Friday 2 December 2011

Top 5 TV

The long awaited return of Top 5 TV! And didn't you all miss it/definitely realise it was something I did once/want it to come back? Of course you did. This time I'm going to reveal to you my favourite same sex couples on the TV, something that would have been unthinkable in, say, the 70s, but is now far more common, to which I say only yay! Go love! Anyway, here they are:

Top 5 Same Sex Couples on TV

1. Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer- I can't even describe how much I adore these two. I just... I love Willow because she's so dorky and adorable, and then I also love Tara SO much, because she's got that shy quality that Melly from Gone With the Wind has, which conceals so much hidden strength beneath. Together I just think they're the most amazing couple, even though not everything turns out ok for them, you just know they'll love each other for eternity.

2. Kevin and Scotty from Brothers and Sisters- I'm not in a gay couple or anything, but I really feel like these two have the most realistic relationship of practically any couple on TV, but especially any gay couple I've seen. They have their ups and downs, but they get through them by acting like grown ups, talking things out, and always returning to the conclusion that they love each other, and that pretty much trumps everything. They are absolute role models to the continually dysfunctional relationships Kevin's siblings find themselves in, and I think (although I might be wrong) that they were also the longest running couple in the entire series. Way to go guys!

3. Lafayette and Jesus from True Blood- Can I just say how glad I am that Lafayette wasn't killed off at the end of season one, the way Charlaine Harris intended things? Because, not only would we have been deprived of basically the heart of the series (who doesn't love Lafayette?!) but also the relationship between Lafayette and Jesus. I love them, I love that Lala got to have a boyfriend, I just generally love their love. True Blood is a programme not afraid to exhibit same-sex love, but of all the couples, these two are by far my favourites.

4. Carol and Susan from Friends- Can we just appreciate for a minute that Carol and Susan were together for the entire ten seasons of Friends (I realise that after Emma was born, Ben was forgotten and our link to Carol and Susan was severed; but I think we have to assume they were still together because nobody said otherwise). I mean, ten years is quite a feat in real life, let alone in TV land, and yet Carol and Susan managed it with ease (possibly because they were peripherally characters and splitting them up wouldn't have been that funny, but still!) Love. Them.

5. Stanford and Marcus from Sex and the City- If we can just pretend that the world is a good place, and so neither of the movies ever happened (STANFORD AND ANTHONY?!?!?!?!?!?! What were they thinking?!) then I think we can all appreciate the amazingness that is Stanford and Marcus. After hearing Stanford bitch about his (lack of) a love life for like 4 seasons, he finally gets a shot at love with Marcus, who is so hot, but also almost unbearably sweet! He doesn't say much, but it's clear that he really cares about Stanford, and really, what else do we as viewers want? Do you hear that, filmmakers? Don't just drop people's boyfriends without telling us where they are or what they're doing or why they broke up, especially when THEY WOULDN'T BREAK UP! God, now I'm all angry...

Save me from my angry mutterings about Sex and the City: the crappiest movie ever (that's 2, by the way- 1 wasn't too horrific...) and tell me- same sex couples- who do you like? Who don't you like? Are you just a raging homophobe who thinks that kind of thing shouldn't be on the TV? (if the answer to that is yes, you should probably go somewhere else... Just a thought...) But please, let's discuss!


  1. I love Alice and Dana from the L word! Even if it was a bit heartbreaking and messy.

    WHERE DID BEN GO? At chandler and Monica's wedding Ben is just there but Ross basically ignores him! So silly.

  2. I love Willow and Tara, but I have to say I always miss Willow and Oz together. What can I say, Seth Green is just a sweetheart I can't say no too. But since Oz and Willow couldn't work, I'm glad it's Tara.

    You know what's sad. I can't really think of many other shows that have gay couples in them. There's plenty of shows that have a gay character (Happy Endings, Will and Grace etc)and they may have the occassional fling or relationship, but there aren't too many (unless we're talking shows dedicated to it like 'The L Word' and 'Queer as Folk') that focus on gay couples. Modern Family, the ones you listed, Glee (are there couples or just gay characters? I don't watch it) and perhaps a couple more are really about it.

  3. I watched precisely none of these shows to any extent that would mean familiarity, but Nan and Flo should totes count since TtV was a tv movie. Otherwise, Katherine/Robin on Desperate Housewives. Their arc was SO short, but so cute.

  4. Blaine and Kurt on Glee are my favorite gay couple. They're just SO CUTE. I will be seriously depressed if Glee drama ruins their relationship.

    Also, I think Santana and Brittany are a couple on Glee now, and that's kind of cute but I don't like it as much. I liked Brittany with Artie... and all of this means absolutely nothing to those of you who don't watch Glee, so I'm gonna shut up now.

  5. @Frances- That was SO stupid and annoying at Monica and Chandler's wedding- he's all like 'oh no, I have to sit on the kids' table', but oh, wait, one of those kids is YOUR SON! Fool. Also, I feel like Ben would totally have gone to see Emma at the hospital, and, you know, been at her first birthday party and stuff... Poor Ben.

    @Kayleigh- Booooo to Willow and Oz! I mean, not really, because they were so sweet, but but but Tara is literally one of my favourite characters in anything ever, and her and Willow were so good for each other (at least to begin with) and basically I just love them! And boo for the lack of gay love on the TV. Boo boo boo!

    @Reading Rambo- Nan and Flo totally count- I just haven't seen Tipping the Velvet because of that costume drama thing, and also it was on a really really long time ago when I wasn't allowed to stay up late enough to watch it! ALSO, I forgot that Katherine got a gf in Desperate Housewives (mainly because I stopped watching it before that happened because it PISSED ME OFF! But someone did tell me about it)

    @Sarah- I love Blaine and Kurt, and I love how Santana's all accepting of herself and stuff- Glee's good like that :).

    Also, OMG, I forgot about Mark from Ugly Betty and that adorable chubby boyfriend he had because I LOVED them as a couple :).

  6. Lafayette and Jesus, yes! Great choice :)