Sunday 31 July 2016

Sunday Sundries: Big Life Things!

Happy Sunday, internet folks.
I hope you're having experiences that make you as happy as this cat.

I have news! Like actual news that isn't about books or like the food I've eaten this week, and although those are all viable things to talk about on here, they are not my news.

SO. This Friday was my last day at my job, not because of any kind of bad reasons but instead because I got a new job! A better one! That will involve what I hope are new and exciting tasks! (I might be overly optimistic on that last point, but we'll see, you dig?) It was so weird and emotional saying goodbye to the place I've worked for nearly 4 years, and for people I've worked with for nearly that long, and they really gave me a lovely send off.
 I literally got all my favourite things (red wine, chocolate oranges and, if you'll please see below, sunflowers!) and vouchers! VOUCHERS! I won't tell you how much I have to spend in Waterstones but it is A LOT and I was a little bit overwhelmed by the generosity of my colleagues, as well as impressed at how much attention they'd paid to, like, the stuff I like.
Everyone kept asking me if I was sad, and I was, if I'm honest, finding it really hard all day to be sad because I had so many lovely things, and people were saying lovely things, and there was food! It was like a party, and made me wish I was leaving work every day, if I'm honest!

But alas, my work there is now done, although the company owner is throwing a leaving BBQ for me in a couple of weeks that is definitely not going to see me getting ridiculously and upsettingly drunk, except that obviously it will. I'm now looking at a week off any and all kinds of work, which is a dizzyingly excellent prospect, and after that I'll be starting work at the local council in an admin-y position, and I feel like that's all I'm allowed to give you because this is the internet? But let's just say that it has the following advantages over my old job: sick pay, actually realistic amount of holiday days, closer to my house, actual chances of career advancement, flexible working hours (!!!), and other things I can't even think of right now. It's also the first time in my adult life I'll be working actual, proper full time hours (I know)  so obviously I'm going to be knackered all the time for a little while. But I think, and hope, it's going to be worth it.

So that's what's going on with me, how about you? Any big life changes I should know about? Tell me everything.


  1. Nothing as exciting as your news, but my colleague is leaving at the end of August and I'll be going pretty much full-time with regular shifts (Tues-Saturday so almost like a normal week, just a day behind everyone else.) And I actually have been having a bit of a social life this week, too: went to the circus AND the cinema AND the Hobbit, as well as finishing my penultimate draft of my kids' book. So it's been quite a good week really.

  2. Hooray for new job and daaaaaamn look at all that swag your old work gave you. Those are some very considerate coworkers

  3. I am so shit at checking blogs these days - but a belated CONGRATULATIONS, and OMG so jealous of all the loveliness being thrown your way to mark you leaving! Lucky lucky lady. I have no life news apart from 'I went to Tesco a couple of times' and 'I went to town and discovered Swizzels Double Lollies are still a thing and bought three bags because FUCKING ADULT', but... well, these are still the kinds of things I think you would appreciate on my behalf, so there we go.

    You fucking rock, lady.

    1. Also, sunflowers are the second happiest flower after neon gerbera daisies, IN MY OPINION, and those are particularly beautiful ones. Good choice, People Laura Used to Work With.