Sunday 14 February 2016

Sunday Sundries: Happy Valentine's Day, Internet.

I don't normally have feels on Valentine's Day because honestly, who has the energy to worry about boys, but this year, through a combination of various factors including going to work ('I wouldn't be here if somebody loved me!') and feeling poorly ('I just want to stay in bed all day and be cuddled') have got me feeling a little bit sensitive about it. 

But now it's basically bedtime, I'm having a tiny bit of medicinal wine (I HAVE A COLD OK?!) and counting up the things I do have, and it's a whole lot. My lovely parents let me lounge about their house all day while I wasn't at work (and my mum drove me there and back cause she's amaaaazing) AND bought me flowers and a heart lollipop- I have been joking that it's probably because they think I'll top myself otherwise, but really I think it might just be because they love me (and I love them, too).

And then there's the internet! I do love it, I really do, and the outpouring of Facebook romantic love is a-ok because I have all of you lovely people to talk to, plus people I know in real life that I can foster the awesome power of the internet to speak to, today and all the days. I may not have someone who loves me like that, but I've got a whole lot of other amazing people in my life, which I would do well to remember not just on stupid Valentine's Day, but on all the days, really.

SO. To summarise this tiny post, I love you all, I love the internets, and thank you for being in my life. Allow me to say heart emoji, and also heart eye emoji, and ALSO blowing a little heart kiss emoji. You are all my valentines, whether you want to be or not. MWAH.


  1. YOU were my Valentine again this year, which is fine by me. Also my dad bought me yellow roses, but that was about three days ago (AFTER THE DAY OF THE INCIDENT, OF WHICH WE SHALL NOT SPEAK) so I think it was more a consolation for that tbh. Still, they look very nice, so... yay flowers and a nice card and a single pretty chocolate! I got a full Valentine, basically, except from other people, which probably means more anyway. Go us. :)

    1. P.S. Also, watching an Aaron T-J movie was an excellent idea (because OMG COLD SHOWER) but I picked possibly the saddest, most heart-wrenching of movies by accident, so... oh well. My porridge and raspberries was nice, and the little therapeutic cry will help me get off to sleep beautifully I'm sure. Ooooops.

  2. Your parents are SUPER lovely! <3 Awww. I should call my mama and papa now. I haven't seen them in months! :'(
    Happy super late valentine's day, valentine! I love being your friend from across the pond :)