Sunday 25 February 2018

Sunday Sundries: A Doom Filled March...

Happy Sunday, everyone!
Just a typical weekend thing...

I have been to see two movies this week that I KNEW were going to rock my world and did (The Shape of Water and Lady Bird) and it's made me feel all happy and excited about art again. I'm also going to see ANOTHER film this afternoon, this time a Studio Ghibli (Only Yesterday) that I know and love and is being shown in an actual cinema which is EXCITING, so that will make it three excellent films in a week which is awesome. 

I feel like I sound really chipper, and that's because I actually do feel quite chipper! I always always always forget the difference that having extra light in the day makes to my brain, and as the days are getting longer and longer, I'm getting cheerier and cheerier- I know, it's gross and disgusting and I should take my chirps elsewhere! But no. Shan't. Yesterday my boyfriend and I walked about 6 miles- from where I work to my home, partially to test my hypothesis that, when the bus doesn't move some mornings, I could walk to work faster (not, I have discovered, strictly true) but also just kind of because we wanted to walk? It was AWESOME even though it was so cold, and I had also forgotten how much I like just walking and talking and yeah it was great. 

So basically, what I'm saying is YAY SPRING! Does the title of my post confuse you? Good, let's talk about that. As we all (hopefully!) know, March starts this Thursday, which if you ask me is the start of spring, although if you ask the weather it's going to snow on the 2nd so whatever. I am all about spring, it reminds me that my birthday is getting nearer and there's also EASTER which, in my opinion, is the chilled out version of Christmas, and basically I just love it. I also have a few things happening in March, like my cousin's hen party and a theatre trip with my mum and sister, plus bonus days off work for extra sleep and whatever.

So why, oh why, is it filled with doom?

I'm doing a dechox. It's a thing the British Heart Foundation runs throughout March, to get people to give up chocolate and raise money for research and whatnot. I did it last year so you would think that my contribution was done, BUT (but, but, but) the first day of April, and so the first day I am allowed to eat chocolate again just happens to be Easter Sunday, the most holy of all chocolate days, which I thought was too perfect a thing to just let it pass me by. In a purely selfish sense, I definitely feel as though I have eaten too much chocolate (and just, like, too MUCH?) this year, and so I'm also looking at it as a way to mildly reset my body and just calm it down from all the fucking chocolate it expects from me like all the time. Dumb body.

Anyway. I can hear you all reading this with a desperate desire to help me in this time of great need and suffering, and apart from sending me non-chocolate desserts, you can totally sponsor me to not put chocolate into my face. If you so wish, please go to here and sponsor whatever you can and I will give you a thumbs up and then eat a carrot or something. Because, in all seriousness, my suffering this month is literally nothing compared to the lives of people affected by heart disease.

I still have four more days to eat chocolate, so they will mostly involve me stuffing my face with all of the chocolate still left in the flat (this is not an insignificant amount). I had a wobble yesterday when I realised I also couldn't have hot chocolate for a month (or, and this has just occurred to me, NUTELLA) but I'm ok again now. It's fine. I'll be fine. Books and outings and hopefully more amazing movies will see me through, how about you?


  1. oh, goodness, but I totally get what you mean about the extra daylight. I never thought of myself as being SAD-afflicted, but I also get a springier step when I can drive home from work in the dark.

    Good luck on the forgoing of all the chocolate -- I hope it's not too doomful.

  2. Having more daylight is SO key to increased cheeriness

    I have faith you will be able to get through the time, chocolate-free and I love you described Easter as "the most holy of all chocolate days", so bravo there.