Sunday, 11 March 2018

Sunday Sundries: So... Many... Movies...

Happy Sunday, Folks! This is a little later in the day than I usually like to write my Sunday posts, so those Monday blues are hitting me HARD, so I'm going to make this briefer than usual (I know, you're welcome) and then go and eat toast and watch Call Me By Your Name (about which, more on Wednesday...)

So, this week! It was alright. The weather, at least was, behaving itself, work was fine, and I had an equal number of cinema visits and hospital visits, and I don't even know if that balances each other out or what to be honest. What I do know is that it made my working hours confusing this week- for example, I had to leave at 1pm on Monday to go to a check up, and then on Wednesday had to leave for a couple of hours in the middle of the day, and then I had to make those times up and basically I didn't know if I was coming or going all week!*

Because I knew that I was going to have to work quite late a couple of days, I booked a couple of movies in for Wednesday and Thursday, and then on Tuesday I finally got the chance to see Call Me By Your Name so I watched that too (my friend was meant to join me but couldn't make it in the end, but I was quite grateful for that in the end because of the ugly crying). Basically, what I'm saying is that I wasn't at home much this week, which was fine and great and also very tiring. I think I slept for about 11 hours on Friday night...

I'm pretty sure that Call Me By Your Name has ruined me for all other movies and visual arts for a little while, because I didn't really love the other two movies I watched after it (I, Tonya, and Red Sparrow which is actually appalling, and not even for the rape part). I also, yesterday, went to the theatre with my mum and sister for our Christmas present from my dad to see Everybody's Talking About Jamie, and I kind of didn't like that either? I don't know, it's just that I'm usually fairly easy going and pleased with musicals because I don't really expect them all to be Les Mis or Hamilton (WHICH I AM SEEING IN 5 WEEKS) but I felt pretty eh about all of it except Jamie's mum who I could write pages and pages about she is amazing and also made me cry a little. Basically, it was fine, just not amazing like I wanted it to be. AM I TOO DEMANDING? Well, maybe.

Which brings us to today, which is Mother's Day here in the UK. My mum is amazing all the time, and even this week has been extra especially amazing by ferrying me from work, to the hospital, and back again, all in record time! After a stop at the hospital for my boyfriend this time today (he has a bad back and wanted to see if anything could be done, in case you were wondering [it couldn't really, in case you were wondering that too]) we went to see my mama and just generally thank her for being wonderful. She's so wonderful that she even made the food for today, and ugh, she's just the best.

Ahem. And yeah, that was the week in short. This week I'm planning to spend a lot more time at home after work rather than at the Odeon, and to cook more (at all) rather than buying food out to... pretty much eat in the cinema. Yeah, I have a varied and exciting life, what of it?! How about you?

*Hospital update: In case you were worrying, I'm fine really, I just have another ovarian cyst that I may have to have removed just like in October 2016 which I can't remember if I even blogged about, mostly because boring health boring boring, but also because I wasn't blogging that much at the time anyway. But yeah, maybe another one of those at some point this year, which frankly, I do not really have time for, because remember THREE WEDDINGS.

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