Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sunday Sundries: Still Alive, Sorta Busy!

Hi guyssssssss!

I totally missed last week's Sunday Sundries post, which is very much my bad- I was having some nerves over starting work on Monday and I was actually pretty tired out from all the lovely things I did last week. In very brief summary- I spent some of my vouchers that old work very kindly gave me, went to the Shakespeare Exhibition at the British Library (separate post coming soon... mebbe), got a haircut, went work clothes shopping with my mum, went on a day trip to Brighton AND caught so many Pokemon that you wouldn't even believe it.

If you want Voltorbs or Magnemites, go to Brighton. That's all I'm saying.

But anyway. That was last week and now THIS week has been all about starting new work. And you know what? It's been pretty ok. I have this thing where I completely hate being the new person, and where I really hate making Big Life Changes, but this one has been strangely ok so far. I think this is down to a couple of things, not least that I have flexible working hours which means that it's not stressful trying to get to work in the morning because as long as I'm there by 10 it's all fine. Similarly, it feels like such a luxury, not only deciding when my lunch should be, but how long I take over it and basically it's only been a week but I can't imagine not having flexible working hours again!

It also lets my inner maths nerd flag fly, cause I get to do calculations of like 'ok so if I stay til 5:30 today, I can leave earlier tomorrow' and so on and so forth. It's pretty spectacular.

So yes. All of that has been pretty lovely, and everyone's been really nice, and even though I was knackered by Friday after learning a bazillion new things and ways of doing things, it was a good kind of knackered. And then I went and partied! So Friday night I spent with my old work friends at a BBQ thrown in honour of my leaving and it was so lovely. I miss the job not at all (except for the part where I knew all the things, that part was excellent) but the people, I really do miss. Old Work BBQs are always the best because the company owner provides all the food and drink, and I'm not saying that I was shitfaced or anything, but I was definitely dry heaving, and then not so dry heaving yesterday morning when I left my friend's house, where I had to stay because I was too drunk to get home.

Yeah, I was a tiny bit shitfaced, it was great.

And so. I'm looking at another week of working, not as daunting as last week but still kinda scary, and looking FORWARD to the Bath Bookshop Crawl next weekend. I've been slightly noncommittal to the event, for no particular reason except that Bath is FAR, you guys, and I still haven't fully committed to the level of, y'know, buying a train ticket or anything, but I think I'm probably going to make the effort to go, firstly because Bex and Katie will be there and I adore them, secondly because Bath is really very beautiful, and thirdly because BOOOOOOOOKS. These are all the best reasons, you know it's true.

Until then, though, I hope you all have spectacular weeks, fill me in on the vital parts in the comments please!

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  1. Hooray for BIG LIFE CHANGES being OK. Cos really, change sucks. Even when it's change for the good it can be SO SCARY. But this sounds great (flexible schedule ftw) and you'll learn all the stuff and become a super expert, so it will be great