Sunday 25 May 2014

Sunday Sundries: I don't even know.

Ugh, this has been both the longest and the shortest week ever. Shortest because I've had no time to do things that I actually like doing (reading, watching tv in bed, eating actual meals) but long because shit's been happening that I don't necessarily want to happen, or that I've decided to do myself but that is DRAINING MY MIND*.

So, this week: I've worked extra hours, in the form of two whole days (I'm not complaining! I understand that normal people have full time jobs) and the rest of my time has been spent at the hospital with my dad while the doctors refuse to release him even though the rest of his recovery could totally happen at home but what do I know, I'm not a doctor. I basically haven't been at home before about 8.30pm all week, and my dinners have basically just been cereal. It's been pretty lame, and to say that I'm frazzled doesn't even cover it.

I can almost define this week as a series of things I've failed to do. I've failed to cook. I've failed to run. I've failed to keep my room looking like anything other than a tip. I've failed to keep up with a readalong. I've failed at staying awake during Breaking Bad (First time EVER). But the things I have done have been more important than the things I haven't, and I'm really aware of that. I've been there for my dad. I've worked more so I don't have to worry so much about money. I managed to make a cake for my dad's birthday (yep, a lovely hospital birthday). I DID run, when I was sure I was too exhausted to. I did that. And that's more important.

And now I'm getting all weird and reflective in a blog post. It's ok, you should probably just ignore me for the moment, and until things calm the fuck down and stop giving me no time to think. I've had so little time to do things this week that this evening, when I've had hours to do stuff, I've been flying from one thing to the next, not properly focusing on any of the things and leaving things half done, or not even that. This blog post has been onscreen for about 3 hours, and it's not even long!

I need more sleep, and less things to do. Basically.

But that's enough about me. Here's what I'm giving you the gift of- some links that I've been collecting on my phone for AGES now that might be of interest, or that are at least of interest to me. Plus, you know, I want to have less pages open in the safari app. Makes sense, right?

Aaaaand I definitely thought I had more than that, but apparently not! The donut one is the really important stuff though. Like, seriously. Get on that.

I'll hopefully make more sense next week. But don't count on it.

*Deliberately vague on that one. Sorry, kids.


  1. Assuming that your dad is in an NHS hospital, there is almost definitely a reason why they are keeping him there, if only as a just in case precaution, because otherwise they tend to prefer to get people out of the hospital and at home as soon as possible to free up beds for other people. (Not criticising the NHS here! My mum is an NHS doctor, I love the NHS!)

    I hope everything becomes more manageable soon!!!

  2. 1) I hope your dad gets well enough soon to come out of hospital so he can recuperate at home. Always nicer to be away from the bad food and the constant noise!

    2) There is NOTHING WRONG with cereal for dinner. Or for any meal, in fact.

    3) I'm very impressed that you've been running and that this post has appeared at all this week, all things considered. Go you!

    4) Those reading statistics are depressing. HOW CAN WE BE THAT LOW?!

    5) I've now added a ton more Stephen King books to my wishlist/library list, some of which I'd never even heard of. THANK YOU LAURA.

    6) The donuts! "I cough and the only thing that comes out is a puff of powdered sugar." AHAHAHA. The creme brulee one sounds delicious though. :)

    7) I'm now on a Buzzfeed marathon. THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS. See you in two hours...

    1. Hello. Please look at the time stamp on my previous comment. Now look at the time stamp on this one. I AM STILL ON BUZZFEED. I only stopped to take a shower. You did this Laura... YOU DID THIS WITH YOUR DONUTTY HILARITY. :P

  3. Hope your Dad gets to come home as soon as possible. My granddad was kept in for ages once as the junior doctors on the ward were super cautious - as soon as a proper consultant saw him, he was cleared to go.

    I didn't click on the buzzfeed link as I know it will result in me losing at least 2 hours of my life, but how can Misery not be on the list? It's the best one!

  4. I hope your dad gets to come home soon. Yay for still making him a birthday cake, even if it was a hospital birthday. And I hope things will stop be draining soon and you can come back to the readalong because WE MISS YOU

    Now I'm off to check out your links.

  5. OMG that doughnut article! Have you read any of the Brooklyn Bites series? Peter Pan's bakery is in that, it's got to be the fist place I visit if I ever go to New York.

    I hope your Dad gets to come home soon

  6. SO basically the rest of the world is kicking our ass in reading. WTH.

    I'm late (as usual) with getting around to posts, but I'm sorry that this week sucked for you and I hope that things calmed down a bit :-/