Sunday 16 December 2012

Sunday Sundries: The Best Ever Week of Post

Well happy Sunday folks! As is my usual battle cry, I'm illllll again, only this time I have no voice and I haven't had much sleep this weekend, so... just be glad you're only reading this from afar and not in the same room as me, where I am, in fact, intermittently moaning and also bitching. I actually feel so ill now that I almost want to go back and amend all the other times I've said I'm ill on here and just be like 'oh HELL no I wasn't' because EURGH OMG. And yet, still I am blogging, and yesterday I made a birthday cake of awesomeness that was all fine but still had me sitting on the stairs crying and eating doritos because I didn't feel well.

Don't ask me to explain that, because I don't know either.

Still, life has been happening, and please allow me to spotlight Friday, which saw the dual excitements of my cousin's little boy Jacob's third birthday (THIRD?! You probably know what this is like if you have kids/are around them ever, but oh my gosh I feel so old! And it's like it's gone SO quickly, but also I can't really remember a time when he wasn't around either? It's pretty weird and nice all at the same time) and my work Christmas dinner thing, at which I sat around coughing and croaking out words and drinking water and diet coke. Because I know how to have a good time. Anyway, so because of the work things, I only got to see Jacob for about an hour on his actual birthday, so today we're having a little family lunchy thing, hence the cake. I will be prostrate in a bean bag, but that's beside the point.

Oh, and I also got another haircut this week, and here's what that looks like, with some added pants in the background, for artiness:
I should probably add that it doesn't look anything like this now, because apart from the cake making I basically just laid down yesterday as an activity, but yeah! It looked nice on Thursday!

Anyway, shall we talk about my post? Before I actually do, I just want to add that ALSO, along with all this post, I found basically a brand new copy of The Sisters Brothers in a charity shop this week, so let this be full disclosure of the number of new books in my house. And more evidence of why my mum hates me.

Anyway. So last Saturday I got my secret santa book thingy (I didn't do the Broke and Bookish one, but I can't remember which one I actually did, so... I can't link you to that shit!) and it was exciting and lovely and I am happy:
AND LOOKIT THE BOOKMARK! Perfectness. Also I kept forgetting to thank the person who sent it to me, and now I've lost the bit of paper that says who it was, and basically I should probably be put down, but if you're reading this then THANK YOU and also I will find the paper and thank you properly! Probably. Hopefully.

Anyway. And then there was no post until Tuesday, and Tuesday. Was. Epic. You see, Penguin UK had this 50% of sale thing the previous Friday, and I got really really excited and sort of ordered like, ahem, 7 books, and on Tuesday THEY CAME!

Aren't they just so beautiful?! I actually would have gone crazier, but I couldn't remember which books I had asked for for Christmas, so... Yeah. Never mind. Also I've just realised that you can't really see what they are, so let me clear that up for you! From left to right: Oliver Twist, Shakespeare's Sonnets, Les Miserables, The Portrait of a Lady, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The House of Mirth, and What Maisie Knew. Which is more Henry James than I would have thought I needed, but it turns out that I do! So there. And THEN on that exact same day I also got a card exchange card thing, and ALSO the lovely Ellie sent me some books! That I wanted! Because she's awesome like that!
Lookit! Penguin English Library and everything! And I totally didn't expect it or anything so it was awesome! (I hope you've been keeping count, because that makes 9 books in one day. In about 5 minutes, actually. It was pretty awesome.)

And then the post quieted down until Friday when everything was AMAZING again:
LOOK AT ALL THE STUFF! Ok, so the magnificent Jenn was the kind benefactor of the TWIZZLERS (which are the absolute greatest. Just so you know.) and also the doggy card that's a little bit hidden, and then the books I bought from Bex who, by the way, is selling books for charity so you might want to get on that and she added the card with the little houses on, and then the other card is another blogger exchange one which, by the way, is the best christmas blogging thing in my humble opinion. OH and right at the back I also got a Lovefilm DVD on Friday (which, you know, I pay for, but still) which I'm way excited about because it's Manic which is a film that I think basically no one has seen, but which stars both JGL and Zooey Deschanel. So you know it has to be good.

