Thursday 6 October 2011

Literary Blog Hop, October 6-9

Literary Blog Hop
Yay to hop amongst blogs and also to be literary and stuff. Note my eloquence and things, which I'll try to improve when I'm actually answering the question and trying not to be a moron. Both of which are going to be very difficult for me...

Sorry, please ignore that little brain fart. This month's question (moving swiftly along, which I think is for the best) is: If you could invite any three literary figures from different eras to a Sunday Dinner, who would they be and why?
Come on, how great is this question?! I'm struggling, I'll admit, to just think of three, because there are so many people that I think you could have great conversation with, and the question really is, what sort of conversation do you want? I mean, do you invite Plato, Socrates and Aristotle and get them to discuss the meaning of life (and, let's face it, so much more), or do you invite say Byron, Shelley and Shakespeare, and get them to write you poetry and to just generally sit around being awesome? On the whole, though, I think that I'd probably most like to discuss feminist thought at my Sunday Dinner, so I think I'd probably have to invite Margaret Atwood, Charlotte Bronte and Virginia Woolf (are they from different enough eras? I think so...) I think Margaret and I could educate Charlotte a little about modern feminism, but she could probably teach us a few things too, and Virginia Woolf could just sit around being all kinds of awesome, while we also tell her why she shouldn't kill herself. This decision of mine is dictated entirely by the kind of conversation I'd like to have, and an alternative Dinner would include Oscar Wilde (so so wonderfully witty), John Steinbeck (because he's so intense and amazing) and probably Stephen King, because those three just fit so well together! I'm thinking of keeping them as my alternates, along with Maya Angelou, in case any of the other three can't make it. We'll see.

How about you? Do you have an actual definitive list of three, or do you simply have to mention about 50 different literary figures that you would invite (I have, in fact forgotten Harper Lee and George Orwell, so let's make that 52)? And most importantly, did you find this question as exciting as I did?!


  1. I'm glad somebody else had as hard a time limiting their choices as I did! I'm not a super fan of feminist literature, but I can definitely appreciate your choices and would be fascinated by the conversation.

  2. Wow, I love your possible dinner parties -- I'd love to sit in on any of those! I think if I had one, I'd want ... Dorothy Parker, Aphra Behn, and Christine de Pisan. Or or or...I could do this all day!

  3. Three of my favorite women--absolute literary giants! Well done! I'd like to be waiter for your table, for sure! My dinner guest list is not altogether hugely different from yours. Cheers! Chris

  4. Bronte, Atwood and Woolf-very interesting choices-I think Oscar Wilde, in a proper mood, would be a great choice also-I am glad you liked the question.

  5. I had Atwood as one of mine aswell, but I love your idea of a theme. i was trying to think of three people that might go well together but came up blank. I totally want to come to your dinner party

  6. That would be a very interesting dinner party indeed!