Thursday 22 December 2011


I've done things! Big things! Wholly exciting things that you'll definitely care about, trust me. I've finally (finally) written a proper About page, even though I can't actually talk about myself so I just wrote a whole big list of things I like (not on the list: I like lists) which will hopefully be all interesting and stuff. But probably not.

Anyway, that's there, and then I've also found all the things I've baked and given them their own section! So if you ever want to look at slightly dodgy cake photos, now's your chance! And the other little thing that's changed is that I now have a Completed Challenges page, because I've completed challenges! Go me! (Am I using too many exclamation points? Maybe.) But anyway, yes, I've completed both the GLBT Challenge and the Two Bibliomaniacs Books to Movies challenge, which means I'm awesome. Probably. And the old Challenges page? Well, that's become the Current Challenges page, where I've already (check out the preparedness!) entered in the books I'm a gonna read for my 2012 Challenges!

I've tried to make all this general admin work I've been doing sound as exciting as possible, did it work? I can feel you nodding, so good. Have good Thursdays everyone!


  1. You have been bloggingly ambitious. I am impressed. Congrats on all the admin work (and I don't think you can have too many exclamation points in a post like this)

  2. I know right! I got bored even while I was writing it, so my brain went 'add many exclamation points! They will fool everyone into thinking this is exciting!' That'll teach me for showing off...

    Also, thanks for the congrats! I'm pretty sure my mother is super proud...


    I think the only thing lacking here really was MORE exclamation points.

  4. To: Laura
    From: Frances
    Re: the picture on your about page


    that is all

  5. @Reading Rambo- I can totally go back and add more, if it would make everyone happier... there's still at least one sentence with just a full stop at the end of it!

    @Frances- I KNOW! But it makes my face look quite nice, I thought. And also, NOBODY ELSE WOULD HAVE MENTIONED IT! But you're allowed because I know you're just lusting after them!

  6. Nice work! I've been meaning to make an about page since I started to blog and just haven't hunkered down to do it.

    Congrats on finishing up your challenges!

  7. @Frances- Aww, thanks. Its especially nice because of my boobs, riiight? ;) hehe

    @Brenna- Thanks! I had a really bad About page for the longest time, so I just thought I'd share a little bit more information about myself (it's literally the hardest thing I've ever written though!) And thaaanks :) I am rather proud.

  8. Nice! Haha, when I read your 'about' section for some reason I read "thinking about getting tattoos" as "getting face tattoos" and I mildly freaked out!

    Congrats on the challenges!