Sunday 29 March 2015

Sunday Sundries: Why I haven't been running and why I'm running now

Happy Sunday, you beautiful people!
I don't really know why Sunday gets a dancey-gif, when really it just means that WORK IS TOMORROW, but I guess I'm just in one of those moods, possibly because I have two days at work and then SIX DAYS OFF so what could possibly be wrong?! Not much, kids. Not much.

So. Today I'm going to talk about running because I've obviously never done that before and I know it's just a thrill for everyone to read about. In the last week (or, ok, 8 days I guess) I've been on four runs. Before this week, I had been on a grand total on one run this whole year. One reason for this is pretty obvious- doing a MA and working is SO TIRING you guys, I can't even- and one is slightly less obvious which is that grief does weird things to me. Everyone experiences it differently, I know, and for me it's like... I get a bit distanced from what my body actually needs, so I don't really get hungry (it's not that I CAN'T eat, it's just like I don't really care if I do or not?) and so at no point was I like 'I feel gross, I should run' because I wasn't listening to what my body was saying.

As an aside, I also know that running makes me feel really good, and in a sense, I kind of didn't want to feel good? This is dumb, I realise, and it's not like running actually prevents bad emotions, but at the same time, the thought of being chemically (i.e. kind of falsely) happy was not a good one to me. That's just how it was.

But now! I am running, and it feels excellent/terrible. But what has led you to this wonderful action, Laura? I hear you cry. Well. Firstly, I've finished all the seminars for my MA now (so scary. So excellent. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it, let's be real) which just leaves a LOT (a LOTTTT) of words to write that are actually going to be assessed, i.e. the real work starts now. When I spent an entire 8 days writing essays back in January, my method was: eat all the food. Have a lot of naps. Mess up my sleeping schedule and feel like crap the whole time. This was not a good method (and I didn't even mention the caffeine!) so this time my strategy is: run every day you're not working, get in and write some goddamn essays. Ir's a solid plan, I've really just got to work on my follow through on this one.

Other reasons? I don't know, I guess I could say it's something to do with my birthday coming up and my fear of being ollllld (I'm going to be 26, don't you just want to punch me?) or I could say some crap about bikini season, but essentially it's just the good working habits thing, PLUS I don't sleep so well at the moment so getting up early isn't a problem/hopefully I'll sleep better because I'll be knackered? Something like that, anyway.

Aaaaaand that's probably all you need to know about running. Except LOOK AT MY RUNNING LEGGINGS THEY ARE THE BEST:
They are also not strictly running leggings and will probably have thigh holes in a couple of weeks. But anything that gets me to exercise is good so shush.

And there you go, that's about all you need to know about my life. Until next time, kids.


  1. I have also been sucking at the running and things this year. I'm hoping that the weather will FINALLY become spring-like and that that will motivate me to run outside, since going to the gym lately seems like such a hassle.

    And those leggings are brilliant, for running or not :) Hope you start to feel better!!

  2. I don't know where all my motivation has been coming from, but I'm trying not to question it because it's good for me haha! I have to admit it was a bit of a struggle going out in the rain this morning, and I'm not convinced I'll always win in the fight between me and bed but Imma try haha.

  3. I need to get back into doing some regular exercise, I've become a bit of a slob over the winter, and when it got too cold to swim in the sea I didn't get back into swimming in the pool. Oops. Well done you for getting back into your running. GO LAURA GO!!!

  4. Me and running are most definitely Not A Thing, but me and those leggings? DEFINITELY COULD BE A THING.

  5. Those running leggings are WONDERFUL. Well done. And I wish you all the luck on the essay writing schedule with all the running. I wish I wanted to run but I have not gotten to that point yet. Perhaps once we're in the new place.