just don't seem to have any time or energy to get anything done. Although I like Christmas, I am kind of looking forward to the other side of it when everything's a bit more chilled (literally - I am not looking so forward to winter without Christmas brightening it up, though.)

    I hope you get plenty of rest over Christmas, and I will be thinking of you and your family. It's a hard time to be grieving because everything around you is putting pressure on being merry and jolly, and sometimes you just can't do that. I hope you get through it all OK. Lots of love to you! x

  4. LAURA! December is such a dick. I quite literally do now know where the time is going.

    Enjoy your time off and read non-school books and I hope you and your family have a very wonderful, merry, joyful Christmas and a fabulous New Year.

  5. I feel like I should say something like "You should probably not procrastinate on those 80 billion words you have to write" but yeaaaah it's Xmas so screw that.

    Good luck getting it through the holidays and all your writing and do a survey, they're super easy and also we miss you!!