Sunday 20 May 2018

Sunday Sundries: Where Have I Been?

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I guess the more usual title for this post would be 'where I have been' but honestly, I'm not even sure I could tell you. CONFUSING but there it is, May has gotten away from me somewhat- I have hardly read anything or, it seems, done anything, but it is nearly at its end now so like literally
what is happening.

Today is my dad's 60th birthday which is a BIG DEAL (Happy birthday papa!) so I at least I know where I'll be today- eating cake and hopefully sunning myself in my parents' back garden. As for the rest of it, let's do a little 'I have been' to try and work out where my damn month has gone (ok, fine, at least the first 19 days of it...)

Lately I have been...

Writing: OMG literally nothing. It's a little bit sad after my burst of creativity (or just... writing some words) at the start of the year, but I always knew this year was going to be weird and busy and weirdly busy so I'm pretty much just going with it at the moment. As you have seen, I apparently don't even have time to write a blog post (debatable) so any other extraneous writing has not been happening. HOWEVER I wrote to my friend the other day cause she was feeling down and needed a present, so I at least get good friend points I THINK.

Reading: Ok so also this month something weird is happening and I am just not finishing books! I feel as though I'm reading as much as ever (although I suspect I am not) but I have only read 3 books so far this month - hardly a crisis, but for me it's like wtf is happening?! I suspect the main problem here was my reading a Jonathan Safran Foer book that was deceptively long (I feel like I had an edition with really thin pages cause it has like 571 of the fuckers but looks the same length as like a 330 pager that I also managed to finish this month?) and expect to get back onto some kind of track soon, or something.

Listening: My answer to this is always pretty much the same cause I literally just listen to three podcasts. The other day I did listen to some music (Carole King - Tapestry) whilst walking home from my parents and it reminded me how nice it is just to zone out and walk and think about things, which I don't really do enough of these days.

Watching: Ok, so remember how I haven't been writing or reading much? I have watched 4 films in the last week, which may explain something about how I've been spending my time (see also: Kimmy Schmidt, which has made me understand something about me and Tina Fey, which I may share at some point or maybe also not). Quick rundown: Manchester by the Sea- completely heartbreaking and SO GOOD; Tully- very interesting and raises some pertinent points about motherhood; I, Daniel Blake- also VERY HEARTBREAKING; in a closer to home way than Manchester by the Sea; The Intern- not very good, but really could have been a lot better with some small changes? I was rooting for it, anyway. YAY for movies, and I feel as though I'm making the most of Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions at the moment.

Also, ask me this tomorrow and The Handmaid's Tale will be my everything again cause it's back tonight. CAN I EVEN COPE, not really!

Looking: At movies, I guess! I'm also looking at some creative things I want to do with myself and I will say no more about that because it is too revelatory and this is top secret stuff. HOW CRYPTIC, but not from you, dear internet.

Learning: How to schedule my time when there are a bajillion things to do. It turns out, planning ahead really helps! I basically have the next two weeks of my life fully planned out because there are quite a few things to fit in there so yes, this is going to be interesting!

Feeling: I'm feeling alright, you know? I feel like I've been kind of dreading wedding season because SO MUCH TO DO, and whilst that is true, it is also the case that I am my own worst enemy and tend to think things are going to be much worse than they actually are when I am living them. Case in point- yesterday I went somewhere that involved a bus and a train and a walk to get to, and in my brain that sounded like far too much effort but in practice it was actually fine and I had a great day.

In summary, shut up brain. Also I guess this could have easily gone in the learning section, huh?

Anticipating: Please see above: wedding season! I guess I've finally gotten to the point where it's more exciting than it is a chore- Hooray! I have a lot to look forward to the next few months, and I'm happy that that is the case.

Wishing: Oh I can't tell you about this one or it won't come true. But I am, more generally, wishing for good things for all because that is a cop out and a half.

Loving: This damn beautiful May weather we've been having! Maybe it is the movies that have stopped me from reading and blogging, or maybe, just maybe, it's all the beautiful May walks I've been going on because it's been so warm and lovely and just YES. I am basically a flower- I need the sun to LIVE.

So that is kind of me. In summary, been busy, not much time for internet. Except for Harry Potter game, which I am obviously obsessed with (even though it takes about a year to get anything done) and Pokemon Go because I am a child of the 90s, dammit.

How about you, my pretties? What have you been doing? Where have YOU been?

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