Thursday 3 March 2016

What I've Been Watching Lately- The Netflix Edition

Oh well hello there! I haven't told you about the things I've been watching for approximately 10,000 years, have I? Normally this is where I interject "weirdly, because that's all I ever do LOL" but this time that is not the case! Admittedly, over November/December when I was making all the things, I did rewatch basically all of Mad Men, but since my hands have been free to do other things (HA) I've been reading up a storm (comparatively) rather than just wasting away in front of the TV. Mostly. A bit. And yet, here are the things I've watched of late, please join me as I ruminate on them.

Making A Murderer
Or, Aking A Rderer, apparently...
So. Obviously everyone's seen this by now, but here was my journey through the process of watching:

  1. Frances texts me all weekend about how horrible but addictive Making a Murderer is.
  2. On Wednesday, after getting home from my friend's house at about 7pm, I decide it'll be a good idea to start watching it, just to get a feel of it.
  3. Watch 6 episodes. Feel unquenchably angry, horrified, all the things one is supposed to feel when someone's life is messed with and when, even if they're not innocent, there is SO not enough evidence to convict and omg what the hell are the police doing?
  4. Go to bed at 2am. Wake up at about 7am. Feel like you're dying all day. Watch one more episode after work then admit defeat and go to bed.
  5. Go to work. Come home. Immediately watch the last 3 episodes. Cry about Brendan Dassey. Think about it for about 10,000 years.
I mean, seriously. I want to discuss with all of you how horribly biased everything seemed, and how fucked the American justice system seems to be (totally fucked, right?) but I still can't cope with the fact that Brendan is in prison when he's just a scared kid who got fucked over by the police and whyyyyyy?! 

Yeah, basically Making a Murderer damaged me and I am broken and I am not ok. But you should all still definitely watch it, it won't break your spirit!

Jessica Jones

Getting me to watch Jessica Jones was a combined effort on the parts of Frances (again!) and Ellie but I didn't take much convincing because you know that thing where I bitch about there not being lady superheroes? I think to make that a plausible complaint, I actually need to watch things with lady superheroes in. 

For me, Jessica Jones was perfect. Perfect as in I can't think of anything I would want done differently with it. Perfect as in, there are things like lesbian couples and non-white people and the hero is a woman and FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS but these things aren't just shoved in to meet some quota, they just are because that's how the story goes and that's what it is. Perfect because I loved every second of it and it's all I wanted to be watching at any given time and ugh just YESS GIMME MORE. Special mention goes to David Tennant for being an excellent villain (scared of that shit) but also somehow hilarious at the same time? And just to THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW SERIOUSLY NETFLIX GIMME MORE!

(Do you know how many porn gifs you get if you type girls gifs into tumblr? It is A LOT)

It's not exactly a new thing for me to be watching Girls, but I missed almost all of last season on account of Shakespeare and then watched it all (apart from the two episodes I'd already seen) in a day. It was preeeeeetty good, and I like that Hannah is being forced to grow up and I'm just really into this show, ok? Is that ok? Ok good.

Better Call Saul
Better Call Saul was another Shakespeare leftover- I think I watched about 4 episodes when they originally came out, then NO TIME and I finally finished them not-quite-in-time for the new series that started on the 15th Feb. But anyway. I REALLY like this show, in the sense that it extends and expands the Breaking Bad universe, but also in the sense that it's a really fucking good show. It's funny because it's Saul, but it can also be a bit devastating at times, and touching at others. I guess liking the character (A LOT) to begin with doesn't hurt when you're watching this, but I personally believe that everything Vince Gilligan touches is golden and so yeah, this is great. If I have a tiny criticism (and this is really just of all prequels) it's that you know how it's all going to end up regardless of where the story goes, but something something journey rather than the destination something? And it's a pretty great journey at that. 

But tell me, TELL ME, what do I need to watch next? Netflix suggestions always appreciated, please stop me from watching Breaking Bad for, like, the fourth time because OMG that is what I will do if left to my own devices.


  1. The only thing I wanted done differently in Jessica Jones was the last episode. It just sort of... ended. Though perhaps if I watched that one episode again I might appreciate it more, since I was obviously just expecting a bigger showdown. I loved the rest though! I should probably watch Making a Murderer at some point too, but Once Upon a Time got to me first and now I've got five seasons of THAT to devour, and a few BBC/Channel 4 programmes to catch up on before they disappear off their respective iPlayers so... Anyone else think there should be a bonus day each week specifically designated for catching up on telly? No? Bueller? Bueller?

    1. I meaaaaaan... I feel like the end was never really going to be that spectacular cause it had to be more clever than actiony to outsmart Kilgrave? I just loved it all and wanted more more more!

      Making a Murderer is going to make you want to shout at the tv, just to warn you. Like you'll be ok. But also OMFG. I think I maybe need to watch OUAT? But I am anti-watching anything my terrible ex-housemate watched and that includes that so hmmm.

  2. I still haven't finished Making a Murderer because I'm SO MAD. I need to plan a happy place to run to if I'm ever going to finish it.

    1. I'm still so angry, Alley. I won't stop being angry about this. I NEED JUSTICE FFS. I honestly feel like if it was fiction it would be much too far fetched though, ya know?