Sunday 20 March 2016

Sunday Sundries: Ummmmm...

So... This week... Happened, I guess?

I don't know when I became such a boring human, but I can't really think of anything that notable that has happened this week. I've realised this is a lie because a few things happened this week, but they're notable in how much I don't want to be notable about them, which is to say, I'd only tell you a really boring story about this stuff and is it even worth ittttt?

Ok, let's do these notables:

  1. Our fridge broke on Monday (booooooo) and despite emailing the church (we rent the house off the church at the end of my road, have I ever mentioned that?) ON Monday, it still took me calling on Friday, getting an 'oh whoops, forgot to do that!' to get a new fridge sorted. Which I did and it's coming on Tuesday and yassssssss!
  2. Our fridge also had a freezer in the bottom. Don't ask me what I've been eating, I don't think you want to know.
  3. In a continuing series of fails, I had to go to Richmond on Wednesday because the prescription in my new glasses was wrong AF (to be fair, Specsavers have amazing customer service and will totally fix it if something's not right) which could have been really dull but I took my mum with me (i.e. she drove me) and we actually had quite a nice outing in the end! Worth the hassle.
  4. I saw my cousin and her baby on Thursday morning so she could wax my eyebrows and we could gossip about whatever and also go to Starbucks, and that was nice! And then I had to go to work and noooooo what shut up what even is this bullshit?
See what I mean about kind of notable but also kind of boring? It's been a pretty good week though, I've been doing yoga EVERY DAY (I know!) even when I didn't feel like it, and I've made some flashcards to try and learn the Japanese alphabet/s which has been... mildly successful? Maybe like 4 successful. I'm pretty lazy, like I've said. 

So this week coming! The re-readathon starts on Monday (woo!) so I might actually write blog posts this week! Or at least one blog post I can update! Fun story about reading this month- I finished Armada yesterday (I have... thoughts. Not good ones. But also good ones. It's complicated.) and thought 'gosh, I've read so many books this month, what is it now, like 10?' and then realised that was the first book I'd finished in a week and I've only read one other novel this month, the rest has been like comic books and teeny novellas and whatnot.

I've just realised that was a story that could have stayed in my head and we all would have been equally as happy. I'm really sorry!

Anyway. I have taken up enough of your Sunday time now, what are you still doing here? Get outside and enjoy the crap out of your lives, go on now, you hear? Good. Good.


  1. I went outside first and read this post AFTER, does that count? It was really sunny and I had leftover pizza and Not Our Cat was in the flower bed and there was this BLACKBIRD sitting on a branch singing just for me and I had my book and awwwww it was lovely. And then I came back in and cleaned two bathrooms for about seven hours, because every time my parents go away for a week I somehow feel the need to blitz-clean the whole house and OH MY GOD I HATE IT BUT IT MAKES MUM SO HAPPY TO COME HOME AND NOT HAVE TO HOOVER THINGS. *sighs* I kinda want to know what you ended up eating out of the dead fridge, is that weird?

    1. OOOH, and also, REREADATHONNING TOGETHER YAAAAAY! Just need to try to finish It's Kind of a Funny Story first, because I can't just leave it for ten days, can I now? No. I should go get on that.