Sunday 28 October 2018

Sunday Sundries

Well hello there, good folk of this little blog, and happy Sunday greetings to you!

I say happy, when actually what I mean is WAH the clocks have gone back and it has been dark since 5pm and I know I got one hour extra of sleep but what kind of price is that to pay, really?! I guess, however, it means I have time for the oft-neglected, never-requested Sunday Sundries post, so we're all winners really, right?

I am mainly writing this to procrastinate from writing the posts that I optimistically lined up the last time I had a burst of blog energy, but I also want to write at least some of those tonight because I am DETERMINED to tackle NaNoWriMo this year and WIN and write my second novel before I'm 30 (please don't ask to see my first novel, which I wrote during 2012 NaNoWriMo and which I'm too embarrassed to read back through). As you can see, I'm a pro at writing giant sentences, and isn't that what novels are really all about anyway? (No.)

Let's see, what else. I've recently removed the facebook and instagram apps from my phone (weirdly not twitter, which I can only explain through pointing out that I'd already reduced my usage of that quite a lot in recent years) for reasons which will be explained in a future blog post. The plan, if there was a plan, for this was to try and make me more productive, less reliant on my phone for entertainment and more focused on the world around me, and if it's been successful for the latter than it has not so much for the former. However, I would say that I use the HOURS (honestly, hours) of life I've clawed back from them for extra reading (yay), TV watching (less yay, but it's focused watching, and of things I actually want to see, so yay again) and more sleeping, so I guess that's healthy? The extra sleep part has definitely made me feel more prepared to face the day, and I think all of this will be good practice for buckling down during NaNoWriMo so it is all good stuff, I guess!

I had many plans this weekend that involved a lot of time spent outdoors, but since both my boyfriend and best friend are ill (unrelated... OR IS IT [yes]) these did not happen and... I'm pretty ok with the amount of time I've spent indoors being cosy, I'm not going to lie. I've baked flapjacks and read books and watched a load of videos about Pokemon Go on youtube because that's just the nerdy thing I'm doing these days. I actually did get a fair amount of outdoors time because of Pokemon Go too, so I guess at least my chronic nerd disorder is making me exercise in the fresh air, you know? DO YOU PLAY POKEMON GO if yes please add me cause I need friends and gifts and all that good stuff.

This coming week, then - I actually have a disturbing number of plans after work (three!) and I am avoiding halloween by hanging out with my parents. Thursday marks the start of NaNoWriMo so I guess I will start writing things, although two out of my three plans are on Thursday and Friday so I might not really get started until Saturday - which is fine!

But enough about me- what have YOU been up to this week, and how are you avoiding halloween? Enquiring minds want to know.

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