Sunday 4 March 2018

Sunday Sundries: Hen Dos and Hen Don'ts

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I feel like the spring spirit has infected me, even though it's about 3C outside, because I've been cleaning allllll day. I feel all cleansed and refreshed and good about life and stuff, and my house looks all clean and stuff. Now is the time for sitting and blogging and finally starting Friends (for like the 50th time) on Netflix and yaaaaaay Sundays!

Let's see, this week. I always feel so uninteresting when I sit down to write a Sunday post, because nothing really happens to me that's worth remarking upon. Getting to work this week was horrible because it snowed a fair bit (for England) which means basically everything shuts down, making going outside at 7am into -4C temperatures even more upsetting. My evenings were pretty much spent hanging out and eating and watching The Simpsons which is awesome, and oh wait, I forgot the most important thing that happened this week...


This isn't that remarkable, I realise, for most people, but I haven't left the country for literally 9 years because of poorness, so actually I'm unbearably excited about it. My fella and I are going to Naples for 4 nights in April, so if you have any must sees for Naples or Rome (where we're also gonna go) let me know in the comments. SO EXCITED.

So that was the big thing and now I'm poor and determined to have a super budget-y month this month so I can afford to pay for it! Yesterday I spent, quite literally, all day in bed, as reparation for having to get up early and go out into the freezing cold all week, and also as preparation for my cousin's hen party in the evening.

Oh yes, wedding season (if you're new here, I have 3 family weddings to go to this year which is like 3x more than I've had to go to in any other year and it's exhausting just to think about) has officially started, and the first event was, I'm not going to lie, super fun. Good food, good company, all the hen do props you can think of (except a stripper... disappointing. Kind of) and I ended the evening by laughing hysterically so yes, I'm into it!

And that was pretty much my week. Some excitement and a lot lot lot of cold mornings. I'm hoping for warmer days, and just as much, if not more, fun and excitement. How was your week?

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  1. I couldn't figure out what Hen Dos and Don'ts were until I got to the end of your post.

    Yay for vacation in Naples and Rome! I never visited Naples, and my trip to Rome was when I was still in college, so I mostly did the biggest tourist stuff, but even so, it was all AMAZING. Italy is the only country I've visited where I don't speak the language but felt immediately at home and comfortable wandering around and figuring things out on my own. It was awesome.