Monday 23 January 2012

Winter Mini-Readathon Wrap Up, PLUS Guess who won my books!

Sooo, the Winter Mini-Readathon was a lot of fun yesterday, and I did actually read about 50 more pages after I signed off, of The Falls by Joyce Carol Oates (LOVE her) so yay, go me etc etc. I've just come back to do a couple more of the challenges, set by Sarah and Jenn, and to tell you about the winner of my Blog Birthday Giveaway!

So, Challenge 4 was set by Jenn, and involves casting famous people to play characters in one of the books I read yesterday. I've had a bit of an internal debate about this, and I've decided to cast The Falls, mainly because there are only really 2 main characters, so I'm ahead already!

So, to play Ariah, who is this shy tiny redhead who's totally uncomfortable with herself, I'd choose a young Sissy Spacek because, well, that's basically who I'm imagining every time she's mentioned.

And then, to play her husband Gilbert (who has, by the way, already died) I think I'll go with Paul Dano, just because Gilbert is sort of odd, and I kind of think Dano is too... Is that a really mean thing to say? I also think the dude's got charisma, if that helps!

Both of these characters are the children of the clergy, so I don't know who would play them- I'm thinking Reverend and Mrs Lovejoy, mainly, although doing a part cartoon, part human movie is always tricky, especially when the cartoon characters are meant to have made human babies!

So yeah, that's that! And then, Challenge 5, set by Sarah, was pretty much a wrapping up Survey, which, hey, I can do! Here goes:

1. How many books and/or pages were you able to read?
Parts of 4 books, and in the end around 465 pages.

2. How many hours did you read for?
Hmm... tricky. I would say, overall, about 7 or 8? Definitely not the full 12 anyway, but I did my best!

3. Any likes/dislikes of the 12 hour readathon compared to the 24 hour readathon?
I think both have their advantages- the 24 hour readathon is SUCH an achievement once you finish it, although you feel like you might die around 4am; and the 12 hour one feels slightly less achievementy, but is still lots of fun, plus you get a full nights sleep and NO DYING! So I like them both, basically!

4. Favourite and Least Favourite Books Read?
I would probably say that Great House was my favourite, and I don't really have a least favourite- I actually picked some really good books to read/finish.

5. Any Suggestions?
Not really, other than, another Summer readathon please!

Yay, challenges done! (All the ones I could be bothered to do, anyway... I'm kind of lazy...) And now, the lucky lucky winner of Little Women and Good Wives: Kayleigh from Nylon Admiral! Kayleigh sort of wins by default, considering that she was the only entrant, but still, it's an achievement and I'll have no one take it away from her! So everyone say well done to her!


  1. Haha not cheating at all. You are, after all, the reading machine. :)

    1. That I am Jenn, that I am! I would have cast Richard III, but who the heck do you cast as Richard?! SO HARD!

  2. Winner by default is still a winner!

    Thanks for the giveaway Laura!