Sunday 22 June 2014

Sunday Sundries: Bit of a Big Week

Huge lifey things have kind of been happening this week, and although I'm still not ready to talk about one of them (I honestly can't believe I'm doing this because I HATE when people say this sort of shit on the internet, but I'm not trying to be cryptic, or keep you coming back or whatever, I'm just trying to get all my ducks in a row before I say anything. For realsies) there's still plenty to tell. Honestly, sometimes it's been a tiny bit overwhelming so I've been like 'um, things? Can you stop happening just for a sec? Thanks!'

So here they are. A Thing happened on Tuesday that was awesome, and big and I can't give any more details. I couldn't quite enjoy the thing because my cousin's baby was having his operation on Wednesday, so I was too worried about that to really appreciate anything. That happened, and he's not been feeling too well after it, but everything went to plan and I think after he recovers, we're all going to be really glad that it's over and done with. Also this week my housemate who is moving has sorted out a flat, so we hunted for and found a new housemate (who I haven't met yet. But he's Australian, Kayleigh!)

Realistically, none of these things involved me having to do much, but things that are big don't always involve that. In the past week, I've dealt with a giant life change (not saying), a family operation, and having to accept that my friend is really moving and I'm going to have to get used to a whole new person, PLUS I had my last day at work at the old office and tomorrow I have to deal with going somewhere new and potentially getting lost on the way. I'm not complaining about any of these things, really, but it just feels like a lot, all at once! But it's all going to be for the good, in the end.

SO. Enough about life things, for a minute. I've been collecting more links on my phooooone:

And one more cheeky link... I'm running the Race For Life in a couple of weeks (read: too soon for what I'm actually capable of running!) and in doing so am raising money for cancer research, so if that's something you'd like to put some money towards (because fuck cancer) then you can totally sponsor me here. You know, if you want. *winky face* *smiley face* *punch in the face*

Am I done? I might be done. Today I'm going over to my nan's for her birthday party (she was 85 on Thursday! I made cookies) and, whilst nothing as big as this past week is going on this week, I am going to see Dolly Parton with my mum next Saturday and I am SO EXCITED. I will probably freak out because DOLLY YOU ARE THE BEST. 

How about you?


  1. Tell me all about your new housemate! How bonkers would it be if I knew him? I mean, Aus isn't *that* small but it could happen!

    I have noticed that big things always come in groups, and I'm pretty sure it's just to mess with us. Like oh, here's something great and something terrible and a bunch of things that are stressful, have fun dealing with it all!

  2. Hope all goes well with the new roomie! I mean, Australian, so good start, right? I agree with Kayleigh that stuff always seems to happen all at once. But then things will slow down and you can relax

  3. I'm glad the operation went well! Also, Jacqueline Wilson! I love her too! I decided once I got past a certain age that I was too old for her books, but I really wish I hadn't!! Silly me trying to grow up too soon! Children/teenagers are idiots.

  4. Things happening! This is good. It's what makes life worth rememberiiiiiiiiiiing. I hope it slows down a bit, though, so you get to process. This is also important.

  5. Wowzas, lots going on!

    Know what you mean about cryptic blogging - I was guilty of that this year. I never said what was happening because I'm very superstitious, and once it happened it was sort of too late to blog about.

    Hope you're ok, anyway, and I'm going off to read those links - love the Harry Potter one: HUFF le PUFF I mean damn that's awesome!

  6. That chocolate post is just not fair.

    I'm happy things are happening, but I hope that they've slowed down so you have time to deal. And yay, new roommate! He better be cool, or it'll completely ruin my perception of all Australians.

  7. Oh, frickin' hell Laura. I pop over here to catch up on during-my-holiday posts, and what have you done? MADE ME SPEND THREE YEARS ON BUZZFEED AGAIN. Have this post in vengeance: