Sunday 10 February 2013

Sunday Sundries

My week has been too lame for this post to even have a subtitle- apparently when you kind of do nothing all week, there isn't an easy way to summarise what a post about it is going to look like.

That sentence above right there feels MENTAL to me, and I can only blame it on the fact that I don't feeeel well (imagine I'm whining that to you, and then be grateful that we don't actually speak with voices), which I attribute to the fact that I had to WORK so much at the start of this week that by the end of it I was just like 'ow my throat hurts and I just want to lay down and watch Netflix and stuff'. Or, you know, it's winter still and also nearly Valentines Day and I almost always have tonsillitis on V-Day (don't ask me why, it's just a thing) so, yeah. Illness around now is fairly par for the course.

So yeah. Work, work, work, rest, reading, The Wire, knitting, and yesterday I soldiered on and had coffee (by which I obviously mean hot chocolate) with my friend Becci, and we did a bit of shopping and stuff. Which was nice! And I DIDN'T EVEN BUY ANY BOOKS. Like I haven't all year. Because I'm getting really good at self-denial. Wait, do I mean self-denial or like just... not-buying-things-for-me? I have no idea.

This last week has kind of been a bust, then. This coming week though, there are 3 events- Frances's birthday (which I shall experience from afar *sigh*), V Day (which... I will do nothing on, I assume) and, most importantly, PANCAKE DAY. Or Mardi Gras. Or just, like, Shrove Tuesday if you don't eat many pancakes/fatty foods on it but WHO WOULD NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS?! This also makes Wednesday the start of Lent, which, as you will definitely remember, is the time last year when I stopped eating meat and OH look totally didn't start eating it again ever. Since that was so successful, I really feel like I should give up something else this year, but I can't really think of anything. So maybe not.*

Anyway. So this week coming should be good! Let's just ignore this past week. Ok? Good.

Now heyyyy, remember when I used to do this?
(I mean, I still try to do this, you know, in general; but specifically here?) It's that time of the week where I tell you about a blog that's awesome and you go and read it and make new friends and everybody's happy! YAY! And by 'that time of the week' I obviously mean 'that time of the sometimes when I do this which is also hardly ever'. But that's ok, I can do what I want! 

So. BLOGS! I have a couple I want to tell you about, and they're both fairly new blogs so I'm excited to watch them and see what happens with them over the... time until they're less new! I kind of found them both in the same way, which is why they're getting a shoutout together instead of separately (also because I might forget to do this like, ever again. So yeah.) 

ANYWAY. Once upon a time maybe 9 months ago when I was deeply into Japan and everything about it (which I kind of still am, but slightly less so- I haven't read a Murakami book since August!) I have a few comment conversations with a lovely person called Jen who LIVES IN JAPAN (and so is automatically awesome) and also really nice and good at comment conversations and everything. But, alas, she didn't have a blog and then disappeared for a while and I thought I'd lost my lovely new friend who lives in Japan. BUT THEN around Christmastime, someone called Jenny left some comments on my blog, and THIS TIME she had a blog too and with some very intense research (i.e. I asked her) I discovered that they were one and the same person and now I have my friend back!

Honestly, they should make a romantic comedy out of my life. I would so not watch that movie. ANYWAY- Here is Jen's blog, go and read it and enjoy.

And then my other little new blogger is Ellie (ANOTHER Ellie, whuuut?!) who also around Christmastime left mayyybe the nicest comment I've ever gotten, only it wasn't in a gross sucking up way (not that I'm averse to some sucking up, I should point out. You know, go for it) but in a way that showed me that SHE was awesome whilst she was also telling me that I was awesome. It was a fucking good comment, is what I'm saying. Anyway, she had a blog and I went right ahead and followed it, and you can too if you go here. Let's all just be friends and stuff, yes?

*Side story- this one year I gave up Diet Coke for Lent and didn't replace it with Coca-Cola or ANYTHING and it was HORRIBLE except that when I had my first can after it, it was AMAZING. Which is more of that doughnut delayed gratification I was talking about last week, I guess.


  1. Another Ellie? Yaaaaay! And that makes three. Off to check her out... :)

    I would just like to say that after I have given you a hug for having a blah kind of week (me too), I will give you another one for not buying books. After my Warm-Bodies-slip (that sounds rude) I actually nearly pilfered a book yesterday from the shop, but I totally thought of you and put it back before we left. I think I'm getting there...

    1. Hehehe, ALL THE ELLIES- I will find them!

      I think we both deserve hugs for (mostly) not buying books. I'm really proud that you put that book back yesterday! What self-control you are growing there! Also I forgot to say that I did ORDER a book (that cookbook we discussed) as my V Day present for me, so... We'll call it even and start from the beginning again? Yes. That. :)

  2. I am missing PANCAKES for steak and chips and champagne with Paul. Giving up pancakes for meat makes me feel like the anti-laura!

    1. I think that literally makes you the anti-me. Because PANCAKES, FRANCES! But also... There are 2 other meals that day, so... Pancakes in one of those, maybe? ;)

  3. Mmm pancakes.

    I wonder if the fact that you haven't eaten meat since you gave it up before means you're SUPER WINNING Lent (you can win this thing, right?) or if you sorta didn't win because you gave up something that you apparently didn't want enough to go back to? Nah that's mean, you super win Lent. You could claim you're continuing to give up meat for Lent this time around.

    1. Clearly I super win at Lent, and I might now be winning at Lent forever, and when I die and there inexplicably is a God, she's gonna be all like 'Heyyyyy, come here and sit next to me, you little Lent winner!' Or something...

      Anyway. Maybe I will just 'continue to give up meat'. It SOUNDS like it's a good idea! Or, I just won't eat any biscuits or something. Which is fine because I'm not that obsessed with biscuits anyway mwahahahaha

  4. Aww thank you :D :D

    I almost always just want to lie down and do nothing for a while at the end of the week.. stupid work!

    I also need to watch the wire... I have the boxset, and I watched the first episode and then.. just didn't watch anymore.. not that I didn't like the first episode, just it didn't grab me, and I know that people say that you need to watch a few episodes before it grabs you.. but I haven't got round to that. And I've now forgotten what happened in the first episode as I watched it.. a year and 1/2 ago? Hehe.

    1. Hehe, you're welcome :)

      You tooootally need to watch The Wire. I definitely wasn't convinced about it for maybe 3 or 4 episodes (they really just drop you in in the middle and you just have to catch up!) but now I'm just like 'ahhhh, The Wire!' So yeah, I'm definitely recommending another try :)

  5. You, madam, are growing increasingly awesome. Thank you for spreading the love!

    I have never succesfully managed to give up anything for lent so I am impressed by your success. I have a ridiculous lack of demonstrated by the amount of books I keep buying. It's like a sickness.

    Yay for the Ellie's and friendship and lovely people. I am in such a good mood now :)

    1. Aw, you're welcome! I really do just like to go 'READ THESE BLOGS NOW!' cause, you know, it's nice to be nice!

      I can't even talk about buying books because I am on a book fast at the moment (ie not buying any. Until at least my birthday. Ack!) So heeeey, maybe that will just be my Lent too! Interesting... But anyway, I think you kiiind of need to give up something that you don't really mind losing for a bit, and meat was definitely that with me. Obviously.

      I'm so happy I put you in a good mood! And on a Monday morning and everything! *does a happy dance*