Tuesday 22 November 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Oh you guys at The Broke and the Bookish- why must you taunt me with the reminder that I'm not going to have a Thanksgiving feast? My ancestors stayed in the motherland (one of the motherlands?) so I can't really partake in all the turkey and pumpkin pie and whatever else you have on Thanksgiving. This is clearly unfair, even though I don't really like turkey or pie, and I wanna have a nice dinner and a long weekend of work and school (I'm unemployed right now, so I obviously mean retroactively and in the future). And you know what? When you're having your lovely dinners and stuff on Thursday, I have a hospital appointment where my poor wisdom teeth will probably be poked at and made ouchie, and maybe told of their last day in my mouth. So just think about that, yeah? Stupid ancestors...

Anyway, having had that giant moan, here are some authors I'd invite to my theoretical Thanksgiving feast. Hopefully they'd all get along and laugh at my jokes, because that's really all I need in terms of approval from others...

Top Ten Authors I'd Love To Have at my Thanksgiving Feast

1. Harper Lee- Not only does she rock, but she's so elusive! Inviting her to my thanksgiving feast would be the perfect way to bring her out of hiding and this could be my only chance to ask her things and worship her in person!

2. Stephen King- Well, obviously. I mean, I'd probably be happy with a feast involving only me and Stephen King. Oh, the things we could talk about!

3. Naomi Klein- Naomi is my homegirl- and by my homegirl, I obviously mean that we had a teeny conversation on twitter that made this guy I worked with really jealous because he sort of thinks she's awesome too. But aside from that, she literally seems to have the exact same political, economic etc opinions as me, and I think we could put the world to rights together!

4. Nora Ephron- She's hilarious and I love her. I need no other reason, right?

5. John Steinbeck- Nobody said whether it was a 'dead or alive' kind of list, because if this isn't a magic thanksgiving feast, then I'm going to have a corpsey smell in my (non-existant) dining room for days. Let's just assume there is magic, so I can invite Steinbeck because I seriously love him and would have his babies. And he's awesome.

6. Margaret Atwood-  Because she's seriously awesome, not just in her writing, but in person too- I saw her on this BBC book night thing once, and she seemed really fun, but also super super smart. She's just great.

7. Jane Austen- She'd probably be freaked out by about 95% of my choices of conversation (imagine a twelve year old boy's conversations, and you won't be far off) but she'd still be really witty and funny and say really insightful things about modern times, I'm sure.

8. Jeffrey Eugenides- Because I didn't get to see him when he was doing this talk thing in London because I went to see Red Hot Chili Peppers instead (SO worth it) and in order to get my chance to see him in the flesh, I think he's got to have an invite to my feast! Also, maybe he can teach me to write really really well (which kind of goes for everyone on my list, I guess)

9. Tony Kushner- I have a feeling he'd be awesome, and I love Angels in America so so so much that I could probably keep him entertained with flattery (read: sycophantism) throughout the entire feast. I'd kind of rather invite Prior Walter, but since he's a fictional character and all, I'd settle for his creator!

10. Julie Powell- Because, of all the authors I've read so far this year, she seems like the one most like me, and the one I could most have a laugh with. Added bonus- she can cook.

And, that'll be my feast. Aren't you just dying to come? In the comments, little American lovelies, howsabout you tell me how you do Thanksgiving at your house, because as a foreigner who only really has Thanksgiving episodes of various American sitcoms to go on, I really want to know! Does everyone eat turkey? Are there presents? Do you just eat and watch tv all day? I really am dying to find out!


  1. If you manage to get Stephen King, Harper Lee and Margaret Atwood to come to your house for any meal I demand enough notice to hop on a flight over to join you!! Promise me!!

  2. I'm afraid Austen has already accepted MY dinner invitation. ;)
    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post. :)

  3. Jane is going to be a busy lady this turkey day! Great list! I agree with Kayleigh's comments!

  4. I want to know what the sweet potato and marshmallow thing is about! Cooking SWEETS and having them as part of your dinner?!mad!

  5. Love the list! Unfortunately Stephen King can't make it because he's already accepted my invitation :-)

  6. @Kayleigh- if that ever happens, you're so coming, I swear! Maybe we can work together in some kind of kidnapping plot to get them all round for turkey and charades (Americans do that, right?)

    @Domestic goddess and Tanya- I think we can share them! Make them travel round all our houses. Although, if forced to choose, I think Stephen King would be coming round my house because of my deep devotion to him!

    @Frances- I can't help you there, I have not a clue! But actually, it sounds kind of yummy....

  7. Harper Lee of course! I would ask her, Why did you not write any more books?? I would probably also have invited Bill Bryson but he might have had me giggling the whole time, especially after a glass of wine, or three.

  8. Giggling is good! I do have a newfound love of Bill Bryson, but he just got pipped by Julie Powell I guess, cause she can cook! I do love Harper Lee so, and it would be such a coup getting her to come to my dinner... although I'd probably have to take it to her down in Alabama...

  9. I had to go back and add Stephen King to my list because I forgot him. Great list.

    Lindsey @ babiesbooksandsigns.com

  10. Great choices! I'd also like Jeffrey Eugenides and Margaret Atwood to attend my Thanksgiving feast.

  11. Nice list! US Thanksgiving is probably pretty close to what you see on TV. We do eat a huge meal and there is American football on TV the entire day so those who are so inclined, spend lots of time watching it. I prefer to hide and read a book of at all possible during the sports watching. Since I'm living in Scotland now, we'll still do a turkey dinner (I don't really like turkey either--I only eat it once a year), but scaled down a bit.