Sunday 12 May 2013

Sunday Sundries: It's back!

I know how much y'all must have missed Sunday Sundries, so I know you'll be excited that it's back. Cue Moomin dance!
There. I think we've all adequately celebrated now.

So. I didn't really have much of an excuse for NOT having done Sunday Sundries, other than week 1 I missed was after the Readathon, and last week I kind of forgot and then I went to the cinema, and just yeah. Life things. You didn't really miss much, BUT here are a few things that happened:
World Book Night! I left books in random places and hoped they would improve people's lives! This one I left in a changing room- wouldn't you just LOVE to find a book when you went to try on clothes? (Or is that just me..?)
I went to Ascot Races with my friend Justine! It was pretty awesome, even if I did get sunburn that's still peeling now (about 10 days later). I had one bet and MY HORSE WON! It was awesome. (Even if I'm sort of vaguely against horse racing. But this was flat racing which looked fairly un-strenuous.)
I bought my first pair of trainers in about 10 years (and this isn't really an exaggeration- I have about a million pairs of Converse, but no ACTUAL running trainers.) to do a 'run' in 3 weeks (I'm obviously going to walk. Obviously.)

SPEAKING OF WHICH- Hey guys, I'm doing the Race for Life in 3 weeks, and if you would like to sponsor me/give money to Cancer Research, which is important to me for, you know, really obvious reasons then that would be totally cool and you can do it here.
Awkward asking for money bit out of the way... How about some cool things I've seen on the internet lately?

  • I don't know if you watch New Girl, but even if you don't, Nick Miller's facial expressions are the absolute best. Unrelated: I'm completely in love with Nick Miller.
  • Ross is definitely my least favourite Friend, so these 35 Reasons Ross Geller is the Worst made me really happy. Also awesome? 27 Ways You Are Not Carrie Bradshaw.
  • This is truly old (as opposed to the above, which are just old for the internet) but it's the best. Literally the best thing ever: Joni Mitchell. Enough said.
  • I enjoyed this post about how NO ONE understands that you can have the best friendships online. Also, I MUST MEET ALL OF YOU.
  • I'm kind of obsessed with Arrested Development, and the Bluth Banana Stand has been spotted in London! I'm genuinely considering taking the day off work on either the 15th or the 21st of May so I can go and see it and get a freaking banana! No, I'm not insane.
Wow, so those links were practically all about tv, huh? I might have a problem. But it's a problem that's AWESOME, so who really cares?

THIS WEEK- Monday was a Bank Holiday so I got to sit in the garden a fair bit and chill and be happy that I wasn't working, but I also worked two full days AND stayed late another day at work and so managed to work MORE hours than in a regular week. Because I'm smart. Saturday I would have rested, but instead I walked for 3 hours and sort of got a tiny bit lost whilst training for the aforementioned run-walk. That was ALSO smart, and really I should win some kind of award for being the smartest. 
What I'm saying is- I'm tired. And I have a bet with myself that if I finish Les Miserables (the book) by tomorrow (when the DVD comes out) I get to buy myself a present, but like I say, I'm tired. And I might be TOO tired for Hugo's bullshit. We shall see.

NEXT WEEK (or this week coming... whatever): I have decided to sign up for Bout of Books!
Bout of Books
Bout of Books is, from what I understand, a week long readathon where obviously you don't read for every available minute (unless, I don't know, you REALLY want to) but just make a bit of an effort to read more and, I guess, read something every day. Which, I think, is an admirable goal and I want to do that! And so I shall. I don't really know how I'm going to play the updates, but I might just have one GIANT post that I update throughout the week (if anyone knows how to do that thing where you keep one post at the top of your blog for a bit, then I wouldn't mind knowing that...)

I don't really have any goals, apart from to read SOMETHING every day, but I WOULD like to finish these two books that I have that are like offshoots from Little Women, because I feel like they're going to be books that I can read once and then get rid of, and right now, those are the best kinds of books for me. Callous, but true.

And that is what I'll be doing! You all better have spectacular weeks too, or ELSE. 


  1. Ross is my least favourite Friend too. His voice makes me cringe a little bit. Normally I like the nerdy underdog, but not this one. :)

    OF COURSE I have gone and sponsored you to walk the shit out of your Race for Life. My lovely grandmother is (thankfully) a bowel cancer survivor and we have quite the history in our family, so I never say no...

    YAY for leaving a book in a changing room - that's a frickin' genius idea! No one has to feel self-conscious about picking it up (or not) and if they're anything like me books are always a good way of making clothes shopping more bearable.

    Oh, and DOUBLE YAY Bout of Books. Obviously.

    Love yah loads like... um... chocolate roads? *imbibes more coffee*

    1. Saying any Friends character is my least favourite is a bit... Silly, because I sort of love them allll, but I definitely only love Ross, I don't like him? (If that makes any sense...) But yeah. He's the WORST.

      THANK YOU ELLIEEEEEEE! Big love. GIANT love. We totally have a big yucky cancer history too, so, yeah, I'm all about raising money to stop that bastard. THANK YOU SOME MORE!!

      That's what I thought! I was like, I can't just leave it in the middle of the shop, cause the staff would be all like 'wtf?' and probably throw it away or something, but if I leave it in the changing room... It's just between me and whoever picked it up! I actually only did that one in a changing room, which I sort of regret, but hey, I didn't want to try any more clothes on!

      BOUT OF BOOKS! I'm exciteeed, but also I'm having to have a stern talk with myself like 'LAURA. Do not pressure yourself with this because you KNOW that sucks all the fun out of it.' So I'm not doing that. At least not yet hahahahaaaa.

