Sunday 19 April 2015

Sunday Sundries: I Turned 26 and It Was Fine

Guys! That was a longer than anticipated absence, but whatever, I'm here, I'm supposed to be writing essays, so it's all going very well (life, that is). I am now older than my mum was when she got married, but, you know, she had to marry my dad so it's all swings and roundabouts, really!* So my birthday happened, that was cool, and I got A LOT of books that I'm going to share in a separate post that will definitely get written (*shakes head vehemently*) at some point, and since then I've pretty much either been working or procrastinating from writing/editing essays. I make some interesting life choices when I'm supposed to be writing essays, like watching excessive amounts of anime that I can't even have on in the background because it's in fucking Japanese, and spending a ridiculous amount of time on a mission to get to the post office which had shut 14 minutes earlier... FML was all I had to say on Thursday, to be honest.

Excellent things though: I went to Oxford to see Frances on Wednesday which was obviously excellent even though the Bodleian Library tricked us into believing they had a First Folio on display when in fact they did not, or if they did, we couldn't find it (they probably did. We were probably just terrible finders.) But more importantly, there were burgers and milkshakes so everything was amazing
There are no words.
And did I mention that FRANCES was there? Cause she was and she's the best and we never run out of things to talk about and I love her. Plus she paid for my lunch so, you know, THE BEST!

And now. DRUMROLL PLEASE. I've written a 26 before 27 list! I didn't do one of these last year because I was generally too sad, but also because my brain was pretty much going 'I want to do a Masters. I want to do a Masters.' and I figured, hey, that's probably going to take up quite a lot of time, ya know? This year? I'm still doing that pesky Masters, so most of these aren't going to apply until after September, but at the same time... I'm not so good when things that have taken up a lot of my brain space end, and I think it'll be good to have the option of a LIST! of THINGS! That I can totally do! But I also totally don't have to. It's a completely non-pressurey thing, but here are a few things I'd quite like to do in the next year, perhaps.

26 Before 27

1. Get a bloody Masters - Ok, I'm cheating because this one is pretty much a given. BUT I STILL HAVE TO DO IT.

2. Write 15,000 words over the summer without dying - See above. STILL HAVE TO DO IT.

3. Run 500 km - I wrote this list before developing this weird foot thing basically yesterday... My enthusiasm wanes somewhat when I'm having foot pain. But Imma try.

4. Read War and Peace - Because, why not?

5. Get a tattoo - Might actually happen if I keep putting it on this list...

6. Go to London Zoo - You can come with me if you want! I've never been, and it's ridiculous.

7. Go to Bristol Zoo - Since I'm going to BE in Bristol in June and all...

8. Do proper London book shopping - I made Bex and Katie promise we could do this again when I had to leave them stupidly early to go to a Macbeth seminar. BOOKS.

9. Bake at least 26 things - Maybe blog about it. Who knows! Speaking of which

10. Blog at least twice a week - This is something that should be achievable even now, but somehow I still don't do it, and I've already failed at it since turning 26. But still, I shall try.

11. Go somewhere new - Who knows where? Except I do, it'll be somewhere in England. I have a 16-25 railcard that I need to take advantage of before October, so... Sometime before that, I'd imagine. I'm so good at planning shit.

12. Do a Parkrun - I keep running into (literally!) parkruns when I do my own, much less organised and shittier runs on a Saturday. I should probably actually do a parkrun instead of essentially hiding from them/getting up earlier than them to run...

13. Do two 5ks in 2 weeks! - This one's a bit non-negotiable... I have to do these now. They're for charity! It's all good! I'll be fine! (You can totally sponsor me here, or here, or even both if you're secretly a rich person)

14. Go to the British Library - Because come on, how have I not been here yet? Ridiculous.

15. Go to the Globe - Ditto the above. I mean, I've been PAST the Globe, but I haven't actually been in. Stupid.

16. See the Hogwarts Express - I believe I am taking Tika to see the Hogwarts Express when she comes to my land in October. Either way, I'm going to have to give the Studio Tour like £30 again because I need to see the fucking Hogwarts Express. GAH.

