Monday 24 February 2014

A Really Quick Monday Mundries

Guys! Sunday and Monday morning seem to have gotten away from me just a little bit, and now I have twelve minutes before I have to leave for work. Seems like the perfect time for tiny weeny updates about stuff:

Right Now, I Am:

Listening to: A loooot of Simon and Garfunkel, which makes a change from the usual loooot of Joni Mitchell I've been listening to. But not that much of a change. Damn I miss the sixties.

Reading: I've been working my way through Bleak House (I'm actually going to write my post tonight! Ready for tomorrow! This has not yet happened for this readalong) and also through The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion, which is taking a lot of emotional strength to read. Which I don't really have. So I've been crying at it, is what I'm saying.

Eating: (this isn't right right now, right?) I always eat much hummus so lunch is a vaguely healthy hummus and salad sandwich, and a quinoa salad which I actually thought ahead and made last night. Might be getting used to this taking care of myself thing...

Watching: BREAKING BAD. So much Breaking Bad. It's probably a good thing I have a job and things to do, otherwise I'd probably be watching it exclusively. On Friday night, I watched 5 episodes, which meant staying up til past two, which, combined with waking up at 8am the next day (I don't know why...) was not a good idea. Also worth noting: My housemate isn't allowed to watch Breaking Bad with me again because he called Skyler a bitch and I can't deal.
Also watching: My Mad Fat Diary (so amazing), The Great British Sewing Bee, and Girls. I'm pretty happy with TV at the moment, even though it means I'm reading hardly anything.

Making: A mess? Aw, no, well I made some brownies last week (gluten free! So rich. Get the recipe off Bex) and just this morning I made a lasagne for my dinner. I haven't sewed or knitted anything for so long, though, need to get on that.

Planning: To sort my life out. Looking for a new job, re-starting hobbies, all that good stuff. Also planning around times where I could possibly be watching Breaking Bad instead of doing other stuff.

Feeling: Up and down, really. Fairly down yesterday, because Sundays are still hard (I cried at James Bond, so that was a new low), but today, not so bad. Still just taking each day as it emotionally comes.

Loving: TiVo, being back in my old-new room, and the promising emergence of spring. Come on spring, you can do it!

Wanting: A few impossible things, and an iPad-mini. Not long until my birthday!

Thinking: About how to fit more reading into my days. Main thoughts: the day being longer. Which is happening all the time!

Looking forward to: Spring (clearly), tonight's lasagne, and having a new baby in the family (not mine. My cousin's. But yay!)

What have you been doing, lovely ones? Would you like to come over and share my lasagne? <-- Totally not a euphemism. Tell me all.


  1. Awwww, Laura! Monday Mundries, can't help that day! I would rather enjoy the sharing of your lasagna, however.

    This interest may be a bit too prurient but I'm curious which James Bond brought on the tears?

    Yay to Bleak House prep work, listening to Simon & Garfunkel (great harmonies), eating hummus (now I shall think of you AND Alice whenever I eat hummus), and Breaking Bad. I listened to My Year of Magical Thinking about a year ago and it was a difficult book.

    Oh, and I, too, will be having a new baby in the family that is not my own--it's my sister's.

    1. The sharing of my lasagne sounds totally dirty to me now, even though it wasn't supposed to be... AGH I HATE MY DIRTY BRAIN!

      The sad James Bond was On Her Majesty's Secret Service, which is a fucking awful film but the end! It made me have a sad. Because, you know, death.

      Yes to all those things! And The Year of Magical Thinking, I mean, woah. Just, yeah. Pretty sad. When I started reading it I was practically crying on the train every day, but I think I must have gotten used to the sadness now? I've also got Blue Nights of hers, which is the book she wrote after her daughter died and FUN! Yeah, no though.

      Awww, congrats to your sister! And here's to us- the people who get to admire the babies then sleep the whole night through :)

  2. Hehe Mundries.

    I like that you miss the sixties without actually living them. Which is prob for the best cos then you can go with the BEST parts while ignoring the shitty ones.

    Can we make "would you like to come share my lasagna" a euphemism for something?

    1. I think I can definitely romanticise the sixties because I didn't live in them. But they WERE pretty fucking awesome, right? (unless you were a woman. Or non-white. So, just like now then) But anyway, CULTURALLY, all good.

      I mean, I think it's pretty clear what it's a euphemism for, amiright? *meaningful eyebrows*

  3. You've redeemed the usual blah-ness of the Mondays with your mundries! I don't think I've ever had anything "gluten-free" before (unless I've been tricked into eating health food), but I LOVE brownies and should try my hand at making them!

    1. Aw, I saved Monday? Hooray! The brownies I made were incredibly non-healthy- they were basically just brownies without the flour, which amazingly works! (I know, right?)

  4. Yayyy hummus!

    Simon and Garfunkel are such a calming duo. By which I mean I super-love the soundtrack to The Graduate. Mmm. The Graduate.


      I love The Graduate so fucking much. Just, yes. The best.

  5. Simon and Garfunkel and brownies and another two babies (I am counting my baby although obviously your cousins baby is more important as actually related to you!). Sounds good! Plus hummingbird bakery with me in a couple of weeks :-D

    1. Yessssss! Totally haven't forgotten your baby, Bex, still excited about that too! Just, like, I might get to see my cousin's one more and stuff...

      CUPCAKES YAYAYAYAY! I might go to Richmond this weekend to find out where the bakery actually is/get a little taster... Because, CUPCAKES!!

  6. Lasagna sounds delicious. And I'm glad that you're still taking it one day at a time and taking care of yourself. And OMG I need to finish Breaking Bad, wtf if wrong with me. And I wish we could go have coffee together and have loooooong, looooong debates about Skyler.

    Also, this:

    "Thinking: About how to fit more reading into my days. Main thoughts: the day being longer."

    basically sums up my entire life right now. Hope this week has been a good one :)