      That was... Yeah, interesting sign off. But it doesn't matter because I LOVE YOU!

  2. Moomin Dance! That has made my day. I love Moomins.

    If I found a book in a changing room I would probably scream I'd be that excited. Seriously. Changing rooms are not a happy place. I've got stuck in way too many items of clothing for it to be normal and I usually have to go and buy a book for a post-humiliation comfort hug. Brilliant idea. I'm sure you made someone feel much better about the jeans that got stuck on her ass.

    Good luck for Race for Life! Cancer is practically an extra member in my family so, y'know, let's kick the crap out of it shall we?!

    1. I love Moomins toooooo! (I mean, obviously! But I felt the need to state it excitedly!)

      I definitely cannot at all relate to your getting stuck in clothes trauma because I definitely never got stuck in a dress in Monsoon (!!) and absolutely didn't have to rip it a bit to get it off (!!! MONSOON!) Excuse me a sec *SOBS*
      Ok, I'm better now. But I really hope that's what I did! Clothes-wise that was a super unsuccessful changing room visit (boobs got in the way) so I hope it did make someone feel better in that way now.

      Thank youuuuu! And also, I know right? Stupid cancer and its stupid face. Stupid.

  3. Oh I'm so saving some of those gif's to use... No one REALLY likes Ross though. He's just kind of there. Although I do love how nerdy he was. I would totally dig having a paleontologist friend, that would be cool, not lame. Actually, it's disappointing how much the other Friends characters made fun of anything smart, but whatever. I will love that show foreverrrr!

    Kick ass on that run/walk thingy! I'm bookmarking the page to remind myself to try to donate to you later, which I'm going to try to do depending on how grocery shopping goes this week...

    I'm so excited you're doing Bout of Books!!! Yayyyyyy!!! Have a lovely week you!

    1. I feel like Ross would do better with a different group of friends, now that you've said that- like, a group where they talk about things like science and ideas, and don't bitch about them because they're, you know, uncool things to talk about. But BECAUSE they're not that kind of group, Ross kind of looks whiny and pouty when no one listens to him and that's annoying just for starters. But anyway. I will ALSO love that show FOR LIFE. It is amazing.

      Thank youuuu! And aww, thank you! Don't, like, go hungry to donate or anything though, ok?! *feels all concerned*

      I am! I'm excited! I want to read ALL THE BOOKS, but if I finish, like, 2? That would be pretty good.

  4. So excited about BoB and that you decided to sign up!! I will totally be stalking you and Ellie all week :-p (in an affectionate, you're awesome kind of way, not a creepy guy with binoculars kind of way...) Also I definitely sponsored you, because I did Race for Life the last few years and haven't this year or last and I feel bad. Next year, next year I will definitely do it! :-)

    And finally, I missed Sunday Sundries! Glad it's back!

    1. *imagines Bex with a pair of binoculars, scouring the internet for me and Ellie* hahahahaha, fun image! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SPONSORATION!! Dude, you totally don't have to do the Race for Life this year, you JUST had a baby! You can just, you know, sit back and relax. I've got this one ;)

      Yay! Someone had to have missed it! Hehehe. I didn't really mean to skip two weeks, but you know. Stuff happens and all of a sudden it's Wednesday and you need to write a post about Harry Potter! Yeah. Stuff. I should really just sort my damn life out haha.

  5. I think you just made me realize that I am the female version of Ross!

    1. I'm suuuuure you're not! You're not the worst!

  6. Yay, you're doing Bout of Books too!
    Congrats on your horse winning at ascot, I've never been to the races but always thought that it sounds like lots of fun.
    And good luck training for Race for Life, I'm going to sponsor you :)

    1. I am! It's all very exciting!

      Thank you! I'd never been to the races either (because of that, sort of vague against-it-ness I mentioned) but my friend got free tickets, and I was like, yeah, ok then! The horse winning was just the icing on the cake of a lovely day out :)

      Awww, thank you!! I don't think I want to train anymore after yesterday... lol, but I'm sure I'll be fine.

  7. Wasn't WBN the most fun? I can't wait to do it again next year!

    1. It was REALLY fun! I feel like next year, I actually want to talk to people, even! :O Haha

  8. So many fun links. I heart Nick Miller and his ridiculous faces. and no one likes Ross. He's a jerk.

    The banana stand is also in NYC right now which means that these are FALSE BANANA STANDS. I demand an original. But also I want to go and get a banana.

    Good luck with the race! And don't worry about asking for donations. It's not like you do it all the time and it's a good cause and you did it in a non-obx way. Donations will be made when I'm on a dif computer

    1. Doesn't Nick have the best faces?! I basically am Nick Miller, in enough ways that it's terrifying, but then also I LOVE HIM- it's all very complex. (Actually, that's about it. Haha). Ross isn't THAT bad, but he's still The Worst. Oh yes.

      OMGGGGG! Liiiies! The real one is obviously in CA though, because, you know, that's where IT IS (TV is real). My understanding is that the bananas are free, as well? Or have I just made that up?

      Thank youuuuu! Aw, I'm so glad I did it in a non-obnoxious way, and that it sounds like, fine and reasonable and not gross. Cause I feel totally like 'Dude, you can't ask people for money!' but at the same time, it's not for me! It's for, y'know, trying to stop cancer and stuff. So yeah, I asked :) And thank youuuuuuuuuu in advance for the donation. You are awesome :D

    2. So you love Nick but also Nick is you. So you love you. that's either good or egotistical. Or both. (I think I need more sleep)

      I'm not sure if the bananas are free, but my friend went over to it and said the line to get a banana was taking HOURS, so yeah, I will probably stay banana-less