Sunday 2 September 2018

RIP XIII - Oooooh, Extra Spooky

Here it is - the reading event we've all* been waiting for - and this year, since it's the 13th one, it's spoooooookier than ever.

I've been feeling ready for RIP ever since the temperature dropped, and even more so since I started waking up in the dark this week. Now that it's September, predictably, it feels like summer's back again, but nonetheless it's time for some spooky spooky reading. 

If you've never heard of RIP before, firstly where have you been every September and October (because it is clearly not here) and secondly, you're welcome. RIP stands for Readers Imbibing Peril, and it's basically a two month event where book bloggers, and more generally people, dedicate their autumns to reading scary or perilous or crime (you get the idea) books. I have been in love with this event ever since I found out about it during my first blogging autumn (...7 years ago? Oh my) and my joy only increases with each passing year. 

Now. Tradition demands that I choose a peril, and, as ever, I am choosing Peril the First - Read 4 books that fit the (very broad) definitions of RIP literature. This is, I have just realised, my first RIP without also doing my Stephen King challenge, but looking back on it, I've also realised that I used to read Stephen King books PLUS RIP books, and still managed to hit 4, so... ok then! But still, *heart laments for Stephen King*

Do you want to see a big pile of books, though? Course you do.
What was that thing I said about Stephen King again? Oh yeah, nothing...

Let's just highlight a few books on my stack then...
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell I have owned for the longest time and really really really do want to have read it but LOOK HOW LARGE IT IS. Please tell me things about it that will make me want to read it. Please.
  • I promised myself I could re-read It again this year, and so it shall be done. See also: The Handmaid's Tale.
  • I really enjoyed The Talented Mr Ripley last year, so Strangers on a Train has made it onto my pile this year.
  • It amuses me to have father and son on the same pile, so hiiiii Strange Weather. I also genuinely love Joe Hill so expect me to definitely read this book at the very least!
Basically, yaaaaay spooky books. The weather will, hopefully be poor, the sofa duvet will come out of hiding and I am ready for an autumn of creepy reading, as ever.

What will you be reading?



  1. I always have such grand plans for RIP and then end up reading an entirely different pile after trumpeting about all the scary stuff I'm going to read hahahaha. I am assuming this year will be no different, so I'm going to try to just pick and actually frickin read one book instead. Wish me luck on this incredibly unepic peril. :)

    1. Haha read an RIP book, I definitely recommend it when you want to get all cosy of an evening! I always have a pile that's more ambitious than the amount I could possibly read, but I do still try and stick to it! GOOD LUCK with the challenge though!