Aaaaand, I'm done bragging about my post. But still, I know I say this all the time, but I've been doing this whole blogging thing for 2 years now and I didn't really expect to get anything out of it other than a writing outlet, and as well as that, I got friends, and, more importantly, stuff. (I kid, I kid! But, TWIZZLERS!) So that's pretty special and yay blogging and yay Christmas and YAY post!

I have a lot more energy in this post than I have in real life. I just want you to know that.


  1. I'm so gutted that I missed the Penguin sale, although honestly it's probably a good thing for my bank balance!

    I've been ill too - I've got this nasty cold (manflu) and it's been lingering for a week now and I've had enough!

    1. Haha, too true! I missed the Black Friday one (not that we actually *have* Black Friday over here, but whatever) and was really sad, so I was determined not to miss this one! (CLOTHBOUND CLASSICS 50% OFF! How could I refuse?!)

      Uggggh, poor you! The thing is, earlier this week I felt ok even though I had a nasty cough and couldn't speak because I didn't really have any other coldy symptoms, but then on Friday night I got all congested and snotty and gross, so now I just FEEL really ill (even though my throat is kind of better). So I have empathy! Also, when I went to the doctors with a different thing, they said that viruses seem to be lingering for a lot longer this winter, so that'll be why your cold is still hanging around :( - isn't that useful information!

  2. You poor sick thing! Your hair DOES look fabulous though, so yay! You hide being sick so well.

    And HOORAY for all the awesome things! I love getting good mail :) Enjoy! And for pete's sake, feel better!!!

    1. Aw, why thank you my dear! I didn't feel too too bad on Thursday, to be fair, although it's possible I just think that because I feel SO gross right now.

      POST IS THE BEST! I think I'm going to eat ALL THE TWIZZLERS to make myself feel better :)

  3. That Les Mis is THE most gorgeous book. So pretty.

    Great hair! And I'm sorry you're sick. You should probably stop that. I hope your mail made you feel better.

    I started reading IT by Stephen King last night! All because of you, and your spreading the good King word. (It's fanTAStic, by the way. I'm only about a tenth of the way in, but it is awesome.)

    1. It is AMAZING, isn't it?! I saw it in a bookshop like the day after I ordered it, and I was like 'eeee, pretty!' and then also, 'but it's HUGE :s'. Think I might get a few backaches when I read it haha.

      I definitely should stop the sickness. It's getting kind of stupid now. We've sort of decided that it's because I work with people now instead of living in my little house bubble, and come to think of it almost all of them have kids... yeah, it totally makes sense that I'm ill all the time now. Tsk, stupid work.

      *claps hands excitedly* You have no idea how happy that makes me! That you're reading IT, that you're reading it because of me, that you think it's awesome... it's like my work here is done! SCREAM! :D

  4. Look at all your stuff! Hopefully it can help distract you from feeling ill again (but seriously, stop that! Just be better already.)

    Yay your hair looks so nice!

    1. I'm totally just going to look at and touch all my stuff (ewwww...) and pretend I'm not ill. That always works. :)

      Thank youuu! It's nice to know that people think stuff you've paid monies for looks good! Is that even a sentence that makes sense..?

  5. Never underestimate the importance of lying down as an activity!

    Ohh, that Penguin box makes me so happy for you! I missed the Advent sale - I'm both gutted and incredibly relieved! I got Persuasion the first time round, but I REALLY want Les Mis now (which I see you bought!) and there's no way I'd be able to resist. They're just so perfect!

    My post has exploded this week too, but I'm going to save it until after Christmas and then do one large post. I'll add them to my LibraryThing then too, even though I normally catalogue them INSTANTLY. This will be kind of like pulling the plaster off in one go, I think :)

  6. You're very welcome for the twizzlers!! I love your haircut!!

  7. Hi! I'm sorry for bothering you, but could you tell me if the font size of North and South is very small or just normal? Or could you show it, please? Thank!