Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday Sundries- I'll talk to you later, if my legs don't fall off

Happy Sunday, internet people! When you read this (I am writing it on Saturday because preparedness!), I'll probably be walking a 5k (or, realistically, I will have walked a 5k) about which I'm more nervous than I really should be, because walking! I do that all the time! Or at least, you know, a lot. But anyway, I am. But I'll be fine/I was fine/everything is fine. (You can still sponsor me HERE if you so wish!)

But enough chatter about things that haven't even happened yet, but will probably have happened by the time you read this and OW MY HEAD HURTS. Let's talk about my week! It was really good until Friday when I was all gross and ill but still worked from home because I am a WARRIOR. But let's pretend that never happened and talk about LES MIS instead! So I went to see Les Mis on Tuesday, got what I'm sure was ANNOYINGLY excited on twitter and oh my gosh you guys, it was so awesome.
I was practically jittering with excitement all daaay like a child, and even though I KNEW it was going to be good, I thought I was kind of... Not immune to the awesomeness of it, but just that it was well known enough to me that I wouldn't FREAK OUT at its awesomeness? Anyway- that was NOT the case. It's kind of magnificent on the stage, and even though it's obviously on a smaller scale than the movie it makes up for it with really clever stagecraft and also INCREDIBLE singing. Like, seriously. Also, side note: I totally wanted to be snobby about all the people who were probably there to see it because of the movie, but hey THAT IS ME, and I think I am now cured of being a snob about how people get into things. Like, as long as you get to the purest and excellentest form eventually, then that's all that matters.

Now that we've got that sorted... I also went to see the new Star Trek film on Thursday (because my friend Becci made me... OR because I agreed to go in lieu of us seeing something awesome and indie-ish sometime) and it was actually... OK? I should add that this is basically the first Star Trek ANYTHING I've ever seen (although it was surprising how much of it felt familiar and I guess that's how much of a big pop culture thing it is?) so I don't know if it's actually good compared to anything else, but it did sort of make me want to go home and watch Star Trek and I've genuinely never had that urge before so yeah! Weird.

In Things-I-Haven't-Watched News, we had TWO family birthdays this week (I refer to the 11 days from 20th May-1st June as 'my busy period' because THREE CAKES, guys. That is a lot of cakes.) with my Grandad's on Monday and my Mum's yesterday (or today... Yes I'm writing this instead of seeing her AT THIS SECOND. Shut up, I got her a really nice present!) which really just means muchos family time which is awesome.
I feel sort of uncomfortable using a Nazi to express my excitement. Just like I used to feel uncomfortable sort of fancying Christoph Waltz until I saw Django Unchained. Hmm...

So yeah. Overall, actually a pretty good week, apart from the one day of feeling really gross. Now to go and eat cake and generally birthday frolic as soon as my mum comes back from Tesco (GENUINELY where she has gone on her birthday. I honestly don't know what to do with her.) Annnd that is what I did yesterday! (Presumably). Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!


  1. Hope you've walked the SHIT out of that Race for Life, and that you're now sitting somewhere with your feet up, drinking tea and feeling virtuous. Maybe wearing a Rocky headband. You totally don't have to do that last part, but if you DO take a photo please. x

  2. I enjoyed this whole post but the word CAKES is stuck in my mind. MMM. I looove me some cake!

    I hope you're walk was a giant success :) Have a great week!

  3. I hope the weather was splendiforous for your 5K walk! It is far more fun to do in nice weather than bad.

    Also, yay cake!

  4. Hope the walk was awesome! You deserve some cake after that.

    Also, my American brain has no idea what Tesco is, but I am imagining all sorts of things it could be that are un-birthday-like. Hm.

  5. Yayyyy you did have an awesome week! And OMG ALL THAT CAKE! I WANT.

    And again, total congrats on doing the 5K! :-)

  6. I hope your walk went well and I bet you kicked ass. Now eat ALL THE CAKE and YAY FOR STAGE LES MIS.

    I appreciate your hesitation using Nazi to express excitement, cos really that should be obvious. But then you realize how great Waltz is and all is forgiven. (Seriously, I could watch a version of Inglorious that's just made up of his scenes and be happy.)