Saturday 18 May 2013

Bout of Books: DAY SIX

Bout of Books
In spite of yesterday's early excitement (in that super brief post that, really, isn't even worth reading) I actually didn't do any more reading for the rest of the day. But, you know, Les Mis was CRYING out to me (crying being the main word of last night) and I had to read ALL THE HARRY POTTER posts, and that was basically my evening done with. TECHNICALLY, I was reading blog posts and then watching a book, so it's all the same thing anyway really, right? 
Today I have woken up with the kind of annoying headache where, as long as I'm laying down, I feel perfectly fine (seriously! I mean, my eyes just hurt a tiny bit, but apart from that I feel fine!) but as soon as I get up my head feels all swoopy and dizzy and horrible and UGH. So, basically, today will involve much laying down and not-standing, and probably some reading because of that. Every cloud and all that...

But first. I am going to try and have a little sleep to see if that makes me feel better. And if it DOES (which would be awesome) I will do a lot less reading because I'm supposed to be making a cake right now and yeah. So a gone-headache would be fab.

Pages Read: 573
Books Read From: 5 (just started Little Men)
Books Finished: 2
Snacks: No. I really don't care for food right now. But I had some delicious ibuprofen...
Blogs visited: I looked at a few last night, I think... Even if I didn't comment, I was probably there!


  1. I think your logic works fine. And you WERE watching a book. A book you totally kicked ass and just finished. IT WAS WELL DESERVED.

    I hate those kinds of headaches. The dizzy icky kind, they suck. You should probably just stay comatose with your nose in a book. Maybe with tea. And naps. And THEN you make cake. I hope by the time you read this your headache is gone enough for cake and also for you not to be confused by my rambling, I need a mug of coffee or something. :)

    1. Wasn't it?! And also I thought, I can watch it now and get the full, like, adding bits in with my brain as I go along and stuff!

      I am toooootally laying down still. Which means it's WAY going to suck when I finally have to get up to, you know, pee and stuff. But it's THE ONLY WAY. I don't think cake is going to be made today, which is OK because it's not my dad's birthday til Monday so I still have tomorrow to do it. But still. My head hurrrrrts!

    2. I've got a sicky 'creeping up behind both ears' headache today, I think you've passed it on via the magic of the interwebs! I hope you're feeling jazzy fresh today and ready to do cake making because it's warmer and it's Sunday and that's what Sundays were made for. :)

  2. I can think of a few worse things than waking up with that kind of annoying headache. I mean going to bed with headache is kind of acceptable since usually by morning it's gone, but waking up it means its possible the whole day goes hand in hand with pain and dizzy? No, thanks. I hope the delicious ibuprofen helped!

    1. My mum always says that if you wake UP with a headache, you'll probably go to BED with one too. They just linger and keep creeping back and making you tired ALL FRICKIN' DAY. Stupid headaches.

  3. Booooo headache! I hope you started to feel better. But if not, then maybe you got to lay around and be lazy and read, and that's a pretty nice way to spend the day! (Although the headache going away would be much nicer, I'm sure.)

    Mmmmmmm cake sounds delicious. It's date night, so obviously we'll have to get dessert and cake sounds pretty fab right now.

  4. Reading blog posts and watching a book... It's insane how much that amused me.

    I hate those headaches though, because you feel like you SHOULD be fine when you're laying down and then you feel guilty because you should be up and doing stuff, but then you stand up and want to die all over again.


    Feel better!