Sunday 17 February 2013

Sunday Sundries: Sluuuuuuuuuump

I seriously need this. Seriously.
This post is going to be another one where the title isn't exactly true anymore, but CAN I be bothered to change it? I cannot.

So this Sunday Sundries was going to be about my reading-blogging slump, BUT I'm tentatively going to say that I'm not in a reading slump anymore, because last night I was really tired, but I wanted to stay up to finish my book (a bit because I'd been reading it for about a MONTH, but also because I just wanted to read it, you know?). So that was awesome, and I think I've just been kind of meh about reading because I've been reading TOO MANY books at once and that makes them feel never-ending because, well, they never end if you read like that.

So now I'll just be reading my Harry Potter chapters every week (which is not a hardship, believe me!), and then trucking on through Les Miserables (135 pages in, and... Fantine isn't even pregnant yet. Maaaaan...) AND (I know, I'm trying to CUT down on the number of books I'm reading at once. This IS cutting down, trust me!) then I'm just going to have one other book that's my main/non-restrictiony book. And hopefully this'll work and won't leave me all frustrated at the lack of finishing books.

The only thing is, even though I WANT to finish books, I'm apparently not in the mood to write about them. Only I AM, and even at this very second there are books I want to write about that I've finished (Quiet, for example. THAT BOOK HAS CHANGED MY THINKING!) but I think it's like... I have a limited amount of free time to do stuff in now (I mean, it's still a lot of time, don't get me wrong!) and I think I just prefer doing things in that time that aren't writing? The other thing is, in the mornings I'm reticent to go on the computer too much because I know I'm going to be staring at a screen all afternoon, and then in the evenings I'm too tiiiiired. So basically working afternoons has stolen my prime blogging time and that's really annoying.

Basically, I think I just need to sit down for a few evenings and just kind of catch up with myself and write all the posts I've been putting off, and then start again and just like keep up with the things I read? Or something... I need to stop slumping, basically, because it's pissing me off.

In other news, I made definitive lists of all the books I own and need to read, split into like, types (non-fiction, literary fiction, etc etc) and in news that will be no surprise to anyone, the categories with the most unread books are non-fiction and classics. Which I am AWESOME at buying, but not so much at reading. I should probably do something about that. This week, I also made some awesome Valentines for my internet buddies (and still need to make more, for I have stalled in that whole process), made THREE kinds of pancakes and still wanted more, and I got a new recipe book and immediately had to make STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE CUPCAKES because OMG. And the verdict? So incredibly good.

Quick note: I'm just going to defend the fact that I bought a book by saying that HEY it's a recipe book and so exempt from like having to read it, and also, did I mention strawberry milkshake cupcakes? And also many, many other things that I wanted to make. I seriously was squealing over every page of the book, and that NEVER happens. But maybe I was just high on new book fumes.
Finalement, I accidentally went to the cinema twice this week. On Wednesday I totally tried to take my mum to see Les Mis but the internet told me the wrong times (I WILL NEVER TRUST YOU AGAIN INTERNET!) so we ended up going to see Lincoln instead, about which I will for now say OMG DDL! I will of course be reviewing it because JGL is in it and, well, I seem to review his films above all others. Oddness. Anyway, so that was cool in the end, but then yesterday I totally made my mum and sister go to see Les Mis in the afternoon with me and it was, of course, still epic, and I cried even more than the first time and it was sullied only by my mum trying to pat me right at the end when I was trying to sob ON MY OWN (no pun intended.)

Honestly, I'm just going to go by myself next time! How were all of your weeks then?


  1. Hehe, accidentally went to the cinema. Whoops, where have I wandered into? And what are these strange shapes moving around on the wall?

    What did your mum and sister think of Les Mis?? Did they love it?

    Also I got my card and I LOVE IT. Yours will be mailed out soon. Ish.

    1. That is EXACTLY what it was like. BOTH TIMES!! It was terrifying Alley!

      They did love it! But they were irritating me by whispering and looking at me when I was TRYING TO CRY and also when Fantine spat at JVJ my mum went "EURGH!" really loudly and I DIED of irritation. But yeah, THEY liked it haha.

      YAY! YOU GOT YOUR CARD!! I seriously thought it'd take at least a week to get there, I'm so impressed by the Royal Mail now. They can send my stuff again!

  2. I soooo understand the "I don't wanna be on the computer right now" thing. That's how my Googlereader gets so backed up and I end up being such a lazy commenter. No time before work, and after work I'm too tired and just want to chill and read or play video games or actually see people in real life.

    Your strawberry milkshake cupcakes sound DELISH. And I wanna go see Les Misssss! By myself. Because I feel like other people would annoy me, and I just want to experience the musical awesomeness on my own.

    Have an awesome week! Hope you get your writing/reading slump thingys sorted out.

  3. Seeing people in real life?! UGH! (hehehehe). It's weird cause I'm all about reading blogs and stuff, or just watching stuff on Netflix, but when it comes to writing stuff I'm just like 'uggggh, what's happening on twitter?' and suddenly two hours have gone and I'm in internet HELL... Damn, I really just need it to be summer so I can go outside lots and be less addicted to the internet.

    Dude, the cupcakes were SO GOOD. I can't even explain... Except they kind of taste like a McDonalds strawberry milkshake? Only cakier? SO GOOD. I think you should go to Les Mis! On your own! And cry all over the place! Actually the only thing I can think of better than my cupcakes! Hehe

    You have an awesome week too miss!

  4. I understand where you're at completely. Reading progress has been slow, and I need or want to write about some books but I can't seem to make the time. Having a headache makes for a too easy excuse not to.

  5. Please please please type up the recipe for those cupcakes and send it my way because ZOMG THEY SOUND AMAZING!

  6. STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE CUPCAKES!!! Totally excuses the buying of a recipe book, if you ask me. *says the guilty book-ban-breaker generously*

    I am so very very bad at reading too many books at once. Finishing Harry Potter Book the Second was a good start, but I still have Jane Eyre, Warm Bodies, A Book Addict's Treasury AND that headache book on the go, and I am TOTALLY not feeling Jane Eyre at the moment and I haven't read any of it for weeks, but I keep thinking, DUDE KEEP GOING! I've read, like, half of it, and I wanted to read it in the New Year, and if I stop I'll be a FAAAAAILUUUUURE.

    "On my owwwwwwn, pretending he's besiiiiiiide me...." Gawd, I've never even seen Les Mis but I bloody LOVE that song. LOVE. :)

    1. Really Ellie? Go get the 1985 version (rereleased as 25th anniversary in 2010) with Alun Armstrong as Thenardier. It's AMAZING.

  7. 135 pages in, and... Fantine isn't even pregnant yet. Maaaaan...

    Hahaha, this made me laugh. I read it while I was in Sixth Form and so wasn't bothered about how long books took me to read. *sigh* How I miss those days... Anyway, it does pick up!

    I'm pretty good at only reading one book at once. It means I'm more likely to finish a book I'm bored with - if one book is clearly better than the other, I'd never give the lesser book another glance! This way I KNOW I can't start another until I'm done. It's not really an effort for me though; I just prefer completely immersing myself in just one.

    Strawberry milkshake cookies!? :o