17. Make a pop culture embroidery - You know, something like this. Or this. Something excellent, anyway.

18. Do morning yoga on work days - This is a thing I'm trying to do. Putting on a list will definitely make it habit, right?

19. Stop buying crap I don't need - I've gotten quite bad at buying little things just because I want them lately. This isn't really a problem, but when you've got more books than you can read in years, and more pyjamas than any human needs, PLUS no money, it's kind of a problem. BASICALLY I want to do a bit of a spending detox and

20. Save some damn money - Not a lot. But a little bit. I've got a system worked out, it should be good. You know, maybe.

21. Read 10 books before buying a new one - I'm serious about this one. I don't NEED any new books at all, I'm slightly scared of being a crazy woman who dies because she's been crushed by a bookcase and... yeah. This counts kindle books too! I'm seriously considering unsubscribing from Kindle daily deals emails because that shit is evil.

22. Watch all the Studio Ghibli Films on Tivo - You can basically just consider this one done. Film 4 had a Studio Ghibli season and I recorded all the films. This is important as a life goal because culture and shit, innit?

23. Go vegan for a month - I've said I'd do this before, and never have. We shall see if it happens this year.

24. Give up diet coke for a month - I'd really like to be a person who has an occasional coke rather than someone who has to have it daily before she really feels awake. Plus, that shit's expensive. Plus it's terrible for you. I actually genuinely want to do this except I also kind of don't? CONFLICTED.

25. Write more paper letters/notes - Who wants a paper letter from me?! Let's bring back handwriting, kids. I'm planning on starting this one soon cause I have something to send my friend so yeah! Writing!

26. Make Christmas presents for everyone this year - Ultimate money saving tactic. Yeahhhhh!

Aaaaand for my final trick, I'm going to try not talking about myself for like 5 minutes. Maybe I'll even bring some book reviews back to the blog! Or... At least some anime reviews? Yeah, something like that. Two posts a week from now on, guys. Get excited.

*They both read this which I find REALLY ANNOYING, by the way, but hi guys! Only joking, dad! Kind of!


  1. Yay for new birthdays and resolutions. Most most of all, yay for friends like Frances and milkshakes. God bless milkshakes.

    *was hoping you'd explain whether something being "all swings and roundabouts" was a good thing or not. i'm guessing yes? but i'm still off to check it out.

    Good luck with your 26 before 27 list!

    1. Frances and milkshakes is what life is all about! Yes.

      Ok, so swings and roundabouts is kind of like saying 6 of one and half a dozen of the other, ie I don't have this thing, but this thing might not be as good as it's supposed to be so it doesn't really matter in the end? That's kind of the best way I know how to describe it... Did it make sense?!

  2. I can do so many of these things with you,like like book shopping aaaand going to The Globe and have you been to Canterbury cos if not then that's a great place with good bookshops and me. Just saying :-p you'd better write that post about your book presents,I wanna seeeeee!

    I am very excited for two blog posts a week *bounces up and down*

    1. I shit you not, on the paper version of that list I wrote 'go somewhere new (Canterbury maybe?)' haha! I'm def going to have a week off work and life in the summer so we'll talk, dearest!

      I wouldn't get too excited about two posts a week, I've already failed at it! But I will try :)

  3. "all swings and roundabouts" WHAT IS THIS PHRASE? I do not know it, but I think I love it.

    YAY for birthday resolutions and I wish you all the luck in completing these. If I come visit your land I will go to ALL THE ZOOS with you because hooray animals (I am 5). ALSO I would go with you to The Globe.

    1. It is an excellent phrase! Please see above for my explanation that may not make sense...

      Are you likely to come to my land?! Please come to my land! We could totally go to the zoo and the glove on the same day and I know where to get the best cupcakes in London! LETS DO THIS.

