Tuesday 10 January 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

Well looky here! My first Top Ten Tuesday participation of 2012! (And speaking of 2012, did you guys know that the Olympics are being held in London this year? No? Well then try hearing about it on the TV every. Freaking. Day. ARGH!) So this week is about all those lazy writers who don't write enough stuff. To them, I say tsk, and to some of them I fall to my knees and BEG: Please please write some more! For the good of the WORLD! Unless you're dead, obviously, and then it's not really your fault that you've stopped. Ahem. So yes, here are the:

Top Ten Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book

1. Harper Lee- My secret dream is that Harper Lee has been writing secretly ever since To Kill A Mockingbird was published, and that there are about a zillion books, all equally fantastic as her only one, just waiting until after her death to be published. This probably isn't true. But Harper, PLEASE, we need you and your amazingness!

2. Emily Bronte- I don't care what anyone (everyone) says, Wuthering Heights is an absolute masterpiece and I wouldn't turn down another just like it. Emily did leave behind a second unpublished book, but Charlotte BURNT it- supposedly because she didn't want the critics to be mean about it, but I think out of some kind of deep seated envy over Emily's talents (although, fair play, Jane Eyre is amazing.) So, yeah. BAD Charlotte!

3. Sylvia Plath- We all love The Bell Jar, right? Some of us kind of maybe thought we were going mad the first time we read it, and then it helped certain others of us when we actually were depressed, yes? Anyway, I know there are a load of poems I could read, and I do love her short stories, but one novel from such a brain is by far not enough. Sniff.

4. Jeffrey Eugenides- I know he released a book last year, so it's not exactly fair to ask him to write another one RIGHT NOW, but in his writing lifespan, he's written precisely three books, two of which were in my top ten best books of last year. If he could just speed things up a tiny bit for the next one, that would be much appreciated.

5. Jane Austen- Six books just isn't enough. Jane, I need some more of your general amazingness, and I need it now! If I leave some paper and a pen by your grave, can I have the next one in about a year please? Ta.

6. John Steinbeck- This is a bit of a foolish choice because Steinbeck wrote quite a lot, and I haven't even read all of his work yet (I'm getting there, but there is quite a lot!) Nonetheless, I'm of the opinion that you can't have enough of a good thing, and Steinbeck is a very great writer indeed, so I wouldn't say no to some more amazing books.

7. Margaret Mitchell- As far as I know, she only wrote Gone With The Wind, and whilst that is amazing, imagine what else she could have done! She could have even written a sequel, chronicling Scarlett and Mammy's chase of Rhett through the South until she downright bullied him into re-loving her... Actually, that sounds kind of awful. It's maybe best that that didn't happen...

8. Oscar Wilde- So, according to google, Wilde only wrote one novel and everything else was all plays and poetry. Firstly, I so didn't know this, and secondly, oh man, The Picture of Dorian Gray is so amazing! And now I'm sad that there aren't any more Wilde novels (I thought I had one, but obviously that's not a novel... weird.) So yeah, more from him would be great, unlikely as that may be!

9. Arundhati Roy- Google also tells me that Arundhati Roy has only written one book, which I have read (The God of Small Things) and now I'm coveting some more Roy, probably because I can't have it. Fortunately she's still alive, so there is actually a chance with this one!

10. Donna Tartt- I loved both of her books. A lot. And, exciting stuff, while I was on Wikipedia checking that she's still alive, I found out that she actually is meant to be releasing a new novel in 2012! Can I get a woo, and then a hoo?! Aw, this feels like a happy ending to this list now!

So, yeah. If most of these authors could be reanimated just to write another novel, that would be great, and if the rest could be bullied into submission, then that would be great too! Not sure how great the zombies' writing would be, but we can probably make it work... *goes off to find a mad scientist*


  1. Great list! I picked Austen, Lee, and Mitchell as well. Love Oscar Wilde, he made quite a few peoples lists today.

  2. Yes, you tell them. (Unless, of course, they are dead, and then we forgive them.) ;->

    Here is my Top Ten Authors I Wish Would Write Another Book. I hope you will stop by!

  3. So with you on Oscar Wilde and Sylvia Plath!!

  4. Plath made my list as well. Also, as far as Eugenides - when I went to a reading of his earlier this year he mentioned that he has finished a book of short stories and it is now in the editing process. I know it's not the same as a novel, but I'm still happy we don't have to wait 9 years for more of his writing!

  5. @Brenna- YAY! That is good news, even if I don't necessarily love short stories... I'm sure I'll love his! :)

  6. Great list! Yeah, I wish that Oscar Wilde had written another novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray was fantastic.

    Here's my TTT if you're interested in checking it out: http://www.rulethewaves.net/blog/?p=3328

  7. So you need to go back in time to read a book due to be released in 2003? :p

  8. Margaret Mitchell actually wrote a couple other novels, but they were burned at her death by her husband (at her request.) She never sought publication of them. She wrote a novella that was discovered in 1994 amongst the papers of an old boyfriend: Lost Laysen.

  9. I love your list. Especially your comments on Harper Lee! I would LOVE it if she'd been secretly writing new books all these years :D

  10. @Lucybird- LOL! I don't know where that came from! Thanks for noticing :) hehe. I OF COURSE meant 2012, and I am excited for that! Hehe

    @Jillian- NO! I so did not know this (although I don't know all that much about Margaret Mitchell, I guess). It makes me SO SAD when talented people's novels are burnt :(

    @1Girl- It could be true, right?! I mean, I doubt it, but still!

  11. Oh I hope you are right about Harper Lee!!! :)

  12. Harper Lee is a brilliant choice-why didn't I think of that? I have Steinbeck on my list too, and I said pretty much the same thing you did! Some kind of psychic communication I guess. Good list.

  13. Good list. I'm finally going to get around to reading Tartt this year, and then maybe I can wait for her to publish more.

    Also, I did not know that the Olympics were in London this summer, and I panicked a little since my hubby and I are planning a London trip in May. Luckily, I see, there will be no Olympics until July. We never would have been able to afford a hotel, so thanks for the heads up.