Sunday 26 June 2011

In My Mailbox/Mailbox Monday (Stephen King Special Edition!)

Greetings fellow book buyers! I tell myself every week that I'm not going to take part in IMM/Mailbox Monday, and every week I end up buying so many books that I simply have to share. It's shameful but true... Now, who wants to see the books I bought this week?! Definitely not my mum haha! As you may have guessed from the title, I have bought quite a few Stephen King books this week in preparation for the rest of my Stephen King Challenge, but I've also branched out a tiny bit and bought some books by *gasp* other authors too! I hope you'll all enjoy reading about them, and then be inspired to read them all, and then tell me I'm a genius for buying them! Or, you know, just read this...

So, the books I got by the King were:

The Tommyknockers

The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon

Everything's Eventual

Of these, I've only read The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon (so far), which I wasn't all that impressed with, but I will give it another go for the sake of completing a challenge properly! But I think I got all three for a total of about £2, so either way I'm not complaining! I'm quite sad that I couldn't find Firestarter though, which is the next book I have to read after The Dead Zone (which I'm progressing with quite nicely!) so i guess I'll just have to keep looking for that one...

There was still space in my reading heart for books not by Stephen King though. These were:

Literature and Gender ed. by Lizbeth Goodman- This book is like a dream- feminism, reading, feminist critiques of novels, feminist novels!! It could prove to either be really boring or really amazing, but either way it cost me 20p (!) and retails on for £20.98... I'm either going to make a spiritual profit or a literal one, let's put it that way!

Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome- My sister thought it prudent to tell me (after going through my personal things without asking) that Swallows and Amazons is 'really boring'. As she reads what I can only describe as crap, and didn't really even get Never Let Me Go, I'm not going to let that stunning assessment put me off this book.

An Education by Lynn Barber- I watched the film of this not so long ago, and it wasn't until someone alerted me to it in the comments that I even knew it was a book! Fortunately they did (thank you teadevotee!) and now I can read it and make it be part of Two Bibliomaniacs Books to Movies Challenge! Two birds with one stone or what?!

And, finally, I got Hood by Emma Donoghue. If I haven't yet mentioned enough how much I love Room, let me direct you to my review and save you the giant gush that is bound to eminate from me if I talk about it here. The point, anyway, is that I thought I'd stick with what I know, and take the chance that Hood is as good (could it possibly be even better?!) as Room. Fingers crossed for that!

So these are the books I got this week. It occurs to me now that I got more non-Stephen King than Stephen King books this week, so it feels like the title is a bit erroneous now... but three books by the same author is still a lot, right?! If you're a new visitor here then welcome, please tell me what you think of my reading tastes, and feel free to follow if you see anything you like! I like you already, probably!


  1. I didn't know 'An Education' was a novel either! If it's as good as the film i'll have to go hunt that one down!

  2. I've sen some Stephen King films (who hasn't?!), but I don't think I've ever gotten around to reading his books (though I do have one on my shelves).

  3. My favorite by King is On Writing. It's one of those books I can return to again and again. Sounds like you have a lot of great new books. =)

    -Miss GOP

  4. Great set! I've never read anything by Stephen King. I really should some time.
    My IMM

  5. I've never read Tommyknockers, but thought that The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon was kind of eh. Not as creepy/scary as the others. But Literature and Gender sounds awesome. I can't wait to hear about that one.

  6. Hey girl, I wasn't terribly impressed with The Tomyknockers, but that could easily be because I read it shortly after The Stand and I just freakin' loved that book.

  7. I completely clicked on your IMM because we have the same name. Glad I did!

    The three SK books you picked out aren't his pest works. Which is your favourite of his that you've read so far?

    New Follower :)

    My IMM

    P.S. Yay for cake!

  8. All I can really say about this is, amazing! I absolutely LOVE Stephen King! He is one of my all time favorite authors! Although, I haven't really read any of his new stuff, still love his work! :)

    My IMM is here:

  9. I hope Hood meets your expectations :)