  4. Ooh do they still have that thing in the summer when London Zoo is open in the evenings and there's a silent disco and stuff? Because I went to that a few years ago with some friends and it was really fun! If you have a chance, I recommend it.

    I am currently in the middle of copying you and writing a 29 before 30 list, woohoo! Coming up with 29 things is hard! Also that's more than 2 things a month! So I may need to just make a list of 10 goals or something, hehe.

    Also YES STUDIO GHIBLI. I should totally put watching the ones that I haven't seen on my list too. (Although I think that the ones that I haven't seen apart from Nausica are the slightly iffy ones, hehe)

    You know what you should put on your list? Coming to Japan and going to the Ghibli museum. IT HAS A CAT BUS THAT YOU CAN PLAY IN (if you are under 5 or something. But still!) AND IT IS MAGICAL!

    1. I believe London Zoo is open in the evenings this summer too... But is it bad that I just want to go in the day like a child and see all the animals and whatnot? (no)

      29 things IS hard. This list was pretty hard and it's mostly just bullshit things anyway. Maybe like 3 real goals and 26 bullshit ones for you? Feels right haha.

      Mate, that Ghibli museum is fully on my bucket list now. I am all over coming to Japan but, you know, no money, so for now I'm settling for watching a crapload of anime and reading Murakami books. Which... Is not a bad way to live haha

  5. Love your list! And the diet coke - you can do it! I was ADDICTED to it a few years ago. Never thought I'd be able to stop - I'd been drinking the stuff from being about 9 or 10 to when I hit 30. I had to stop, it was actually making me poorly. But it is possible. :) I don't even miss it, I haven't drank it since I decided to stop and that was 3 years ago.

    Good luck! :D

    1. You are an inspiration to us all! I definitely don't want to give it up completely (like, I go out for lunch, I have to pick a drink? That's going to be the drink I pick) but I also don't want to be so reliant on it/have it be such a drain on my moneys. Not that it's SO expensive, but I don't need the extra cost, ya know?

  6. I TOTALLY want to go to the Zoo with you. And The Globe. I have money now so I can afford to travel and stuff! ZOO AND GLOBE PLEASE.

    I want to stop buying crap I don't need too. When I wasn't working I got really good at just not buying things (because I didn't have much of a choice!). I'm hoping I can stay in the habit now I'm actually earning again.

    I love paper letters, both receiving and writing. You know, you DO have my address.... :p

    1. Can we make this a thing please? Zoo and Globe trip,sounds awesome to me!

    2. Let us fully do this thing! God, I'm going to go on so many zoo visits, I might as well get the season ticket... :D

      I got really good at not buying crap a couple of years ago because I was kind of relying on it too much to make me happy AND I was running out of space in my old half a bedroom. Now I've got my own room and I STILL have too much stuff because I buy crap. But the point is, yes, I don't need the stuff and I would like to have some kind of money at the end of the month so.. Working on it.

      The letter thing is noted! I'll definitely start writing to folk once my essays are handed in and I've just got to do a tiny dissertation (nbd, 15000 words is a breeze!)

  7. That milkshake looks magical - I don't even remember the last time I've had a milkshake! I love your list. It's totally okay to make a list of some things that are a given because it's so satisfying to cross them off, and it still counts because you're going to have to do them anyway... like read War and Peace :P
    Tika is going to visit you?! How exciting! I want to visit you too at some point, so pencil me in your list for next year or so, hahaha! Send me your address! I'll send you a handwritten letter! Just ask Bex, I LOVE writing letters. I'll facebook message you in a bit.

    1. Milkshakes are so good! I don't have them very often, so when I do it's totally special and awesome and yummmm! And obviously I HAVE to read War and Peace because... I bought it so I'm obligated to? Something like that, anyway.

      You can totally come and visit me too! Must we also go to Harry Potter land? MUST WE? (We can if you want. I really need a freaking Hufflepuff scarf.) TOTALLY EXCITED FOR OUR LETTER WRITING TO HAPPEN. Especially yours cause you can draw and shit, you know.