Sunday, 18 September 2016

Sunday Sundries: Upcoming and Important

Wassup Sundaaaaay? I feel like I have a really different relationship to Sundays now I work every day rather than having glorious Wednesdays off. It's like my final day of freedom and joy before another dreaded work week begins, so in other words, I now have the same relationship with Sundays as everyone else.*

Obviously that means I generally spend them getting fed by my mum and reading a lot, but what else is there to be done? Exactly.

Winter has essentially started over here this week, and the weather where I am went from unbearably hot (I actually felt kind of dizzy and weird at work on Thursday where I was just too hot) to raining and FREEZING literally overnight. I was not a happy Laura on either of those days, so if the weather could cheer up and just be vaguely autumnal instead of cataclysmically so, that would be cool.

So! Upcoming and important. Yes. Upcoming this week I am starting Japanese lessons on Thursday evenings, because frankly it's time for me to put my money where my mouth is and actually accept that, let's face it, I don't really have the discipline to actually learn it by myself from an app. I just don't. I'm pretty excited, if a little apprehensive in case the lessons are terrible and I've basically just wasted my money. But hopefully it'll be fun and, you know, I'll actually learn some Japanese and stuff.

Upcoming in the next month, I'm going to have an operation! Which is horrible and aghhhh but will hopefully be fine and will give me two weeks off work to read and watch Netflix and hopefully not just writhe around in pain (please please please no). I feel like telling you all about it would really push the oversharing that I ALREADY DO here, but let's just say it's not life threatening stuff, it's keyhole surgery, and it will hopefully stop me throwing up every single month at a certain time, if you know what I mean, ladies. 

But now the really important stuff! Have you seen that the unstoppable force of Bex is launching a Ninja Book Box  ? It's essentially going to be a quarterly subscription box for folk who like books (do you know any?) and it's worth knowing about because a) you can either fund her kickstarter or b) actually buy a box when she sends them out, because you KNOW it's gonna be good. The other thing you may or may not have seen is that Alice (also unstoppable) is doing another readalong, this time of The Master and Margarita, and, you know, come and have fun with us. I have failed at all readalongs I've tried to do in the past year, but I'm hoping that having to recover for about half of October will make me actually fucking read and follow a schedule and come ON Laura, this shouldn't be that difficult.

And that basically brings us to the end of October, after which I have no idea what's happening except maybe Christmas is in there at some point because it must be time for another one of those soon, right? Everyone, tell me your plans for the next little bit of time, what's the haps?

*Although tbf I don't really dread my work week cause I'm kind of liking my new job and if I get bored with one thing there's always a new thing to learn and that's all just pretty great really. I mean, come back and ask me in a couple of months, you know, but at the moment it still has novelty.

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  1. YAY for taking the step to take a language class. Hopefully you'll enjoy and learn a lot and eventually you can read Murakami without a translation